10 Free Tools for Creatives


The best free tools for creatives




Grammarly’s premise is to help you become a better writer by finding and correcting grammar mistakes as you write. It promises to pick up more than ten times as many errors as your typical word processor. Download the app for free and you will write mistake-free on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and nearly anywhere else you write on the web with their online interface.

Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is an interesting tool used to identify and highlight different sections of your text, and help you improve it by editing sections of it. This desktop app will break down your writing and point out how to get better by using a “readability” grade standard.



Colordot is a highly precise, highly customizable color palette creator. The whole webpage is your colorpicker, use the mouse pointer to select a hue, then scroll for saturation, click to save and move on to the next color. Great visual tool for quick selection of colors.

0 to 255

0 to 255 is an interesting idea, it is a tool that simply offers variations on any color you select. See dozens of different shades of the color you want, or choose a random color. Easy save to clipboard feature.


PSD Covers

PSD Covers offers a better alternative to Photoshop’s 3D rendering. Sometimes when you try to take a 2D image and render a 3D model of it on photoshop, it doesn’t come out right. This tool can take any 2D design and turn it into a tridimensional product cover. Download PSD cover actions and use them for free in your project.


Dunnnk provides beautiful stock resource material for creative projects for free. Simply select the tech brand you want, and browse through their catalog of beautiful graphics including closeups of handheld devices, wearables, and other interesting and beautiful gadgets.


Frame is a tool allowing you to download high quality resource material for mockups. Awesome tech product shots for free. The site hosts 8 categories, 35 frames, and over 58,000 user scenes. Simply select a scene, upload the image you’d like to use in it or link the website to be featured, it automatically generates the final material, and then you download it.

UI Faces

UI Faces offers a great collection of free sample avatars for download. Highly specific filter, user uploaded images, and beautiful continuous scroll page design. This website was born out of the necessity to find daily new avatars for mockups.



Wordmark.it is a tool to better help you find the perfect font for your project. Very good filter system, and easy to use: simply type in a word you’d like to visualize, and it loads up hundreds of varied fonts. Customize the font to your needs by altering font size,

Type Genius

Type Genius provides a tool for selecting the perfect typeface choices for your project. Simply select a primary font, and then Type Genius will generate matching font combos automatically. Unique, easy to use free tool at a professional level.

5 Excellent Tips to Keep Responsive Design Engaging


The craze of the latest smartphones with amazing features has increased among tech-savvy people. Infact, everyone out there wishes for a nice smartphone! You buy one and another one is launched making you regret not waiting for sometime. This is one example of how the world is going crazy over mobiles, tablets and other cool gadgets with amazing features.

Seeing the boom in number of smartphone and tablet users, it has become crucial for designers to expand their horizon.

Nowadays, the web world is not limited to the laptops and desktops instead more and more people are using mobiles, tablets and other gadgets to access the web. Therefore, designers are focusing on providing the viewer with best user-experience.

Following the design trend is must for every designer to be appreciated for their work, as people are curious to know what’s new in the world of web and technology. Responsive web design for instance, has become a popular design trend and designers are creating mobile-friendly websites to enable users to access the same from different gadgets anywhere, anytime they want to.

However, making the web design responsive, doesn’t ensure best user-experience instead as a designer one needs to ensure its quite engaging. Listed below are a few smart tips to make your responsive web design engaging enough to make the viewers enjoy the ease-of-use.

1.  Focus on Right Typography

Fonts or call them typography plays a vital role in making a good web design. Making your web design responsive asks you to keep every little aspect in mind as one mistake can make your entire effort go down the drain. In responsive designs, the screen size decreases, ensure that all the elements transform in such a way that users are able to get the right kind of information, the right way and enjoy the ease of surfing. Fonts/typography being one important element should be taken care of to ensure engaging responsive design.


