12 Best Machine Learning Tools


Machine learning is a subfield of computer science evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. With it, users can explore the construction and study of algorithms.

It is fast becoming the area of interest of lot many people. With each passing day, more and more number of people are joining the queue of the ones who wish to learn about Machine Learning. Keeping the interest of people in mind, we keep coming up with articles revolving around the topic.

Previously we have talked in detail about 12 Best Free Ebooks for Machine Learning and 8 Best Machine Learning Cheat Sheets and today we are here with the list of best machine learning tools that promise to help you make the most of it. So, without wasting too much time check out all the best machine learning tools and increase your productivity.

1. Accord Framework/AForge.net

Accord is a machine learning and signal processing framework that provides machine learning, mathematics, statistics, computer vision, computer audition, and several scientific computing related methods and techniques to .NET. If you all have been previously introduced with AForge.NET Framework, this is a project that is the extension of the same promising to provide a more complete scientific computing environment.


2. Scikit-learn

scikit-learn is a Python module for machine learning. It is built on top of SciPy and distributed under the 3-Clause BSD license.It is open source, accessible to everyone and reusable in different contexts.


3. MLDemos

Created by Dr. Basilio Noris, MLDemos is an open-source visualization tool that people can use for machine learning algorithms. It helps users in studying and understanding how several algorithms function and how their parameters affect and modify the results.


4. ConvNetJS

ConvNetJS is deep Learning in Javascript implementation of Neural networks, together with nice browser-based demos.


5. Mahout

The Apache Mahout is a tool that comes with the aim to build an environment for quickly creating scalable performant machine learning applications.


6. CUDA-Convnet

CUDA convent is a tool that is automatically exported from code.google.com/p/cuda-convnet2.


7. H2O

0xdata’s H2O is an AST statistical, machine learning and math runtime for bigdata that is extensible and users can build blocks using simple math legos in the core.


8. GoLearn

GoLearn is a batteries included machine learning library for Go. It is well known for simplicity, and easy customization.


9. Shogun

Shogun is a machine learning toolbox that provides a wide range of unified and efficient Machine Learning methods. This toolbox enables users to easily combine multiple data representations, algorithm classes, and general purpose tools. Shogun is written in C++, Its SWIG library makes promises to expand the horizon and doesn’t limit it to C++ but also in Java, Python, C#, Ruby, R, Lua, Octave, and Matlab.


10. Cloudera Oryx

Cloudera Oryx is a simple real-time large-scale machine learning infrastructure. It is an open source project provides simple, real-time large-scale machine learning or predictive analytics infrastructure.


11. Weka

Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining. The algorithms can be applied directly to a dataset or called from your own Java code. It comprises of tools for data pre-processing, classification, regression, clustering, association rules and visualization.


12. MLlib

MLlib is a tool that is usable in Java, Scala and Python. It fits into Spark’s APIs and interoperates with NumPy in Python.


To wrap up, these above listed 12 best machine learning tools will help you all increase your productivity. Besides smart functionality for individual apps or whole frameworks, these machine learning tools are quite easy to use.

40 Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – July 2015


Tools, apps, websites that can be categorized as useful resources for our designers and developers are genuinely doing their job pretty well to help the ones checking them out and making their optimum use. It is always a wise idea to seek help if you are able to work smart and invest your time on the job that need to be done by yourself.

DesigniMag team is working in the same direction, not exactly creating these useful resources instead by looking for them all over the web and preparing the list of the best tools and apps. Each one of the tools is carefully selected based on its utility, the ease, availability, without the hidden charges or anything that might leave the users disappointed.

Here is our list of useful tools for designers and developers that were introduced in the month of July 2015. Check out our previous month’s compilation by clicking on the link. 30 Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – June 2015.

1. Web Design Conferences to Attend in August 2015

If you have missed out, we are adding the list of web design conferences that are scheduled to be taking place this month and we suggest our designer friends to try and be the part of whichever conference they wish to attend. Register now, before it gets late.


