30 Best Free Blogger Templates

As web developers we don’t have time to deal with the blogging portion of websites. It’s hard to build a personal blogging page for every single person. Thankfully, there are many free templates available. These templates are all professional, easy to use, and will save you a lot of time.

Best Free Blogger Templates 2014

In this article, we will show you some of the best free responsive Blogger templates which may help you in starting a new blogging project.

Zerif Lite


Zerif Lite is a one page blog template. It is easy to use, responsive, and can be optimized for e-commerce.

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Constructzine Lite


Constructzine Lite is responsive and uncomplicated. The site is clean, simple, and easy for new bloggers.

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Xmax has a basic UI and an elegant design. Perfect for companies launching new products or services.

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Brand Mag UX


Brand Mag UX offers a bright, professional appearance. The responsive UI makes the page easy to navigate.

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Red Hood


Redhood has a relaxing theme. The site is responsive and appears to be ideal for personal or travel blogs.

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Keilir Blogger Template


Keilir Blog Template has a nice “homey” touch. It seems perfect for the novice blogger.

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Journey is a very traditional template and perfect for travel blogs. The layout is ideal for adding photos to blogs.

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Portify Responsive Blogger Template


Portify Responsive Blog Template is easy to navigate. This is well-suited for daily or travel blogging.

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Extinify Portfolio Blogger Template


Extinify has a nice, regular, “business”feel to it. Simple, spacious, and elegant. it’s great for new businesses or blogs.

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Simplify Blogger Template


Simplify describes itself. Simple and easy to understand, this template is quick to understand and great for quick, to-the-point blogs.

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Belastic Responsive Blogger Template


Belastic has a very cosmopolitan theme to it, with dark colors and a headline layout. This is perfect for city themed blogs.

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Indonesia is a casual template with bright colors. Perfect for blogs with photos, and it allows tags.

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Dynamic Mag Responsive Blogger Template


Dynamic Mag is perfect for the magazine style blog. Animated top-fold with responsiveness, it’s perfect for the local news blog.

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Karma – Creative Landing Page Blogger Templates


Karma is elegant and easy to use. This site is responsive and a perfect template for businesses.

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Responsive Templates


Responsive Templates have a clean, fresh feel to them. Their own template is responsive and great for the personal blogger.

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Techify is the best blog template I’ve seen for techies. The layout is modern and clean.

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Flat Mag – Free Blogger Template


Flat Mag is perfect for commerce sites, however it’s way too busy and segmented for personal blogs.

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Metrofy Blogger Template


Metrofy cuts is perfect for business or personal blogs. Honestly, it would serve either equally well.

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Plazify Responsive Blogger Template


Plazify is a clean template with easy UI and layout. This is not a flashy template.

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Sleekify is elegant, modern; a great template for nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

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Blackpress Responsive Blogger Template


Blackpress is bold and blocky. It’s for the personal blogger looking for something different.

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Montric Magazine Blogger Template


Montric Magazine has the look of a trendy blog. It’s sleek, and oriented to the fashionista.

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Vortex Responsive Blogger Template


Vortex has an up-to-date, journalistic look This template is great for the blogger who posts links to the latest viral news.

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GoGreen Blogger Template


Go Green Blogger template is a simple layout with easy UI. The layout is too plain for businesses.

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Magzon Blogger Template


Magzon is perfect for the magazine or news blog. This blog is great for quick scan reading.

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WebDepot Blogger Template


Web Depot has a traditional layout and is best for commerce. This template is responsive and modern.

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WebMag Blogger Template


Webmag is perfect for the blog that updates a lot.

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Rofl is a simple template. It’s great for the family trip or a kids’ school year blog.

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Wedding Mag


Wedding Mag is the perfect template for weddings.

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Sentify Responsive Blogger Template


Sentify is suitable for most businesses. I wouldn’t recommend it for personal blogs.

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Magnic Magazine Responsive Blogger Template


Magnic has a cinematic flair. It comes especially recommended for the movie or theatrical blogger.

