10 of the Best Banner Mockups for 2016


Banners. They’re everywhere — hanging along street lamps, outside your nephew’s school, and broadcasting specials at your favorite falafel place. They’re a critical tool in the advertising world, and likely something you’ll run into at some point with a client.

Let’s take a look at some of the best banner mockups to make 2016 awesome!

  1. Free PSD Fully Editable Mall Banner Mockup PSD — Want a mockup that looks realistic, but doesn’t detract from your design? Nothing will beat this download! While the background is a mall setting that lets you and your client view your hard work in a realistic setting, the focus is entirely on the banner design, letting your hard work shine through, while still letting your client envision what their placement options are.
  2. Trade Show Booth Mockup PSD — This wildly sleek and contemporary mockup option gives you a multitude of viewing capabilities for your end product. The show booth genre is a great one to look at, as it’s going to fo us entirely on your design product and showing it off in the best possible light — and this mockup does just that!
  3. City Lamp Post Banners Mockups — Clients who want to view their banner products on a lampost for every driver and walking civilian to see will fawn over these mockups! This package offers a number of different angles, sizes, and positioning options for your design. A series of background images lets you choose the sky colors that will most complement your final design, letting you show off your work in the best possible light.
  4. Banner and Poster Mockup — A wildly versatile mockup that gives you a crazy amount of creative freedom. We love this mockup package because of how real it feels — your end result will look like something straight from a  professional photo shoot because that’s where these mockup images started. Put your designs in a busy urban setting populated with people, architecture, and bright cityscapes — any client will love these mockups!
  5. Free Street Banner and Booth Mockup For Advertisement — This sleek mockup lets you put your design right in the middle of a contemporary urban setting. Clients can easily view their end product in a street-side boxed-in banner on a dark and slick sidewalk, a great way to illuminate the design you’ve worked so hard on.
  6. Trade Exhibition Mockup — A great mockup for those who want to really blow up their design and show off what they’ve created to their clients. This mockup lets you alter both the banner image — which appears as a larger-than-life banner — as well as the background image, letting you place your design in any setting you desire.
  7. Outdoor Advertising Mockups — Sometimes, clients need to see their mockups in the most tangible, real-world setting possible. This is likely to be the best mockup set for that client! Offering you four different camera angles, this mockup set lets you put your design in a bus terminal, two sidewalk ads, and a billboard. What better way to let your design shine and show off to your client than a real-world application?
  8. Rollup with Stand Vector Mockup Template — Want to give your client a clean and simple vector image? This mockup is for you! Offering 6 different setups for your design, this option lets you lay out your banner on a stand or free-float it for your client’s viewing pleasure.
  9. Indoor Advertising Poster Mockup — A perfect mockup for those who want to put their design into a real-world setting! This mockup lets your client see your work and their product in a viewable mall area, giving them context for what they’re getting when they work with you.
  10. Rollup Mockup — Clean and simple, we love that this mockup gives you 9 different angles to put your banners on. A trio option lets you break your design into a stylish and chic tryptic, or combine three different designs that work together for your client.

Whether you chose to put together a more traditional looking banner mockup for your client or throw together something completely contemporary and unique, we know they’ll be impressed by any one of these stellar mockups!

10 Best Web Design Concepts for Digital Users

If you’ve scrolled through apps, searched menus or swapped out colors on animated items before sending them to your shopping cart, then you’ve interacted with some of the ten best web design concepts experienced by early 21st century digital users. Here they are, in list form for your convenience:

1. Empty State


This design concept has increased in importance and innovation. Most designers know that an app, or a site, should never dead-end. Users must be redirected or educated in an entertaining manner to either return to the main page or to learn how to utilize the app. Whether the empty state contains an image and a directive, or an explanation and an option, users must feel engaged and not abandoned.

For inspiration on designing your own empty space, emptystat.es is a great source.

2. Interactive

Folks over at The Next Web noted that interactive sites would see a rise in popularity throughout 2015. Their definition of interaction involved storytelling and narrative devices coupled with user interaction and graphics.

See Seattle’s Space Needle site for an example of merging a graphic journey with an informative story.

3. Minimalism

Also mentioned by The Next Web is the rise of minimalism.  Minimalist design has the practical function of speed but also a riveting aesthetic function. Click here for an example.

The site is spacious and incredibly functional. Users know exactly what they need from the site or app and exactly how to fulfill their needs. For a large portion of users, ease and accessibility are high priority.

