Tips for Web Development in 2016

Over the years, the way web development has changed drastically. Looking towards the future, we can expect for this trend to continue. For this reason, developing new tactics for the new year is the best way to ensure your website will be effective throughout the year and into the future.

Here are a few tips to get your started:

Tip 1: Focus on Mobile

The need for mobility has been on the rise for several years now. But, during 2016, this is expected to become even more important. When looking at your web development tools for the coming year, make sure you make sure your site is mobile ready and accessible. Spend time developing the mobile aspect of your website. Many sites are built with different options for their visitors so that everything is easily readable regardless of the device the site is being pulled up on.

Tip 2: Look at Search Engine Changes


One trend that is interesting is the fact that many search engines are developing ways to answer direct questions. When asked a question, the search engine will answer the question without actually pulling up a specific website. Instead, it will pull up the question among the results of the search, which helps searchers avoid the need to visit a specific website to search for the answer. What this means for web developers is that if you have a great amount of content on your site that is designated for answering questions, you may need to rethink your approach. Creating content that cannot be answered quickly is the best option to go with when you are creating your content.

Tip 3: Consider a Flat Design

Your visitors should enjoy staying on your site because it is easy to navigate and read. The content should be valuable and correlate with the products and services you have to offer. To help with this, make sure you are avoiding a lot of clutter on your pages. Instead, keep a simple design that won’t distract from what you are offering.

One item that has been shown to improve this issue is a flat design. This is something that is becoming more and more popular each day. While it was not created by Microsoft, it was definitely made more popular by the design of Windows 8, which is built around a flat design concept. With this idea, focus is placed on making the site easier to use. It has been shown that this design helps readers to find what they need faster than ever before.

Tip 4: Increased use of Video

The constant need to be on the move has decreased the amount of attention span that we have. Because of this, customers are looking for content that is easy and fast to digest. One way many web developers are creating this type of content is through the use of video. Video is something that helps put faces behind the services and products that are being offered, which can make the message even more powerful.

While developing your videos, keep in mind that there will also be some pretty significant changes to the screens that people are viewing them on. You should expect them to grow and shrink at the same time. This is because of the decreased prices of technology, which allows businesses and home-users to purchase bigger screens for their computers and for the increased popularity of smaller devices, like the Apple Watch. Producing quality videos that can easily be viewed, regardless of the device, is now more important than ever for these reasons.

These are some of the biggest trends you can expect to see surface during 2016. While some of them have already been on the rise, you can expect them all to become even more popular in the coming year. Putting these tips into action during 2016 is a great way to make sure your website stays strong and powerful now and in the future.

Best Illustrator Tutorials of July 2015

Be it a web designer, graphic designer or anyone working in the creative field, they need apt tools that let them expand the horizon and enhance their designing skills. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the tools that enable designers to give shape to their creative ideas.

It is this illustrator that when used the right way, knowing all the tips, tricks, shortcuts and much more helps get the visually appealing desired results. While some of you might be new to Illustrator, there might be a whole bunch of the designers who wish to learn more about this cool tool namely Adobe Illustrator.

With the aim to help you all the best way possible, we keep coming up with the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials and few related lists like Latest Adobe Illustrator Icon Design Tutorials. Here is our monthly compilation of the carefully hand-picked best Illustrator Tutorials that showed up in the month of July. Have a look!

1. Create a Retro Style, Airline Destination, Travel Poster

Another awesome Illustrator tutorial from that helps you to learn creating a 1950s inspired retro style travel poster that looks colorful.


2. Making of Robot Earth 3009 Typographic Illustration

This tutorial explained by Tom Whalen will help you to create an awesome illustrated type poster sporting an amazing typography.


3. How to Create a Cute Illustration of the Janus House Using Adobe Illustrator

One of the best Illustrator tutorial by Andrei Stefan that explains how to create a San Fran inspired house using some simple Illustrator tools like the Rectangle Tool, the Rounded Rectangle Tool and the Pen Tool.


4. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Design Retro Isometric Artwork

Mark Oliver will explain you to design a retro isometric artwork using simple tools and techniques in Adobe Illustrator.


5. How to Create a Semi-Realistic Apple Watch Illustration in Illustrator

This tutorial by Andrei Marius will take you through a simple Illustrator tutorial that will help you to create a semi-realistic Apple Watch illustration using simple tools and techniques.


6. Create a Set of Apple Watch Icons in Adobe Illustrator

Well, we have already created Apple Watch illustration in the previous tutorial and now it is time to create Apple Watch icons in Illustrator with the help of tutorial explained by Yulia Sokolova.


7. How to Create a Desk Lamp in Adobe Illustrator

This is the first time we are featuring any Illustrator tutorial from This one is really good and will help you to create a realistic looking desk lamp in Adobe Illustrator using vector shape building techniques, basic tools, complex gradients and some simple effects.


8. How to Turn Your Sketches Into Vectors with Adobe Illustrator

Do you make doodles or sketches? If yes, how about turn them into beautiful vectors? This Illustrator tutorial from will help you to do so.