2. Best Podcasts for Web Developers

Podcasts are the best source of keeping oneself posted about the latest happenings in the field of development. Few days back we listed down some 15 podcasts for our developer friends to subscribe and stay in the loop and informed about the latest developments, trends and other things.Click on the link or the image below to check out the list of worthy podcasts for developers.


3. Sketch Flex Layout

Its a jQuery plugin for Sketch that lets users create CSS Flexbox layouts with the stylesheets and prototypes available.


4. CodeMyUI

This is a web portal that provides users miscellaneous resourceful stuff that they can check and use if the need arises. Incase one gets stuck, this is a one stop destination that will prove to be helpful.


5. AnyAPI

AnyAPI is a website where users are provided with over 100 high-quality public APIs to be used easily.


6. SVG Filters

SVG filters is a tool that helps in getting SVG filters. All users need to do is drag and drop the image and SVG Filters will do the needful.


7. Brand Colors

Looks good and is worth checking out too. Here users get official color codes for different brands.


8. Font Matcherator

Its a tool that lets users identify the fonts on the images. Upload an image with type and Font Matcherator will identify the fonts that match.


9. Pagelocity

This tool optimizes and maintains different web pages the easy way. Also, with the help of this tool, users get an insights about their web page within a minute.


10. Zeplin

Zeplin is a tool that lets users design hand-off in simple manner. Also, one can generate styleguides and resources, automatically.


11. Turret

This is a framework that ensures in style and browser behaviour normalisation to ensure rapid development of responsive and accessible websites.


12. Relay

Its a design communication system that is synced with slack. With Relay users can capture and share work in progress with their team members.


13. HTML5 Mega Cheat Sheet

HTML5 Mega Cheat Sheet is a website that provides users the series of HTML5 tutorials and guides.


14. Zoom Slider

Zoom Slider,; Name says it all! Its a simple content slider with a depth-like zoom functionality for a predefined area in different slides.


15. Photoshop Design Space

Photoshop Design Space is a website that is built with HTML5 to let users rapidly prototype, test, and create a space in Photoshop without compromising with the reliability.


16. Purify CSS

The tool detects as to which CSS selectors your app is using thereby creating a file without the unused CSS.


17. Sassline

This tool helps spread better typography all across the web. Its best use can be made in prototyping, blogs and full website builds.


18. Material Palette

Material Palette is a tool for designers to select the palette. Users need to select two desired colors and material palette will show how the result would look like.


19. Semantic UI

Semantic UI is a development framework that promises to help create beautiful, responsive layouts using human-friendly HTML.


20. Material Design Lite

This is a tool that lets users add a Material Design look and feel to their websites.


21. Systematic CSS

Systematic CSS is a tool that makes it easier for users to prototype, iterate and scale a web design in a systematic manner.


22. Ditto

Ditto is a tool that can be used in Photoshop for things like colours, text, font sizes; almost everything.


23. XType

XType is one efficient data validation in JavaScript that improves the efficiency and readability by unifying the most basic but common data and type validations in apps into single, highly optimized operations.


24. Session With Typography

Sessions with Typography is a self-guided experiment for Typekit fonts and Adobe Muse.


25. Tota11y

Tota11y is an accessibility visualization toolkit that ensures to help in visualization of how a partiuclar website performs with assistive technologies.


26. BassCSS

BassCSS is a lightweight, fast, modular CSS toolkit that comprises of a huge range of base element styles and immutable utilities to provide speed, clarity, performance and scalability.


27. Half Tone Patterns

This is an online vector halftone generator created by Larissa Davidova that as the name says generates half tone patterns for designing.


28. Crayon

Its a list of CSS variables that links color names to hexadecimal values usable with post CSS or with the CSS preprocessor.


29. Expand.js

This is a modular library comprising of approximately 80+ custom elements and 350+ utility functions to start working on various web apps in a hassle-free manner.


30. Sketch Flex Layout

Sketch Flex Layout is a plugin for CSS Flexbox layouts that use style-sheets and prototypes.


31. Spectacle

Spectacle is a reactjs presentation library to write their decks in JSX. It shows users a slide lookahead, current time and current slide.


