10 Free Mockups Tools


The best sites to get free mockups


General mockup builder


Pixeden hosts stock material including icons, vectors, textures, mockups, text effects, and a lot more. It makes the life of creative designers easier by providing a wide range of categories, presented in a beautifully designed site with more than 24,000,000 downloads. This tool provides both free public domain material and paid membership.

Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger provides premium quality design resources for free to the community. The selection ranges between mockups, UI kits, icons, text effects, backgrounds, and others. With regular updates, over 17,000,000 downloads, and a special attention to pixel perfect PSD formats, this is a great source of creative material.

Media Loot

Media Loot provides free design resources for creatives under a pretty interface and dynamic filtering. They host a variety of fonts, icons, mockups, graphics, UI kits, and other materials. If you love free stuff, they have a mailing list for the newest updates.

Pixel Buddha

Pixel Buddha hosts free from copyright PSD mockup templates. All creative content is generated by their own team, and contains a wide selection for professional use – including smart objects to make the life of creatives easier.

Perfect Pixels

Perfect Pixels provides free PSD templates for professional creative use in your project. Unparalleled quality feature material mainly focused in the technology sector, with a mailing list to top it off.

User Interface

Sketch App Sources (Sketch)

Sketch App Sources provides free creative resources for professional use. Mainly featuring technology and app store materials, this site caters to the graphic design community with full support including mailing list and tutorials.


Do – by Invision App, is an amazing UI kit resource. Breathtaking visuals. Vast selection of screens, themes, and components. All free. It brands itself as “the most versatile ‘to-do’ app you’ve ever seen,” featuring beautiful clean, simple, colorful design.


Tethr – by Invision App, is an amazing IOS UI kit resource. “The most beautiful IOS design kit you’ve ever seen… also happens to be free.” The marketing team for Invision App is on-point, and they keep delivering impressive products.This retina-ready, minimal kit contains over 250 elements, 138 templates, and 8 source files.

UI Space

UI Space hosts a variety of creative resource material for free. Simple and easy to use. Categories include mockups, fonts, and icons for Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator. Choose from the 121 different flat mockups offers, and build your own project with this amazing free tool.

Teehan Lax Tools

Teehan Lax Tools provides diverse creative materials for developers, for free. Elite design, featuring tools for Photoshop and Sketch including elements, templates, and other “things to help you make things.” All resources are high resolution, high quality tools including many of the most popular tech devices.

11+ Best Sites for Free Graphics



The best sites to get free graphics


Free icons

Icon Monstr

Icon Monstr is a simple provider of stock icons. Select by category or at random, browse their collection of minimalistic black and white icons, and download it. That easy. All made possible by @iconmonstr.

The Noun Project

The Noun Project hosts over 150,000 icons from collaborator around the world, for free. Site features the ability to “drag and drop” instead of downloading, supporting a wide range of apps. The icons are basic in style, but come in great variety and you can search anything you want.

Icons 8

Icons 8 provides over 17,000 icons, fully customizable, and free. With support for IOS, Windows, and Android, the clean, sleek website allows quick search and browsing categories such as: city, business, clothing, food, and others. Site also supports color customization of all icons.

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is an iconic font and CSS toolkit, gratis. Provides one font tool with 585 icons for web-related actions. Originally designed for Bootstrap, but works well with all frameworks.

Flat Icons

Flat Icons is an icon maker, free from copyright. Over 2,500 icon shapes available, just choose one, customize it to your needs, and download it as a png file.

Flat Icon

Flat Icon boasts the largest free database of vector icons – over 95,000 of them. All resource materials are available in many formats, fully compatible with Adobe extensions, and can be used as webfonts.

Endless Icons

Endless Icons is a free icon library. 25 pages filled with simple icons for professional or personal use, simple and clean, features search. Icon design is plain, in black, mainly on tech subjects.

Vector graphics

Vector Me

Vector Me provides over 280,000 free vectors, as well as icons and logos. Search for something specific or browse through their highly specific categories. The image vector catalog has over 77,000 images, silhouettes, and other creative resources for your personal or professional project.

Retro Vectors

Retro Vectors, as the name suggests, provides vintage creative material inspired by different time periods including: Victorian, 40s 50s and 60s, up until the 70s and 80s. These premium vector stock files are free for both personal and commercial use. Themes include faces, people, tech devices, and a variety of household items.


QVectors offers free high quality stock vectors for professional and personal use. It’s a simple, easy to use site featuring a search mechanism, fun categories to choose from, and an efficient tag system. Some of the best vectors include popular culture, games, shows, and other media.


Vecteezy is a place to share and check out new vectors from a creative userbase, all for free. Enter keywords, or select by categories, to see their collection of vectors from all over the world. Big variety of nature and abstract images and patterns.

