Master Illustrator with the Best 10 Tutorials Out There

New Year, New Resolutions! We love to see when people decide to jump onto amazing design tools like Illustrator and Photoshop — but where to begin? Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, these are 10 of the best Illustrator tutorials on the web today.

Here’s how we like to look at them — if you’re already a seasoned Illustrator user, take each of these 10 tutorials as a challenge to reproduce them as best as possible (or to do better)! And if you’re new to the game? Go through each one step by step, and take in how to manipulate every tool, every stroke, and every feature that the incredibly powerful Illustrator has to offer you. We promise you won’t regret it!

  1. Create Detailed Spa Stones and Flowers in Adobe Illustrator — This tutorial is great for covering a few basic ideas on texture and color with natural objects. If you’re looking for a few good methods on creating vector stones, flowers, and leaves, then this tutorial will serve you well!

  2. How To Create a Colorful Vector Landscape Illustration — This is one of those great tutorials that takes something that looks more complicated than it actually is, then breaks it down into totally manageable steps. Gradients will soon become one of the design elements you find yourself putting in many of your finished products!

  3. Experiment With Color in Adobe Illustrator to Create an Abstract Rose Illustration — Don’t let the finished product intimidate you! While this may seem like a design project that is out of reach for beginners, it’s one that you should absolutely consider undertaking. This tour in texture, color, and shape is really a rudimentary exploration of how to best use Illustrator to master your brightest and most intense design productions.
  4. How To Create Geometric Stripy Line Art in Illustrator — More abstract and geometric designs will likely become a part of your design repertoire. Learning to create unique pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and which still manage to evoke an emotional response (all without text or obvious imagery) is a powerful design tool. Get your toes wet with this tutorial!
  5. Tips for Guilloche Pattern Vectors in Under an Hour  A Guilloche pattern or technique is most often seen in printed currency to help make counterfeiting efforts more difficult. It can also be seen in some kinds of pottery work, like ceramic or enamel. Needless to say, it’s a highly intricate pattern that takes a little skill and a lot of attention to master — get on it!
  6. How To Create Outstanding Modern Infographics — It doesn’t look like infographics are likely to go anywhere anytime soon. Companies are comfortable using them in annual reports that they send to consumers, small business owners are creating them to tell stories about their products, and designers everywhere are being faced with the challenge of coming up with unique ways of showing off those layers of information.
  7. How to Create an Identity Package in Illustrator — Whether you use an identity package to hone and present your own design identity, or to help a client visualize their upcoming design elements, this is a great way to do it. Illustrator isn’t often thought of as the strongest tool for the job, but their multiple art boards make it easy to see how each piece (letterhead, magnets, business cards) fit together and mesh — or clash.
  8. Learn to Create a Variety of Script Lettering — At some point, you’ll get bored with font options. You’ll want to make something new. Something different. Something that says ME! A script lettering is often the way that designers go, as it can fit fluidly into a formal or more contemporary informal design space. Get your teeth cut with this tutorial, and don’t look back.
  9. Create a Variety of 3D Lettering Effects for Poster Design — Clients are going to forever be asking for ways to make their designs “pop.” A 3D lettering effect is a powerful and amazingly simple way to do just that — with the bonus of working for just about any client, and any project, and any end-game.
  10. How To Create a Cubist Style Logo Design in Illustrator — This is a tutorial that you can really grow with. After mastering the few basic stylings and techniques for creating the cubist style, you can find all sort of new applications for this hot and chic texture.

Regardless of which tutorials you chose, you can rest assured that you’ll be mastering the foundations of Illustrator in no time. After a few of these great tutorial creations, you’ll be more than ready to venture into the world of freely designing your own stellar images. Happy drafting!

10 Free Mockups Tools


The best sites to get free mockups


General mockup builder


Pixeden hosts stock material including icons, vectors, textures, mockups, text effects, and a lot more. It makes the life of creative designers easier by providing a wide range of categories, presented in a beautifully designed site with more than 24,000,000 downloads. This tool provides both free public domain material and paid membership.

Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger provides premium quality design resources for free to the community. The selection ranges between mockups, UI kits, icons, text effects, backgrounds, and others. With regular updates, over 17,000,000 downloads, and a special attention to pixel perfect PSD formats, this is a great source of creative material.

Media Loot

Media Loot provides free design resources for creatives under a pretty interface and dynamic filtering. They host a variety of fonts, icons, mockups, graphics, UI kits, and other materials. If you love free stuff, they have a mailing list for the newest updates.

Pixel Buddha

Pixel Buddha hosts free from copyright PSD mockup templates. All creative content is generated by their own team, and contains a wide selection for professional use – including smart objects to make the life of creatives easier.

Perfect Pixels

Perfect Pixels provides free PSD templates for professional creative use in your project. Unparalleled quality feature material mainly focused in the technology sector, with a mailing list to top it off.