32. Breakouts

Breakouts is a website that comprises of different JavaScript game engines for implementations of the classic game Breakout in different engines.


33. RADjs

RADjs is a framework that helps users in building mobile apps in a speedy way. It supports almost all web browsers and is optimized for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8.


34. A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning

If Machine Learning interests you all then you have got a website that will help you get the better learning. Its a visual introduction to Machine Learning. Also check out our some of the best Machine Learning cheat sheets and 12 best free Machine learning ebooks.


35. QuantityQueries

QuantityQueries by Drew Minns is a tool that claims to help users in building Quantity Queries for different projects.


36. Zeplin

Wish to create pixel perfect apps without any issue or much fuss? With Zeplin you can do so as it helps generate styleguides and resources, automatically.


37. Styleguide

Creating and maintaining styleguides goes easy with this amazing tool namely Styleguide.


38. DeployBot

Deploybot is a simple app that helps users in deploying code anywhere without complex cookbooks, recipes and configurations.



CSS to SASS is a converting tool that enables users to convert CSS to SASS easily.


40. Markdown UI

This is a responsive user interface in markdown that helps in creating responsive UI’s for mobile and web using Markdown Syntax. Rapid prototyping UI’s for single-page and multiple-page apps goes easy with Markdown UI.


Have anything to add, suggest or pass on the review as to how good or bad these resources are to be used in various designing and development projects? Do let us know!

Latest Tools of the Week [25th July – 31st July]

From best selling fonts deal to a website that promises to ease the understanding of machine learning with visuals, annotator that’s a popover to highlight, share, add notes, Unsplash, Styleguide for creating and maintaining styleguides, there are some of the best of the rest tools, apps, websites that we have hand-picked for you all to enjoy the ease of workflow.

Before you hit a jump, we suggest you to take a look at the preceding five week’s compilations of the same incase you have missed out any due to the time crunch. After that go about checking our list of the best tools, apps and websites for the last week off July 2015.

Latest Tools of the Week [18th July – 24th July]

Latest Tools of the Week [11th July – 17th July]

Latest Tools of the Week [4th July – 10th July]

Latest Tools of the Week [27th June – 3rd July]

Latest Tools of the Week [20th June – 26th June]

1. 11 Best-Selling Fonts from Twicolabs

Guess I need not spend extra words in conveying the message or telling you all as to what the deal is about. The image pinned below says it all! You get 11 of the best selling fonts from Twicolabs. The unique typefaces come in varying weights and styles, along with a wide variety of styles that range from handwriting styles to completely western ones. So, don’t waste time and grab the deal right now.


Here’s the one font example from the bundle, isn’t the font is great? There are 10 more such great fonts in the package, so just see the deal once.


2. A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a topic that many people out there are finding interesting. Here is a visual introduction to Machine Learning. If you all know in machine learning computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data. These techniques can be used to make highly accurate predictions. This website that goes by the name ‘A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning’ helps you learn machine learning through visuals.

We have gathered some of the best Machine Learning cheat sheets and 12 best free Machine learning ebooks that you can check out too.


3. QuantityQueries

To put it in simle words, its a tool to help build Quantity Queries for various projects. The tool is created by Drew Minns.


4. Annotator

Annotator is a popover that allows users to highlight, share, add notes and tags to any selected text on a page.


5. UnsplashIt

This is a tool that provides you all with beautiful placeholders using images from Unsplash. All users get to do is simply put the image size (width and height) after the URL and you’ll get a placeholder.


6. Zeplin

Zeplin is a tool that lets users build pixel perfect apps in without any fuss. Design hand-off goes easier with Zeplin. With it, users can generate styleguides and resources, automatically.


7. Styleguide

Styleguide is a tool to create and maintain styleguides as easy as possible.


8. DeployBot

Deplobot is a simple application that helps in deploying code anywhere without complex cookbooks, recipes and configurations.



As the name says, it is a CSS to SASS converting tool for developers.