9. Create a Copper Pipe Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

This is one of the best Illustrator text effect tutorial that will help you to give any text a copper pipe effect using a custom brush and few simple Illustrator Tools.


10. Creating a Vector Portrait With Curly Hair in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial will explain you how to create a vector portrait with amazing detailed curly hairs using some basic simple tools in Adobe Illustrator.


11. How to Create A Wood Grain Texture in Adobe Illustrator

Using effects like Graphic Pen and tools like Warp Tool and Twirl Tool, this Illustrator tutorial from will help you to create a wood grain texture in a few easy steps.


12. How to Create Infographic Elements with VectorScribe in Illustrator

Infographics is a new way to make your content viral and we need some of the readymade infographic elements from time to time. This tutorial from will help you to create your own infographic elements using VectorScribe plugin in Adobe Illustrator.


Which one of these best Adobe Illustrator tutorials would you like to try your hands on? Have any tutorial worth sharing? Write to us!

Latest Sketch App Tutorials of Year 2015


If you all are acquainted with the Sketch App, it is an application that designers make optimum use of in designing application of various kinds. The only limitation it comes with is that it is for the Mac users alone. Sketch is one innovative vector drawing application for the Mac. It is a simple app that comes with oodles of powerful vector drawing and text tools viz. Perfect boolean operations, symbols, and powerful rulers, guides, and grids.

With such cool features, how can one expect it to be easy to work with? Users who are already using Sketch or the ones who have just started using it, might be facing some issues if not that trying to get a better understanding as to how to work for getting the desired results.

For you to get a better understanding of the application here we have come up with a list of the latest and best Sketch app tutorials that we assume will be of great help to let you learn various tips and tricks of Sketch app.

1. Designing an iOS Fitness Application with Apple Watch Compatibility

Using some basic and intermediate techniques, this awesome Sketch app tutorial will help you learn how to create an iOS fitness application that is compatible with Apple Watch.


2. How to Use only Rectangle, Circle and Line to Draw Illustration in Sketch

One of the talented designer at drew 18 famous robots illustration in Sketch app using only rectangle, circle and line and that too in a hassle-free manner.


3. Sketch for Beginners: Design a Bold Email Newsletter

This tutorial from Armando Sotoca published at will help beginner learners to create a beautiful and bold email newsletter template that you can use later.


4. Designing a VSCO-Inspired Web Journal in Sketch

Daniel Korpai will explain you to create a beautiful web journal in Sketch app that you can use both in mobile and desktop.


5. Design a Card Details App Screen in Sketch 3 (Tutorial)

Another cool Sketch 3 app tutorial that will help you design a card details app screen that takes advantage of new iOS 8 credit card scanning features.


6. Sketch 3 Tutorial — Designing Google Sheets Icon

Spend 10 minutes of your time and you will learn how to design Google Sheets icon in Sketch in exactly no time using the tutorial published at If you are still struggling with Sketch app and still want to create icons, you should check out our list of best Illustrator icon tutorials that will solve your problem for the time being.


7. How to Create a Flat Styled Icon in Sketch 3

This tutorial is for those guys who are just starting out to learn Sketch 3 app. A very simple tutorial that will help you to create flat styles icons that you can use in your custom designs.


8. How to Create an Icon Design Workflow in Sketch App 3

Another Sketch app icon design tutorial that will use inherent features in Sketch app to create an app icon in vector format.


9. Sketch 3 Basics and App-icon Design

Create a to-do list app icon in Sketch 3 with the help of easy tutorial published at


10. How to Create a Cartoon Bomb Icon with Sketch App

Using various techniques in Sketch app, this tutorial will help you learn creating custom icons in the software. This time you will learn to create a cute cartoon bomb icon in Sketch.


11. Sketch 3 Tutorial — Designing Google Docs Icon

Another best Sketch 3 app tutorial we spotted at that will help you create an Google Docs’ icon from scratch.


12. How to Create a Smooth Segmented Chart using Sketch 3 App

Another Sketch 3 app tutorial from that will use Gradients, Vector Tool and Masks to create a smooth segmented chart.


13. How to Design a Profile Card Interface with Sketch App 3

In this tutorial published at, you will learn to create a beautifully designed profile card interface in Sketch 3 using simple techniques and tools.


14. Designing Review Cards With Sketch 3

Using simple text and shape tools, you will learn to create review cards with rating system in Sketch 3.


15. Sketch With Material Design

This tutorial from will help you learn how to create a test app using Material Design Sticker Sheet available in the Sketch app already.


16. Creating and Using Symbols

This tutorial published at will help you create symbols and then use it in later design projects.


Let us know if you have worked on above listed best Sketch app tutorials and ofcourse if you have any such helpful tutorial worth sharing do let us know.

Best Photoshop Tutorials of May 2015


Tutorials now a days are serving as a great help in making users understand and learn things they are finding difficult to do on their own. Have an idea in mind but don’t know how to start doing lets say in designing? Got stuck somewhere in the middle of your designing project? Here you need a helping hand, not that someone will come and do your job instead will provide help the best way possible.