User Interface

Sketch App Sources (Sketch)

Sketch App Sources provides free creative resources for professional use. Mainly featuring technology and app store materials, this site caters to the graphic design community with full support including mailing list and tutorials.


Do – by Invision App, is an amazing UI kit resource. Breathtaking visuals. Vast selection of screens, themes, and components. All free. It brands itself as “the most versatile ‘to-do’ app you’ve ever seen,” featuring beautiful clean, simple, colorful design.


Tethr – by Invision App, is an amazing IOS UI kit resource. “The most beautiful IOS design kit you’ve ever seen… also happens to be free.” The marketing team for Invision App is on-point, and they keep delivering impressive products.This retina-ready, minimal kit contains over 250 elements, 138 templates, and 8 source files.

UI Space

UI Space hosts a variety of creative resource material for free. Simple and easy to use. Categories include mockups, fonts, and icons for Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator. Choose from the 121 different flat mockups offers, and build your own project with this amazing free tool.

Teehan Lax Tools

Teehan Lax Tools provides diverse creative materials for developers, for free. Elite design, featuring tools for Photoshop and Sketch including elements, templates, and other “things to help you make things.” All resources are high resolution, high quality tools including many of the most popular tech devices.

10 Resources for Best Free Audio Assets



The Best Sites to Get Free Audio


 Free loops & samples sounds

 YouTube Audio Library

YouTube Audio Library offers thousands of songs for free use in your project. Highly functional filtering system includes the ability to sort your music by the most popular genres, or mood, or instruments, and features from old classics to underground artists.

The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library

The Converse Rubber Tracks Sample Library is a collection of free audio samples gathered at the Converse Rubber Tracks studios. Wide selection of genres, but mainly rock and blues, produced by up and coming artists from all over the world.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is a project for the distribution of good, free music for public use. Site is almost in a blog format, featuring specially curated music, divided into genre categories or sorted by popularity charts.

Vimeo Music Store

Vimeo Music Store is Vimeo’s very own collection of audio samples and music for your project. Features over 7,000 pages of both free and paid samples.

Pond 5

Pond5 gives away over 2,000 audio compositions for the public domain. All this free music includes some romantic and classic music, indie songs, oral tradition sequences, and other distinct selections. The site allows you to click and add these files a cart, and download them all together for free.


Bensound offers royalty free music in a variety of forms. Very distinguished source of material in the way that it features more alternative, indie artists ranging in genres from acoustic, to folk, cinematic, commercial pop, corporate, pop, electronica, funky and groove songs, jazz, rock, world music and others. High quality production recordings.

Looper Man

Looper Man is a collection of loop samples uploaded by users and totally free to use. Over 58,000 options varying from different genres to specific instruments. Browse the tags and categories in this engaging community to find the perfect free music for your production.

Free sound effects


Flashkit is a huge archive of royalty free music for download. Simple website, decent selection of categories, and over 650,000 active members. The types of music with the biggest quantity of material include Rap, Ambient, and Techno musical loops.

Sounds Crate

Sounds Crate offers a selection of music of different genres for free use in your project. Also features video samples and tutorials.

Free Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects offers a select collection of audio samples available for free download. Possibility of downloading in mp3 or wav formats. Categories include breakdown of specific subcategories from dogs to airplanes to shots.

Sound Gator

Sound Gator offers a list of free sound effects in all sorts of categories. Simple, direct interface allows you to either search by keywords or use their category system. They’re constantly adding to their collection a variety of everyday noises.

How to turn that budget web design client into a real money maker

Web designer working on client website

“I really don’t think I need more than a banner, a few links on the side, and any other font than comic sans.” We’ve all had those clients; the ones who feel that merely having something other than a 404 show up when you go to is enough to generate sales, and I’m sure from time to time we’ve just taken the work, hoped no one would know it was us, and counted pittance you feel you can charge for their site without feeling greedy for giving them something that even the most basic WordPress cookie-cutter design could beat.

But really, sites like that don’t benefit you, and they certainly don’t benefit the client. Instead of risking an argument and losing their business completely, though, sometimes it’s possible to walk them slowly through the benefits of quality web design and demonstrate to them how the extras like JavaScript and CSS instead of just HTML aren’t an extra expense, but rather an investment that will help them see a return.

While it’s a challenge, convincing a client that investing in a quality design rather than a budget one allows them the opportunity to see increases in business

The Site is a Reflection of You

Introducing the client to the concept of how important a digital first impression is can often help them on their journey to seeing the benefits of good web development. To accomplish this, pull a screen shot from the homepage of a few major companies, and one from your own portfolio.

Lay the images out for the client and ask them to tell you which one isn’t a major national company and odds are they’ll pick one other than your design. That gives you an opportunity to engage with them about how quality can put their company in the big leagues and helps lend them credibility with potential customers.