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Magazinify Responsive Blogger Template


Magazinify is the ultimate magazine template. Multiple widgets make this perfect for the latest news.

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Photo Lab


Photo Lab is for the photography aficionado. This site is perfect for showcasing photos and videos.

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15 Best Free WordPress Themes for E-commerce

Designers, developers, and e-commerce businesses rejoice! WordPress has become one of the most powerful options for those looking to bring their marketplace to the web, and at least one of the greatest motivators is the astounding availability of free themes. Powerful, versatile, and above all else stunning to look at, these themes make creating your online marketplace a piece of cake.

WordPress has some remarkably powerful tools for the e-commerce world. There are multiple plugins that allow for seamless transactions and interactions between marketplace communities and the people who visit them, making WordPress a great tool to begin with.

Here are 15 free themes to get started with when getting the best look for your online shop.

1. Vantage


Vantage – A flexible and strong layout that comes ready-to-go with several integrated plugins like Page Builder and MetaSlider, giving developers and site owners alike the power to make their shop fully their own. Vantage gives shop-keepers the ability to diversify not only their portfolio, for their business front at the same time. Vantage’s powerful portfolio tools make it a great option for those selling services such as public speaking, life coaching, or event planning.

2. Socute


Socute – Offering as many layout and coloring options as there are e-commerce companies, Socute provides web developers with a clean and elegant method of driving design forward along with merchandise sales. Extensive theme options and page types allow for multiple design looks, while custom widgets and more than 300 shortcodes allow for intuitive behind-the-scenes manipulation. Socute’s templates cry out for use with fashion retail, so keep it in mind for apparel, accessory, and high-end applications.

3. Shopera


Shopera – An awesome experience for those who want to bring a catalog-like feel to their web shop. Shoppers are easily engaged with the integrated blog features on the front, while still finding the content they’re shopping for. Shopera’s unique catalogue-like exterior make it a prime choice for those who want to tie in articles to their shopping experience – if you have a product that has a life style attached to it, Shopera is the choice for you!

4. Virtue

Virtue – One of the more powerful and versatile options for those who are looking to really customize their browsing and e-commerce experience with WordPress. Built using HTML5 and CSS3, Virtue gives developers the ability to create incredibly diverse and gorgeous pages, postings and more. The clean layout and large bright design make it a great choice for digital or physical artists looking to sell their photography, sculpture, or metal works on the web.

5. Bearded


Bearded – Bearded offers a fun and unique shopping experience that goes beyond the normal minimalist and simple layout design. Bearded gives a sleek and engaging shopping experience with the power of a jQuery BxSlider Slideshow and CSS3 animation behind it. With its fun look, toy and novelty marketplaces are a perfect fit for Bearded!

6. Artificer


Artificer – The best choice for those who know their shoppers will be browsing from a multiple of devices. Artificer comes ready-built with a stunning responsive design, making it prepared to work with browsers armed with mouses, stylus, or finger tips. Endless customization makes the Artificer layout perfect for any e-commerce store front, making your shop one of the best on the web. Artificer’s full use of WooCommerce features make it perfect for anyone looking to sell specific products on the web, but with its sleek and simplistic look, it would be a great stop for handmade or artisinal sales.

7. Dazzling


Dazzling – A clean but colorful design choice for those who want minimalism beyond the classic black and white choices. Dazzling offers numerous customization options, and with its development rooted in Bootstrap 3 it has a nearly endless responsiveness to every shopper’s needs. It’s infinite scroll feature makes it a great option for anyone selling a high volume in items, so those in accessories, apparel, or even novelty items would enjoy this layout.

8. WooCommerce


WooCommerce – The perfect option for a newcomer to the world or design and development, WooCommerce is a gentle entrance into getting comfortable with making a theme truly yours. This theme offers multiple payment gateways to give customers peace of mind, while presenting a stunning and intuitive interface. With WooCommerce, the options for shopfronts are limitless – hand-crafted bowls? Organic dog treats? Locally sourced kid’s shoes? The world is your oyster, and WooCommerce makes you the pearl.