4. Parallax Scrolling


Users are becoming more sophisticated and their expectations are increasing. Parallax scrolling is familiar for anyone who has ever gamed. Incorporating this three-dimensional design into retail sites has become a way to capture user attention.

However, The Boat best showcases how dramatic this design can be for both sophisticated and non-sophisticated users.

5. Long Page

The Boat site also features single page long scrolling, another design trend that was in use throughout the past year. Technology has finally caught up with user preferences and mobile devices have become highly scrollable. This limits the need for short pages with lots of links.

Bounty Beverage proves how exciting a long scroll can be.

6. Customized Photography

High quality photos incorporated into the overall site design is a way to personalize the experience and connect with users. One site that received attention from Hubspot is Four Rivers Smokehouse. Warning: This will make you very hungry. Unless you are vegan, in which case maybe you shouldn’t look.

7. Animation

As you can see from several of the sites above, animation is also an essential design element. Why have a static customized photo when you can animate it?

This trend is everywhere, from the most utilitarian sites, like Paypal, to far more exciting web pages like this.

National Geographic’s Eat: The Story of Food won the 2015 Webby for web site animation and graphics. Not only does the site feature animation but it is also features a long-scrolling, narrative/journey based web design.

8. Responsive

When a website is interactive it invites the user to engage with it. When a website is responsive, the site responds to the user’s needs. This is most often seen in ecommerce and retail sites. A user/customer visits the site with a goal in mind. They want to purchase an item and need to quickly find the tools they need to make the purchase with as little frustration as possible.

Responsive design responds to the device the user is holding and optimizes that user’s experience. Menus fold out from margins making mobile purchases easy. Accordian menus cascade options for the user with limited screen space. These same design features are found on desktops. However, sometimes it can become a bit over done. Here’s an example.

9. Best of Everything Design

The site listed above combined pretty much everything: fold-out menus, animation, interaction, story-telling but it was missing minimalism.

More and more frequently designers are showing off all of their skills but this kind of overkill deadens the user experience. An example of minimal, nuanced design goes to Dropbox. If only those sketches had a bit of movement.


Google’s latest open-source initiative is AMP HTML, a language used to create fast-responding mobile web pages. By eliminating bloat, AMP HTML provides mobile users with quick downloads and aims to include users with limited internet access.

Pinterest has begun employing AMP HTML and TechCrunch reports that the New York Times and other established sites will follow suit.

18 Awesome HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Libraries

Game engine libraries are the place to go on the Internet if you are thinking of developing Mobile games. There are numerous sites available on the internet for you to use. They are available on platforms such as iTunes and the Android Play store. The number and types of games available is mind-boggling. The games run the spectrum from complex to user friendly for the less ardent gamer. Some of the games have creative story lines, while others are straightforward.

Creating the games is the biggest challenge to the game developer because there is a multitude of steps involved. Each step of game creation can add to the total expense of the game so therein lies the challenger for the game developer. The selling price of the game has to be reasonable for the gamer but profitable for the creator. So the question that begs to be answered is how the creator can keep the expense low enough to be profitable.

By using JavaScript game engine libraries, you can keep creation costs of games reasonably low and therefore monetarily profitable. JavaScript allows you to create games that have realistic graphics that will satisfy the most experienced gamer thereby enticing him to want more of your games. The current challenge is how do you choose a JavaScript engine that is good for the game you are working on and future games that you develop?

As a Mobile Game developer you need a list of game engines that work smoothly with both Html5 and JavaScript. Game engine sites run the gambit from free to paid but ultimately the one that works for you and complements your work in a way that makes it easier for you to create games is the site you will want to choose. There are pros and cons to each site so you will want to ensure the site you choose offers what you need to create your best work.

Below are some engines that may work for you.

1) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library – Impactjs

Impact JS which is considered one of the best game engines. Impact JS helps you create games with highly complex graphics for the hyper focused gamer. Impact JS is not free to use but the game creation results may make it well worth the cost to you.


Best HTML5 and Javascript game engine library - impactjs

2) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library – Craftyjs

The second most popular Java script engine library is Crafty JS. Crafty JS is an engine which works well for games that are smaller in scope. If you are attempting to create a complex game Crafty is not the engine for you, but you can produce smaller games that may be available to more people from a playing and cost perspective.


Best HTML5 and Javascript game engine library - craftjs

3) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  Play Craft Labs

Playcraft: Playcraft is an engine that can help you build your video game. The engine gives you many options to help make your game ready for the market. The drawback to Playcraft is that they do not allow you to see any examples of the types of games their engine has helped to design.

Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library- playcraftlabs

4) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  Jawsjs

It’s 2D HTML5 javascript game library that allow developers to create Canvas and DOM based sprites with same API.

Game Engine Highlights –
– Sprite() – Onscreen, movable, scalable objects
– Game states – Separate sections of your game for better organized code
– SpriteSheet() and Animation() – Load spritesheets and animate frames
– Assets – Jaws will preload all your images before the game starts
– Documented code and explained examples
– Does Not depend on any other JavaScript library


Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library- jawjs

5) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  Enchantjs

Enchantjs is a wonderful open source framework that helps to develop games and Apps in HTML5 and JavaScript. Features: –

• Objected Oriented: all items displayed are objects
• Multiplatform: runs in iOS, Android, Mac, Windows browsers
• Windows 8: supports development for Windows 8 interactive HTML5
• Event-driven: based on asynchronous processing via event listeners
• Animation Engine: allows the use of standard animation such as tweens
• Hybrid Drawing: supports drawing with both the Canvas API and the DOM
• WebGL Support: supports 3D games using WebGL with a plugin
• Content Library: includes a royalty-free image library for use in your games

Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library - enchantjs

6) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library – Collie

Collie is a Javascript library that helps to create highly optimized animations and games using HTML 5. Collie runs on both PC and mobile using HTML 5 canvas and DOM.


Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library - collie

7) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  Traffic Cone

traffic cone is 2D and 2.5D tile based game engine, its client side written in HTML5.


• Easily configurable sprite animations
• Simple to set up tile based worlds
• Mock-3D math for layering, depth and positioning is handled for you via Traffic Cone’s world models.
• Basic Isometric pathfinding, AI and collision detection
• Custom draw routines on sprites supported.
• Granular control of sprite sequencing supported for more dramatic animations
• Intelligent draw logic only draws modified parts of your canvas for better frame rates.


Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library - traffic-cone

8) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  HTML5 Quintus

Quintus, HTML5 JavaScript game engine provide a better interface to develop Games for Mobile, Desktop and beyond. Just start with its guideline.


Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library - html5quintus

9) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  Flashjs

FlashJS is one of the great graphics and game development engine API, This This library allows to develop HTML5 games and applications in the way that is similar to ordinary AS3 development. Support Browsers like Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library - flashjs

10) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  Game Queryjs

GameQuery is a javascript game engine for jQuery, easy to use jQuery Plugin to help make javascript game development.


Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library - gamequeryjs

11) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  Melonjs

MelonJs is fresh and lightweight free library help to develop 2D based games. It has multiple great features like – compatible with every browser ( Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE), multiple audio channel support, tween effects, transition effects and more.


Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library - melonjs

12) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  Turbulenz

Turbulenz, this is open source HTML5 game engine for developing games with HTML5 SDK that contains everything a developers needs to rapidly get their project going, polished and deployed.


Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library - turbulenze

13) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  Iso Genic Engine

Isogenic game engine is most advanced HTML5 multiplayer game engine with stat of the art scene graph-based architecture and easy to use realtime multiplayer functionality, javascript run on browsers, mobile devices and Node.js with a single API and Code base.



Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library - isogenic-game-engine

14) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  Akihabara


Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library- akihabara

15) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  Canvas Engine

CanvasEngine gives you all the means to easily create a game in HTML5 Canvas. A simple API with a structure thought the games.


Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library - canvasengine

16) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  Gogo Make Play

GMP is a fast, free, javascript game engine, dual licenced under GPLv2 and MIT licenses. It’s small, simple, and easy to learn and use.


Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library - GMP

17) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  Squarepig

This is HTML5 game engine.

Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library - squarepig

18) Best HTML5 and JavaScript Game Engine Library –  jGen

jGen is the Javascript game engine for developers.

Best HTML5 and javascript game engine Library - jgen

The number of game engines that are available is huge but for comparison sake you can find more information about the different types of engines at DEVZUM. We can help you find some of the top JavaScript engines and enable you make a decision as to which one is the best fit for your game. Check it out today and start creating your game tomorrow.

32 Best Free Responsive HTML5 & CSS3 Website Templates


Since its 2013 release, HTML5 has been a favorite of web developers for its flexible features, its compatibility with a wide variety of devices and programs, and its user-friendly development platforms. Additionally, many developers enjoy working with HTML5 because it can be used to easily and effectively develop interactive and animated web pages without the need for applets or additional applications, resulting in webpages that are lighter, faster, and less data-heavy.