One easy and faster way of learning something is checking out the tutorials that help you in getting the desired result. Photoshop to talk about is one amazing tool that designers use to give shape to their creative ideas, but understanding all of it is not as easy as it sounds to be. Here is when best Photoshop tutorials come into play.

Today, we have come up with some of the rally amazing, easy to understand Photoshop tutorials that will help you get the desired results. See, how your fellow designers have ensured to help you in better understanding of various features of Photoshop, which you might have not known or forgot. Scroll down to check out the best Photoshop tutorials of May 2015. Don’t forget to check out our article showcasing best Adobe InDesign tutorials of year 2015.

1. Laboratory Glassware Letters, Realistic Glass Text Effect

Using very simple tools and techniques, you can create an awesome text effect tutorial like the one below. This is one of the best Photoshop tutorial we liked in the month of May by


2. Design an App Landing Page in Photoshop

There are many app landing pages in the market that are available for free download or you can buy them, but creating your own is always a fun. If you wish to create your own app landing page in Photoshop, check out the tutorial by Tomas Laurinavicius.


3. Create an Apple Watch in Adobe Photoshop

Spotted at, this awesome tutorial by Razvan Gabriel will help you create an Apple Watch in Photoshop.


4. How to Create and Use a Set of Brushes for Digital Painting in Adobe Photoshop

This awesome Photoshop turorial by Monika Zegrobelna will help you in learning how to create a beautiful set of brushes first and then how to use it in digital painting further.


5. Create a Blazing Fire Sketch Effect in Photoshop

Learn how to make a sketch burn alive with this cool Photoshop photo manipulation tutorial that is easy to follow and you can learn in minutes.


6. Create an Easy Double Exposure Portrait in Minutes

Spotted at, this double exposure Photoshop tutorial looks complex to create but it is very easy one to follow. Just check and create your own image with the double exposure effect.


7. Create a Chilling Sci-Fi Scene of Cyborgs in Bubbles

This Photoshop tutorial by Maria Semelevich will help you learn how to combine simple images, use various lightning and other effects to create an awesome chilling sci-fi photo manipulation scene.


8. Create a Sci-Fi Landscape Scene with Photoshop

While, the above sci-fi manipulation tutorial is somewhat complex, this tutorial from will help you learn in creating a simple sci-fi landscape scene using moon, earth and planets.


9. Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Sci-fi Scene in Photoshop with Real 3D Elements

Another Photoshop tutorial that will help you create a sci-fi scene like the above tutorials but with real 3D elements.


10. Photo Manipulation: Creating with Honey

Red hot lips and drenching honey make this photo manipulation tutorial not only sexy, but awesome learning resource that will help you create one on your own.


11. How to Create a Fantasy Book Scene in Photoshop

Johan Sandu at help you create a colorful, full of intensity fantasy book scene in Photoshop.


12. Create a Funny Surreal Underground Scene With Adobe Photoshop

Learn Photoshop photo manipulation techniques with the help of this tutorial explained by Jenny Lee. This Photoshop tutorial will help you in creating a funny surreal underground scene that you use in various graphic elements.


13. Create a Surreal Artwork of a Tree with Moons in Photoshop

This tutorial will help you learn various photo manipulation techniques like combining stock photos, play with lightning effects and change the mood from day to night.


14. Manipulate a Photo into a Beautiful Fiery Sunset Landscape

Create a fiery sunset landscape with the help of this Photoshop manipulation tutorial with the help of tutorial explained by Bunty Pandir.


15. Create a Taylor Swift “Style” Inspired Double Exposure Effect in Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial is inspired by Taylor video song “Style” that has many cool silhouettes and double exposure effects. This tutorial by Kirk Nelson will help you create those double exposure effects in Photoshop with ease.


16. Realistic 3D Casino Style Bulb Sign Photoshop Tutorial

This is one of the best Photoshop text effect tutorial by Chris Spooner that will help you create 3D casino style bulb sign easily.


17. Create Bread Typography in Photoshop

This typography tutorial in Photoshop published at will help you create bread typography by adjusting and manipulating with various bread stock images.


18. Create a Marvelously British Scone Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Create a detailed text effect with the help of Photoshop tutorial by Rose using various brushes, layers styles and textures that will help you create below British Scone text effect.


19. Elegant Glossy Text Effect

One more Photoshop text tutorial that we found on that will help you create an elegant glossy text effect in just a matter of minutes.


20. Shiny Lines Text Effect

This tutorial will help you learn how to create a simple brush tip and then modify it using various layer styles to create below text effect.


21. How to Create a Bronze Beveled Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Here’s another cool Photoshop text effect tutorial that will help you give bronze beveled effect to any text you wish in a few minutes.


We anticipate that these best Photoshop tutorials will help you all in understanding and correct usage of quite a few features of Photoshop. Also, if you have made any such tutorial, do share it with us and your fellow designers.