10. Markdown UI

Markdown UI is a responsive user interface in markdown. It is a framework that helps in creating responsive UI’s for mobile and web using Markdown Syntax. It is a tool for rapid prototyping UI’s for single-page and multiple-page apps and lets users write UI’s once and translate it to Semantic UI 2.0, BootStrap 3, Foundation and likewise.


11. Teachery

Now create and sell beautiful online courses in minutes. Teachery is a place where you get courses that are built on a responsive framework, learn from videos or read your course lessons at your ease.


Share the tools, apps or websites that you have come up with in the recent days with us and your fellow designers and developers to help them enjoy the ease of workflow.

8 Best Machine Learning Cheat Sheets


Machine learning as we all know is a subfield of computer science that has evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. It helps in exploring the construction and study of algorithms. Machine learning is not something that is too hard to learn infact with little help, one can go ahead and work on different projects. Infact, it is the hottest buzz that is attracting the attention of many.

While some of you might be busy going through the 12 Best Free Ebooks for Machine Learning, chances are that many of you have taken the step and trying to gather the resources and learning ways to proceed and handle projects. If you are the one who has decided to pursue then we promise to help you with as much useful stuff as possible. Today, we have come up with best machine learning cheat sheets that are not too much in number but are simply worth it.

Take a look and enjoy the ease of workflow with these below listed best machine learning cheat sheets.

1. scikit-learn Algorithm Cheat Sheet

This machine learning cheat sheet will help you find the right estimator for the job which is the most difficult part. The flowchart will help you check the documentation and rough guide of each estimator that will help you to know more about the problems and how to solve it.


2. Cheat Sheet – Algorithm for Supervised and Unsupervised Learning

Emanuel Ferm created this useful cheat sheet for personal use, and then later introduced for everyone to download. Check this and learn many aspects of machine learning in a matter of minutes.


3. Big Data Machine Learning

Another useful machine learning cheat sheet coming from Dzone that will help you learn how to set up training and testing data, implementing multiple machine learning models and many more important topics.


4. Microsoft Azure Machine Learning : Algorithm Cheat Sheet

This machine learning cheat sheet from Microsoft Azure will help you choose the appropriate machine learning algorithms for your predictive analytics solution. First, the cheat sheet will asks you about the data nature and then suggests the best algorithm for the job.


5. Machine Learning Cheat Sheet

A very useful and best machine learning cheat sheet that comes with many classical equations and diagrams to help you learn more about machine learning. Not only helpful for developers, but also comes handy if you are going to give job interview related to machine learning.


6. Supervised Learning Superstitions Cheat Sheet

Ryan Compton created a cheat sheet that contains his notes and superstitions about common machine learning algorithms. This is a quick reference guide that will help all the people learning or giving interviews.


7. Machine Learning Algorithm Cheat Sheet

Created by Laura Diane, this is a very simple but useful machine learning cheat sheet that will help you understand more about algorithms and where to use them.


8. Cheat Sheet – 10 Machine Learning Algorithms & R Commands

Created by Ajitesh Kumar, this article contains 10 popular machine learning algorithms and related R commands and package information. This cheat sheet will help beginners to understand more about the algorithms and how to use it further.


Well, if you have any such useful machine learning cheats sheet that claims to help others, then do let us know by leaving your comments below.

5 HTML5 Cheat Sheets for Web Designers and Developers

Its our pleasure to share some highly useful cheat sheet for one of the best advanced technology called HTML5. HTML5 is the advanced version of HTML with new tags, functionality and get the milestone in the web development of HTML. Nowadays, HTML5 is one of the most popular programming language among web developers and designers.

Today we are going to present its tags and attributes with infographics called cheat sheets. This collection of cheat sheets are very helpful for designers and developers. Visit this collection and share your thought with us.

1) HTML5 Cheat Sheet Tags

Best HTML5 cheat sheets - html5_cheat_sheet_tags

2) HTML5 Cheat Sheet


3) HTML5 Cheat Sheet 


4) HTML5 Cheat Sheet Browser Support

Best HTML5 cheat sheets  - html5-cheats

5) HTML5 in w3c Cheatsheet

Best HTML5 cheat sheets - w3c-cheatsheet