9. Fruitful


Fruitful – Fruitful brings a powerful front end design in a clean and simple package. Sellers looking to present their merchandise without overwhelming design and layout options can find peace with Fruitful. Easily add your own logos, fonts, icons, and more. Fruitful’s effervescent design make it great for anyone in the food and drink business – and not just because the word “fruit” is in the title!

10. Shopper


Shopper – Designers looking for a flat, sleek, and minimalist design can depend on Shopper for the ultimate in contemporary web shopping. Prebuilt with the Drag & Drop GT3 Page Builder Plugin, Custom Price Filter Widget, and Yoast for your SEO needs, Shopper gives a great experience for both seller and buyer. With its flat and sharply minimalist look, retailers who specialize in high-end decor and home goods should turn to Shopper for their needs.

11. New Standard


New Standard – A great option for those looking to make a quick, responsive, and mobile-ready design. Perfect for presenting any kind of merchandise, New Standard comes with three unique themes to make your shop feel like yours. With its emphasis on product and not story-telling, e-commerce sellers interested in marketing their skills and services should look to New Standard as a great option – photographers, graphic designers, and writers alike can all benefit from the clean finished look it provides.

12. Wootique


Wootique – A foundation for many other themes, Wootique is a powerful theme that can’t be overlooked. Multiple widgets offer a powerful customer checkout and browsing experience, and their customized widget sidebar lets you recreate the theme to suite your needs.

13. AyoShop


AyoShop – A brainchild of the Genesis Framework and WooCommerece worlds, AyoShop is a wildly brilliant theme that brings the power of a paid template into the world of free. It boasts it’s light and simple design, free of bloat and excess drag. Multiple child theme options make it ready to go, while designers also have the option to go in and make the theme work for their clients. With its incredibly elegant looks, AyoShop is a great choice for those sell anything from makeup to hairdressing services.

14. Kidshop


Kidshop – Sellers looking for an option tailored to kid’s retailers can rely on Kidshop to provide their e-commerce needs. Comes preloaded with numerous widgets and plugins to make transactions smooth and powerful, and the playful interface makes shoppers feel welcome in an instant. Selling hand crafted kid’s clothes? Artisinal wooden toys? Kidshop is a great choice for you.

15. Simple


Simple – A gorgeous template that packs a punch on a big screen or on your smart phone. This design is as easy to customize as it is to fall in love with, and has the added bonus of allowing sellers the ability to “tag” their products with sub-categories within the blog. With its focus on product and not much else, it’s a great choice for those who are selling visually complex works like book covers, posters, or even jewelry.

Looking for more? Get more ideas on your WordPress websites.

4 Awesome Sites for Free Fonts



The best sites for free fonts


Google Fonts

Google Fonts – hundreds of options, free, from Google. This classic google design is simple, white, plain, and easy to use. Perfect for browsing through a huge selection of basic fonts from everywhere.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel aggregator offers handpicked fonts, 100% free for commercial use. Efficient filter system features font lists, tags, and classifications. You can also select fonts based on licenses, local or offline use, family size or number of styles – all in a huge selection of languages.


DaFont provides a wide selection of free fonts. Select your favorite by searching for keywords or using the refined categories and tags. The site features over 28,000 fonts, more than 7,000 of which contain accents, and a little more than 9,000 of them with the euro symbols.

Abstract Fonts

Abstract Fonts offers over 13,000 free fonts. Check popular categories, browse new additions, see the designer features, or search using keywords. Most popular designs include sports, script, handwriting, and sans style.

Color Filters in Web Design : 25+ Creative Examples


Designing is all about visual appeal and smart functionality. With more and more people joining the queue of creative designers, the competition has increased. Designers are working day in and day out to survive. They are making continuous efforts to provide the viewers the best user-experience and provide the ease of accessing websites. They have to put the best foot forward, show their creative skills and make optimum use of resources available to come up with the best web designs.

Talking about colors being used to provide the visual appeal, designers need to take extra care to ensure that the designs don’t prove to be an eyesore leaving the viewers bugged up. There are various tools and online websites that are proving to be helpful for designers to come up with best color combinations.