Selling with Analytics

Almost every company, big and small, is interested in analytics, whether it’s merely on customer interaction in their store or how people react on their website.

Being able to demonstrate how a well designed website can improve the analytic’s on their website and provide a marked increase in sales and conversions is how you can really speak to a client in a way they’ll understand. It’s important to remember that even if they aren’t intimately familiar with the internet, every business person understands potential profit or they wouldn’t be in business.

“I really don’t think I need more than a banner, a few links on the side, and any other font than comic sans.”

Evidence Through Science

While this may not be your personal forté, there certainly is a big science behind web design elements, beyond just looking good. This can really help some clients understand a design’s potential, as it gets more into the specific reasons why design choices make such a big impact in conversion rates and can help increase web profits tremendously.

One of the topics to delve into in the science end is color psychology; the idea that colors in design evokes specific, predictable emotional responses, such as security from blue (which is why so many banks integrate it into their web design scheme).

Another important topic under science that drives home the importance of quality design is reliability. If a customer sees a website that looks well made, it suggests to them that the product and service is equally good, with the opposite right as well, and they come to that decision in just 50 milliseconds. The customer wants to eat inside a nice, clean-looking restaurant, not an egg salad sandwich laying on the ground down an ally.

While it’s a challenge, convincing a client that investing in a quality design rather than a budget one allows them the opportunity to see increases in business, and helps you further your portfolio. It really makes what could be a sad project into one where everyone wins, and that’s the best result one can hope for.

For more tips, tricks, and an engaging web design community to help you become an even better designer, be sure to keep checking back regularly for more articles, tutorials, and stunning design examples.

Best Illustrator Tutorials of August 2015


The number of people joining the creative genuinenesses is increasing day by day and they wonder what steps they should take to understand the basics and how to use various trips and tricks of tools available. Professionals are too making best efforts to help their fellow designers and newbies who are trying to learn. What they do is that they take time for writing down the step wise procedure to help designers come up with superb results. This step wise procedure penned down in easily understandable language is well known as tutorial.

Adobe Illustrator tutorials are proving to be quite useful for the designers who are trying their hands on Illustrator. In the quest to learn about the tips and tricks of Illustrator to come up with some amazing results, one keeps looking for ways to smooth-en up the entire process and seek help from the professionals who have already made the mark.

For all those of you who are wondering how to proceed in understanding various tips, tricks and steps involved in getting different kind of amazing results in Adobe Illustrator, here we have come up with a superb compilation of useful tutorials. Check out the pinned below best Adobe Illustrator tutorials that claim to be of great help.

1. Create a Cute Moldovan Chibi Character in Adobe Illustrator

Learn how to create a cute Moldovan Chibi character using the Illustrator tutorial explained by Maria Dimova at


2. How to Create a Children’s Colorful Bicycle in Adobe Illustrator

This Illustrator tutorial by Yulia Sokolova will help you create a beautiful and colorful children’s bicycle using simple shapes, Stroke Panel options and other Pathfinder operations.


3. How to Create a Koala Illustration in Adobe Illustrator

By Nataliya Dolotko, this Illustrator tutorial will help you create a cute Koala climbing a tree in Illustrator.


4. Yummy! How to Create Delicious Donut Icons in Adobe Illustrator

We all love donuts and this tutorial by Diana Toma will help you create 4 versions of donuts that can be used as a icons in your website. If you love creating icons in Illustrator, do check our other article featuring best Illustrator icon tutorials of year 2015 so far.


5. How to Draw a Set of Emoticons in Adobe Illustrator

By Beto Garza, this is a another cool Illustrator icon tutorial that will help designers to create a set of awesome emoticons that you can use in your chat apps.


6. Create a Backlit, Elegant Female Portrait in Illustrator

Another useful Illustrator tutorial explained by Sharon Milne that will help you create a elegant female portrait character using simple techniques.


7. Video Tutorial: Vector Hipster Character in Illustrator

Chris Spooner has a record of coming up with some of the best Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials on his site and since when he started creating video to demonstrate the tutorial process, its been cherry on the cake for learners. Here’s one Illustrator tutorial that will help you create an awesome vector hipster character using simple vector shapes.


8. Create a Cartoon Skull Sticker Vector in Illustrator

In this awesome Illustrator tutorial, you will learn to create a cute cartoon skull sticker using the Basic Tool, the Pen Tool and a glimpse of Pathfinder Window.


9. Create a Set of Download Buttons

Create a set of simple looking download buttons but can be useful for many websites using basic tools and shapes and some simple Illustrator techniques.


The list we know is not a big one but we assure the ones listed here are superb ones that you all would want to try your hands on. Leave your comments below to have your say and let us know your best Illustrator tutorials.