Vector Portal

Vector Portal is a source of free vectors and other creative resource materials for professional and personal use. Search by categories, upload your own, or browse their low-cost vectors section. Their designs are strong in the sports emblems, coat of arms, and other instutional templates.

4 Awesome Sites for Free Fonts



The best sites for free fonts


Google Fonts

Google Fonts – hundreds of options, free, from Google. This classic google design is simple, white, plain, and easy to use. Perfect for browsing through a huge selection of basic fonts from everywhere.

Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel aggregator offers handpicked fonts, 100% free for commercial use. Efficient filter system features font lists, tags, and classifications. You can also select fonts based on licenses, local or offline use, family size or number of styles – all in a huge selection of languages.


DaFont provides a wide selection of free fonts. Select your favorite by searching for keywords or using the refined categories and tags. The site features over 28,000 fonts, more than 7,000 of which contain accents, and a little more than 9,000 of them with the euro symbols.

Abstract Fonts

Abstract Fonts offers over 13,000 free fonts. Check popular categories, browse new additions, see the designer features, or search using keywords. Most popular designs include sports, script, handwriting, and sans style.

5+ Popular Sites for Beautiful Color Palettes



The Best Sites to Get Free Color Swatches


Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC offers a multitude of color palettes. See the most popular, most used themes in the Adobe archive, or use the search bar to find what you need. The website is top notch design, easy to use, and of course has full compatibility with other Adobe products.


Colourlovers provides a wide variety of color palettes and examples of their use. Created by people from all over the world, it features not only beautiful colors but also inspiration for their use. Themes include magazine covers, street fashions, web designs, handmade goods, and interior looks. Thousands of inspirations to guide your color choices.


Coolors is a color scheme generator, also offering user created palettes for download. Sleek design, easy to use, wide support.

Material Palette

Material Palette is a host of color schemes inspired by Google’s material design. Easy to use, minimalistic, and simple. Their material design integration takes you step by step into this cool new design style. Select any two colors and it will give you a preview of beautiful material color schemes.

Design Seeds

Design Seeds is a website gathering beautiful pastel color palettes for download. Classy, light, inspiring designs for all who love color. Design Seeds celebrate colors found in nature and the aesthetic of purposeful living. The designer, Jessica, is obsessed with flowers, crops, plantations and the countryside of Wisconsin.


Pictaculous is a tool that enables you to upload a picture and get a color palette based on it. Easy to use and accurate, it supports PNG, GIF, and JPG files up to 500k. Perfect for users who already have a picture setting.

10 Resources for Best Free Audio Assets



The Best Sites to Get Free Audio


 Free loops & samples sounds

 YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library offers thousands of songs for free use in your project. Highly functional filtering system includes the ability to sort your music by the most popular genres, or mood, or instruments, and features from old classics to underground artists.

The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library

The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library is a collection of free audio samples gathered at the Converse Rubber Tracks studios. Wide selection of genres, but mainly rock and blues, produced by up and coming artists from all over the world.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a project for the distribution of good, free music for public use. Site is almost in a blog format, featuring specially curated music, divided into genre categories or sorted by popularity charts.

Vimeo Music Store

Vimeo Music Store is Vimeo’s very own collection of audio samples and music for your project. Features over 7,000 pages of both free and paid samples.

Pond 5

Pond5 gives away over 2,000 audio compositions for the public domain. All this free music includes some romantic and classic music, indie songs, oral tradition sequences, and other distinct selections. The site allows you to click and add these files a cart, and download them all together for free.


Bensound offers royalty free music in a variety of forms. Very distinguished source of material in the way that it features more alternative, indie artists ranging in genres from acoustic, to folk, cinematic, commercial pop, corporate, pop, electronica, funky and groove songs, jazz, rock, world music and others. High quality production recordings.

Looper Man

Looper Man is a collection of loop samples uploaded by users and totally free to use. Over 58,000 options varying from different genres to specific instruments. Browse the tags and categories in this engaging community to find the perfect free music for your production.

Free sound effects


Flashkit is a huge archive of royalty free music for download. Simple website, decent selection of categories, and over 650,000 active members. The types of music with the biggest quantity of material include Rap, Ambient, and Techno musical loops.

Sounds Crate

Sounds Crate offers a selection of music of different genres for free use in your project. Also features video samples and tutorials.

Free Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects offers a select collection of audio samples available for free download. Possibility of downloading in mp3 or wav formats. Categories include breakdown of specific subcategories from dogs to airplanes to shots.

Sound Gator

Sound Gator offers a list of free sound effects in all sorts of categories. Simple, direct interface allows you to either search by keywords or use their category system. They’re constantly adding to their collection a variety of everyday noises.