2. Ease of Use

This is not the first time I am talking about making the web design easy to use, navigate and find the right information for which the user has come to website for. Ease-of-use is must keep the user engaged for comparatively longer period of time. If the user finds it difficult to access the website and navigating it, the probability of closing the tab and leaving never to come back increases.


3. Choose Images with Care

Visual appeal plays an important role in keeping the users engaged therefore make sure you use nice images. Just like typography, when the image screen decreases the image sizes  change too. Use such images which, when opened up in screens of different sizes do not look bad instead stick to being visually appealing. Resolution of images plays a major role in providing the visual appeal thus making the responsive web design engaging. Do check our article featuring a showcase of creative restaurant websites with full image background that will help you understand more about choosing images in web design.


4. Easy Navigation

Now, this one is too an important element that if not taken care of will leave the viewers disappointed. While ensuring your web design is responsive, take care of the navigation. If your website is difficult to navigate, users will get bugged-up. Why would one want to stick back to the website that is not easy to navigate. To keep your responsive web design engaging, make sure it is easy to navigate and users get the right information without any fuss. If you are working on a website design, do check our article telling you 6 benefits of using fixed header bar in web design.


5. Be Creative

This is the thumb rule which works when other elements fail to leave an impression. There are do’s and dont’s of everything but at times it is not easy to stick with all but creativity is one thing that works where other things fail or leave you disappointed. Creativity sheds everything and manages to cover little loopholes just incase any blunder happens to take place.


To conclude, we all know that there are innumerable websites working on the same niche as yours providing the same information in a different way. Ensure, all the elements works in favor to ensure the best user-experience coercing the viewer to stick back and be a regular visitor. Simply making the website responsive, doesn’t ensure you have done your job well. You need to focus on even the minutest detail contributing in making your website one-of-its-kinds and the best!

We hope that the tips we listed above will help you understand how to make responsive design as engaging as they can be.

Best Photoshop Tutorials of August 2015

Photoshop tutorials have fast become an interesting source of learning various tips and tricks that one needs to follow to get the best desired results. Professional designers around the world take sometime out of their busy schedule to come up with useful Photoshop tutorials in which they put various steps to be followed in simple and easy to understand manner.

Start looking for Photoshop tutorials on web and you will find oodles of them floating all over the web making it difficult for the person to select as to which one is worth trying out. What we do here at DesigniMag is that we keep looking for the best Photoshop tutorials that promise to enhance your designing skills and put them all at one place to help you get to learn more and more tools namely Photoshop.

With the hope that you all liked our article on best Photoshop tutorials of July 2015, we are here with our this month’s compilation of best Photoshop tutorials of August 2015. Take a look!

1. How To Create a Text Portrait Effect in Photoshop

Create a cool text portrait effect in Photoshop by following the tutorial explained by Chris Spooner at Blog.SpoonGraphics.co.uk.


2. How to Create a Fantasy Landscape Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

In this Photoshop photo manipulation tutorial written by Jarka Hrncarkova, you’ll help learn create a fantasy landscape combining different stock images, using various blending techniques and modes, adding perfect lights, etc.


3. Create a One-Layer Retro Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

One of the best Photoshop text effect tutorial published at Design.TutsPlus.com and written by Rose that will help you learn create a one layer retro text effect that will look on your vintage inspired designs. If you are looking for more readymade PSD text effects that you can use in your designs, check out our article featuring 20+ best free PSD text effects that you can download easily.


4. Making of ‘Jungle Creature’

By Matt Dixon, this Photoshop tutorial will help you learn creating a jungle creature using various techniques and effects.


5. Create Stunning “Iron Man” Fan Art From Scratch in Photoshop

Using digital painting techniques in Photoshop, you will learn how to create a marvellous Iron Man fan art from scratch. Though, Iron Man movie series is complete but there is much more left in Avengers to drool over.


6. Create a 3D Cafe Sign Using Adobe Photoshop and Filter Forge

This Photoshop tutorial will help you to learn creating a 3D cafe sign using Filter Forge Photoshop plugin and some effects that you can create easily.