Designers are well acquainted with the simple instruments like color and gradient that help in boosting creativity and enhance the website’s aesthetics. For refined illustrations, sophisticated graphics and visually stunning photo manipulations, color filters are being made optimum use of. Color filters help in giving web designs a refreshing look without making it overloaded. Besides, they enrich the design with complimenting coloring without making it lose the visual appeal. In all color filters are superb for providing best user-experience promising sophistication and smart functionality.

Here, we have come up with some of the amazing examples of creative web designs with color filters for you all to check out.

1. WeAreDuo


2. AvenirClinic


3. CreationsNamale


4. Cadence&Cause


5. AuthenticFF


6. Gravita


7. GenerationPress


8. Brewsters


9. EauDeDesign


10. Mikii


11. NativeGrid


12. Colofts


13. AltaCollective


14. Movement


15. LabPhoenix


16. SpotifyHouse


17. RGB – Ltd


18. PoppyHome


19. KittiesCake


20. Lelicias


21. SilverStripe


22. Lumen


23. HTO


24. Sakura – Ya


25. BrooklynBridge


26. DanielSpatzek


27. SunviewSoftware


28. Archeeve


The main motive behind such compilations that include creative examples is to provide you all with a good dose of inspiration. Such examples show well how other designers have made optimum use of resources and have given shape to their creative ideas leading to such superb results. To get inspired, you can check some of the best web designs of August 2015 that are brilliantly designed and follow our Inspiration category for other inspirational showcase of creative web designs.

Did you find these creative website examples using color filters worth it, have anything to add or wish to share your views? Why not leave a comment below and let us know. You can also connect to us through various social networking platforms or drop the emails. Your viewpoint matters!

30+ Best Web Designs of August 2015


Professionally or personally, while at times we feel highly motivated, inspired and so much enthusiastic that we wish to accomplish our goals. Not just that we do make efforts too. However, this is not the case with everybody every time. What I mean to say here is that no matter how motivated one is at one time, there are times when things don’t work in favor, one feels lost, not at all motivated or inspired, finds the work boring and monotonous. Those are the low times when one needs someone to help them come out of that phase or face the situation properly to come back to the form and get ignition.

Not everyone is blessed with such people around to motivate and boost up or at times we don’t wish to share this feeling with others or whatever the reason be. Then who would be there to help in hard times. We ourself need to make efforts, seek help and read motivational stuff, check inspirational work and anything that works.

Am I sounding like too negative? Well, let me come to the point to make it clear as to why I am talking about all this. Designers, writers infact everyone of us working in different fields, feel stuck and get block at one point or the other, to overcome this we need inspiration and motivation. Designers to talk about are the people who when get stuck are not able to give their best shot. Creativity is what plays an important role in designing.

To provide our designer friends a good dose of inspiration to keep them motivated enough to give their best shot, each month we come up with the best web designs which when checked can make an idea hit you, inspire you and motivate you to put your best foot forward. Check out 25 Best Web Designs of July 2015 before you hit a jump to sneak a peek at this months’ compilation of the same.

1. KataFarkas


2. ILoveThisFame


3. Dream Car Collection


4. WeAreRoyale


5. Silenza


6. NodePlus


7. 88and90Lex


8. MadebyFieldWork


9. SztafetaPokolen


10. RuxbinChicago


11. Minimums


12. Gillemore


13. CampaignLiving


14. FreshForm


15. JamesRichardsonFurniture


16. Trends2015


17. Ryan Johnson


18. CreativePromises


19. WeAreCollins


20. ImperialHomes


21. PalZileri


22. FixedGroup


23. VNStar


24. Bowhead


25. Wove


26. CienneNY


27. DeadFiesta


28. ProsjektFantasi


29. Golfman


30. Lauren Wickware


31. Leo Cheron Works


32. SabbathVisuals


33. OxenMade


There are lot many web designs that I personally like. Which one is our favourite? Stay tuned for more best web designs of the month article in the future.