However, in order to fully develop interactive and animated web pages, you should integrate HTML5 with CSS3 and JavaScript programming platforms. You’ll likely require assistance to do this, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. To reduce costs, you can skip hiring a web developer and instead choose a useful and effective web template to guide you as you design your website.

With basic web editing skills, you can transform any template into a custom professional website. Here are some of the best responsive HTML5 and CSS3 templates for you to choose from:

1) Strongly Typed

Strongly Typed is an entirely responsive site template by HTML5 UP that you can use for commercial and personal purposes under the CCA 3.0 license. The template is useful for the sharpening of your design and coding skills and is used in the skel framework. Skel, a lightweight framework, is effective in the building of responsive apps and sites.




2) Travel Media Travel Guide

This HTML5 CSS3 website template is a travel guide Mobile web template. It is suitable for tourism places, travel agencies, and guides’ websites. This template uses lightbox plugin and Responsive slider for web and mobile templates. The Travel Media template supports all mobile phones’ browsers. The template comes in three distinct designs for different browsers and is efficient and perfect for the development of any mobile site.


Best Free HTML5 and CSS3 websites templates 2014-travle-media


3) zProgress

The ZProgress template is a responsive design ideal for business and corporate websites. The template features an HTML5 CSS3 grid system, enabling you to create multiple pages for your commercial site. Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and IE8+ are all compatible with this template.


Best Free HTML5 and CSS3 websites templates 2014-zprogress


4) Vebo Flat Layout

The Vebo Flat Layout is a clean WordPress HTML5 CSS3 responsive template that has powerful features. It is suitable for all types of devices and is based on the twitter bootstrap framework. It is focused on typography and on enhancing the usability and overall user-experience for visitors to the site. The template is quick and easy to set up and is customizable; thus, you can use it to create a unique website design.

This flat layout template provides you with many features, custom widgets, custom post types, and unlimited sidebars. Moreover, it has many shortcodes and multiple portfolios with blog layout options. The Vebo Flat Layout is also translation ready and has a high resolution.


Best Free HTML5 and CSS3 websites templates 2014-yebo



5) Paralles Flat Corporate Responsive

Due to its professional appearance, the template is ideal for creative studios and agencies. It can be easily and quickly customized to suit a variety of domains. The template has a clean flat grid system design and is built in a magnificent and easily-customizable style. The HTML5 CSS3 responsive template is ideal for mobiles, websites, and tablets, and the template’s six-page Parallax design contains all of the features of a professionally-designed website.

The template is compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and IE9 browsers. It has a high resolution with a fluid responsive layout and a perfect grid layout. The template has an exemplary portfolio section that allows you to showcase your best work. A blend of lovely images, bold graphics and typography makes it an ideal choice for any type of website.


Best Free HTML5 and CSS3 websites templates 2014-parallels


6) Escape Velocity

Built by HTML5 UP, the free Escape Velocity template has a fluid responsive layout and a perfect grid layout. It is built on HTML5 and CSS3 framework and was released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license. Thus, it is suitable for both personal and commercial websites. Additionally, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and IE8+ are compatible with this template.




7) Urbanic

The Urbanic website template is built on the HTML5 framework and is created by templatemo. It is a one-page layout that is ideal for blogs, webinars, advertisements, and anyone else who does not require a multiple-page website. The template is responsive and can thus be viewed on any mobile device.