7. How to Create a Comic Book Text Effect in Photoshop

Oh yeah, who doesn’t love comics? If you too love comics or ever read them, you’ll recognize below text effect for sure. This tutorial will help you give the same comic book text effect to any text in Photoshop using various layers.


8. Create a Surreal Secret Mission Scene in Photoshop

Use various effects and techniques to create a surreal secret mission scene in Photoshop as shown below.


9. Quick Tip: How to Create Depth of Field in Adobe Photoshop

A very simple Photoshop tutorial that will help you learn how to create a depth of field in your artwork using Photoshop.


10. How to Create a Compassionate Planet Earth Artwork in Photoshop

By combining various stock images, using layer masks, smart objects and adjustment layers, you will learn to create an awesome planet Earth artwork photo manipulation as shown in the picture below.


11. Learn How to Mix Fire and Rain Effects

This tutorial will help you to learn how you can give dynamic rain and fire effects to any image easily.


12. Create Moody Fantasy Concepts in Photoshop

Spotted at 3DTotal.com, this Photoshop tutorial will help you to create a dark fantasy scene using various techniques.


13. Create Stylized Hay Bale Typography in Photoshop

Another Photoshop text effect tutorial by Tomasz Lechocinski that you can follow to learn creating a Hay Bale inspired typography art using Photoshop 3D features.


14. How to Create a Colorful Pendant Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Another tutorial written by Rose that will help you learn create a colorful and bright pendant text effect in Adobe Photoshop that will be perfect for the jewellery store designs.


15. Photoshop Tutorial : Create Sc-fi Art in Photoshop

This tutorial by Matt Nelson spotted at DigitalArtsOnline.co.uk will explain designers to create sci-fi art in Photoshop in few minutes.


16. Create an Action Movie Poster in Photoshop

Create an action movie poster in Photoshop in simple steps as explained by tutorial published at PhotoshopTutorials.ws.


17. Create a Minimalist Movie Poster in 10 Easy Steps

Here’s another awesome Photoshop poster tutorial that will help you create a minimalist music themed movie poster in just 10 steps. Isn’t great?


18. Create a  Magical and Emotional Forest Scene of a Lost Girl in Photoshop

Spotted at PhotoshopTutorials.ws, this Photoshop photo manipulation tutorial will help you learn create a emotional forest scene in which a girl lost. In this tutorial, you will learn how to combine various stock images, use blending mode, adjustment layers, layer masks and other techniques.


19. Create an Aquatic Photo Manipulation of a Giant Tortoise

An awesome Photoshop photo manipulation tutorial explained by Bunty Pundir that will help you to learn how to create an giant tortoise aquatic photo manipulation by combining various stock images, using light effects and other techniques.


20. Create a Seamless Fantasy Floral Pattern in Adobe Photoshop

This seamless pattern Photoshop tutorial by Lidija Paradinovic Nagulov will help you explain how to create a seamless floral pattern by simple techniques.


21. Create a Responsive Screen Mockup Using Smart Objects in Adobe Photoshop

Mockups are very important part of designs these days as every designer want to showcase their work in style. Here’s one tutorial that will help you to create a responsive screen mockup using Smart Objects feature in Adobe Photoshop.


That’s all for this month’s list. Stay connected with our upcoming lists of best Photoshop tutorials that we will be coming up with in the first week of October.

Latest Tools of the Week [29th August – 4th September]


Tools, websites, applications, softwares all fall in one broad category named resources. Talk about them and you will find an immense range, old and the new ones, but then deciding on which one to select and use is one hard thing to do so. For all the designers and developers out there, we prepare the list of fresh resources that have been lately introduced to help you all in different tasks.

There are around 11 resources listed in our this week’s compilation out of which there are tools, websites, deals, applications that you all can make optimum use of the same while handling various designing and development tasks. Make your work easier and speedier with the tools that we have selected for you all.

Latest Tools of the Week [22nd August – 28th August]

Latest Tools of the Week [15th August – 21st August]

Latest Tools of the Week [8th August – 14th August]

Latest Tools of the Week [1st August – 7th August]

Latest Tools of the Week [25th July – 31st July]

1. 100+ Presentation Folders

CompanyFolders is an online printing company that offers an extensive selection of presentation folders, that are easily customizable with a wide variety of imprint methods, coatings, stocks and other options. Do I need to spare more words to let you all know about it. Open up the page to check it out and make use of it if need arises.


2. FontFlame

Font Flame is tool that helps users with the typography making the entire process all the more fun. With it, users can discover new font pairs to make use of the same in various designing projects.


3. Flarum

Flarum is the futuristic forum software to make online discussion fun, simple, fast. Best of all, its free.


4. Drop.js

Drop.js is a fast and capable dropdown library for creating dropdowns and other floating elements.


5. Tuesday

Tuesday is one quirky CSS animation library that is developed at Shakr.


6. Paradeiser

Paradeiser is a slim package to deal with one of the major problems in responsive webdesign that is navigation.


7. Hack

Hack is a typeface designed for source code. You got to land to the page which gets open when you click on the name or the image pinned here to understand what exactly Hack is all about and how it promises to provide the ease of workflow.


8. Frontify

Fronitfy is a tool that helps in creating awesome style guides and maintaining in simple, easy and fun way.


9. Cohesive Colors

Cohesive Colors is a tool that promises to help users in creating cohesive color schemes in hassle-free manner.


10. PriorityNav.js

PriorityNav is one lightweight pure javascript plugin that promises to help you move your menu items if they don’t fit its parent. It weighs around 5kb and 2kb zipped.


11. Pure CSS Image Slider with Auto-Cropping and Resizing

Here is a deal from MightyDeals that is worth grabbing. The image sliders help in showcasing your website’s top products, features and image. Here is when  Pure CSS Image Slider  that is built entirely in CSS, is fast and lightweight slider comes into play. The awesome features that claim to help you get the desired results make it a deal that anybody would want to grab. The registered price is $69 but you all will get it for mere $27. So, what are you waiting for, grab the deal now.


Sometimes I sound so monotonous asking you to leave your comments below but then your suggestions play an important role in keeping us motivated.

30 Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – August 2015


In today’s cut throat competition, one sees the good side and the bad side of the technological advancements. Designers and developers to talk about are making keen efforts to ensure that users get to enjoy the unique cool features and get the best user-experience. Useful tools, applications, websites are such resources are helping designers and developers a great deal to help them come up with the superb results thereby providing consumers the best user-experience.

On the weekly and monthly basis, we at DesigniMag come up with the best useful tools compilation in the quest to help you all with the filtered data depending upon the smart functionality and ease of use. Check out our list of Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – August 2015 and which all tools will be of help in your designing/development projects.

1. Web Design Conferences of September 2015

Just recently we came up with a list of 40+ Web Design Conferences to Attend in September 2015. You all can take it as a reminder or in case you missed out our article, you can go ahead, check out the conferences that are scheduled to take place in September.


2. 12 Best Machine Learning Tools

Machine Learning is a topic that is getting a buzz from all over. More and more people are getting inclined towards the subject and planning to learn more and more about it. To help those interested folks with Machine Learning, we came up with the list of 12 best machine learning tools to help you all the best way.


3. 15 Must Have Productivity Tools for Web Designers

Remember the productivity tools we talked about a few days back. Did you all find them useful? If you missed out the list of productivity tools we prepared, here’s a quick reminder. Check it out by clicking the link.


4. Pannellum

This is a lightweight panorama viewer for the web. It is free, and open source panorama viewer that is built using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and WebGL. The best part is that it is plug-in free.


5. Pure CSS Apple

Pure CSS Apple is an Apple device generator that is coded and designed by Ömer Aslanbakan. With it, users can easily transform one Apple device to another using CSS3 animation and a few lines of Javascript.