Best Free HTML5 and CSS3 websites templates 2014-urbanic



8) Erudite Educational Mobile Website Template


Best Free HTML5 and CSS3 websites templates 2014-erudite education



9) zBusiness Free Responsive HTML5


Best Free HTML5 and CSS3 websites templates 2014-zbusiness


10) Mamba

Best Free HTML5 and CSS3 websites templates 2014-mamba


11) Interior Module


Best Free HTML5 and CSS3 websites templates 2014-interior-module


12) Brushed Template


Best Free HTML5 and CSS3 websites templates 2014-brushed



13) Best Responsive Photography Template


Best Free HTML5 and CSS3 websites templates 2014-photography-teplates



14) Pump Responsive Templates


Best Free HTML5 and CSS3 websites templates 2014-pump



15) Retina Ready Responsive


Best Free HTML5 and CSS3 websites templates 2014-applanding-template



16) Flat Design Portfolio Template


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-flat-design



17) Wee Responsive HTML5


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-wee



18) Runkeeper Mobile App Responsive web Template


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates2014-runkeeper


19) Big Picture

Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-Big-Picture


20) zStartup Free Responsive HTML5


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-zstartup



21) Webworld Corporate Flat Responsive Web Template


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-webworld


22) Infusion


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-infusion


23) Digy Responsive 


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-digy


24) Kreative


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-kreative



25) zConsulting Free Responsive HTML5


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-zconsulting


26) Tessellate


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-tessellate


27) Overflow


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-overflow



28) zGenesis Responsive Template


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-genesis



29) Legend Responsive HTML5


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-legand



30) Kingdom Minimalistic Flat Corporate Responsive Web Template


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-kingdom


31) zWebdesign Free Responsive HTML5


Best free HTML5 and CSS3 responsive website templates 2014-zwebdesign


32) Love Fight Flat Restaurant Responsive Web Template




For efficient development of interactive and animated web pages, you should integrate HTML5 with CSS3 and JavaScript programming platforms. To reduce costs, instead of hiring web developers, you can choose one of the many helpful web templates offered online. A feature-rich and thoroughly detailed template will save you time and money and will guide you as you work on developing your responsive and customizable website.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in May 2014 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

12 Best HTML5 Animation Tools for 2015

HTML5 is the universal web programming language for awesome! Practically every browser uses it, and HTML5 supports the most advanced design elements, including audio, video, animations and much more. Because of these outstanding capabilities, HTML5 is the premier way to design and develop websites, apps, and more. While there are several HTML5 animation tools available, not all tools are created equal. Continue reading to learn about 12 must-have tools for 2015.

1. Purple Composer

Previously known as the Purple Animator, the Purple Composer allows you to create highly attractive HTML5 animations easily. With this tool, you can create Flash Output, Kindle Fire, and Android animations to be viewed across several devices.

2. Mixeek

As a free software tool, Mixeek is excellent for designing and executing interactive web applications and animations. It’s a lightweight alternative to other paid popular tools and is entirely based on CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - mixeek

3. Animate

Animate allows to you to design expressive animated content without stress. You can even implement interactivity and motion to your current HTML templates and layouts.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - animate

4. HTML5 Maker

One of the coolest features of HTML5 Maker is it supports all of the most popular text filters, which prevents you from having to use Photoshop to generate attractive content. It includes a wide array of images that that can be manipulated for a jaw-dropping effect. You can also use the internal tools to gain full control of your animations.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - html5maker

5. Hippo Studios

While many tools are powerful and difficult to learn, Hippo Studios Animator is powerful and easy to use. Whether you are a bigger or an expert, you’ll be creating excellent animation in no time with the help of insightful tutorials. You can even customize the appearance with light and dark interfaces.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - hippostudio

6. Mugeda

Instead of creating attractive animations for a single platform, Mugeda allows you to do much more. Mugeda’s professional services and products allows you to generate and distribute HTML5 animated content for smart phones, PCs, tablets, and even smart TVs.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - mugeda

7. TweenJS

Get the best of both worlds with Tween.JS. This simple but powerful interface supports CSS style properties and numeric object properties. You can quickly chain actions and tweens together to create highly complex sequences.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - tweetjs

8. Tumult Hype

Infuse animation into your content for outstanding results with Tumult Hype’s key frame-based system. When you get started, simply click “Record,” and this tool will monitor your every move to create key frames as needed.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - tumult

9. Radi

Designed for today’s modern web, Radi allows you to infuse animation, video, and real time graphics for stunning results. Best of all, you can enjoy all of the perks of HTML5 without learning to code. This tool is designed from the ground up to help users of all skill levels design content that takes full advantage of the coolest features of HTML5.

Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - radiapp


With BLKSY, you can use everything you have learned in other animation tools to quickly produce stellar content. It combines the power of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 without unnecessary plug-ins.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - blysk

11. Animatron

Animatron is a powerful and simple online tool that creates enchanting HTML5 banners, info graphics, and mobile-friendly animations that will play everywhere. Best of all, Animatron is very simple to use.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - animation

12. Modernizr

Since everyone uses a different browser, Modernizer allows you to deliver tiered experiences to users. Modernizer is essentially a collection of lightening fast tests that run as the web pages load. You can then use the results to optimize it for the best user experience.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - modernizr

Today, you do not need years of experience to create highly attractive and engaging animation. Find out more about some of the top animation tools here.