6. Codesign

Get visual feedback on everything with this amazing tool named Codesign that is promising to keep your feedback process clean, fast and organized.


7. Gradify

Gradify is a module that helps users find the most prominent color from images and generates a scalable,responsive CSS gradient in super easy way.


8. CodeDoodl.es

CodeDoodle is a website to look for curated creative coding sketches. Besides displaying engaging web experiments, it promises an amazing design and cool animations.


9. Screenings

Screenings is a one stop destination for designers to get out various informational videos on a different subjects viz. UI, design, animation, typography, fonts, and much more.


10. Substitureteacher.js

Substitureteacher is a unique JavaScript library to rotate a series of sentences to appeal awesome on any website above hero image.


11. FlexBox

FlexBox is a tool that helps users in learning CSS Flexbox for free. Simply open up the website, enter your email ID and you will get free 20 videos that will help you learn CSS Flexbox.


12. CSSPlus

CSSPlus as the name hints is a CSS based tool for developers which is fast and robust.


13. Html5toolstips.js

HTML5toolstips is a website that provides a useful light and clean tooltips with smooth 3D animation without any framework.


14. Export Kit

Export Kit is a an advanced Photoshop plugin to let users convert PSD into HTML, CSS, WordPress, jQuery, Android in a simple manner.


15. GameAnalytics

GameAnalytics is a must have tool for game developers. It helps users in understanding the  game player’s behavior by giving relevant insights.


16. Minigrid

Minigrid is a minimal zero dependency cascading grid layout. Its just 2kb in size and installation is super easy.


17. @pixelSorter

@pixelSorter is a Twitter bot that sorts the rows or columns as you choose of an image according to specifications like hue,brightness, contrast, red and likewise.


18. The WordPress Template Hierarchy

This is a visualization resource of which users can make optimum use.

2015-08-20 10.40.17 pm

19. Stretch CSS

This is a 12 column grid that can have any gutter size as per the choice of the user. With this tool, columns can be offset and centered to make maneuvering content really easy.

 2015-08-20 10.31.33 pm

20. Resize.ly

Resize.ly is a tool to help users in resizing their images and making them responsive and retina ready with all the magic happening in the cloud.

2015-08-20 10.45.41 pm

21. FontCDN

FontCDN is a tool by Thomas H. Park. It helps users in quickly searching Google Fonts for their upcoming project’s typeface.

2015-08-20 10.19.53 pm

22. Xpressive

This is an HTML and CSS live design tool for Mac users. It dramatically improves the quality and productivity of interface design.

2015-08-20 11.00.56 pm

23. getAwesomeness

getAwesomeness is a tool created to retrieve all the awesomeness from Github that is one resourceful destination for designers and developers.

2015-08-20 10.29.56 pm

24. Tufte CSS

At Tufte CSS users can get tools to style web articles using the ideas demonstrated by Edward Tufte’s books and handouts in a fuss-free manner.


2015-08-20 10.24.58 pm

25. ColorHunt

ColorHunt is a is a place for designers to get a superb collection of beautiful colors that are updated on a regular basis.

2015-08-20 11.03.55 pm

26. Flinto for Mac

Flinto is a prototyping tool for designers for Mac OSX only. This app promises to help designers in creating anything from simple-tap through prototypes or creating complex ones with interactions.


27. Rucksack

Rucksack is a cute little bag of CSS superpowers that promises to make CSS development all the more fun and enjoyable.


28. CSSfmt

CSSfmt is a tool that is inspired by Gofmt and promises to help users in automatically formating CSS and SCCSS source code.


29. CopyNHaste

CopyNHaste is a website that helps bridge the gap between coders and civilians. Here coders and non-coders can train and show off their typing skills together.


30. Foundry

Foundry is a website to look for vector assets that will help users in designing mobile apps or interactive web designs.


Have you got something to discuss, share with us and our readers? Leave your comments below and let us know.