30 Best Free Blogger Templates

As web developers we don’t have time to deal with the blogging portion of websites. It’s hard to build a personal blogging page for every single person. Thankfully, there are many free templates available. These templates are all professional, easy to use, and will save you a lot of time.

Best Free Blogger Templates 2014

In this article, we will show you some of the best free responsive Blogger templates which may help you in starting a new blogging project.

Zerif Lite


Zerif Lite is a one page blog template. It is easy to use, responsive, and can be optimized for e-commerce.

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Constructzine Lite


Constructzine Lite is responsive and uncomplicated. The site is clean, simple, and easy for new bloggers.

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Xmax has a basic UI and an elegant design. Perfect for companies launching new products or services.

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Brand Mag UX


Brand Mag UX offers a bright, professional appearance. The responsive UI makes the page easy to navigate.

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Red Hood


Redhood has a relaxing theme. The site is responsive and appears to be ideal for personal or travel blogs.

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Keilir Blogger Template


Keilir Blog Template has a nice “homey” touch. It seems perfect for the novice blogger.

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Journey is a very traditional template and perfect for travel blogs. The layout is ideal for adding photos to blogs.

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Portify Responsive Blogger Template


Portify Responsive Blog Template is easy to navigate. This is well-suited for daily or travel blogging.

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Extinify Portfolio Blogger Template


Extinify has a nice, regular, “business”feel to it. Simple, spacious, and elegant. it’s great for new businesses or blogs.

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Simplify Blogger Template


Simplify describes itself. Simple and easy to understand, this template is quick to understand and great for quick, to-the-point blogs.

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Belastic Responsive Blogger Template


Belastic has a very cosmopolitan theme to it, with dark colors and a headline layout. This is perfect for city themed blogs.

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Indonesia is a casual template with bright colors. Perfect for blogs with photos, and it allows tags.

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Dynamic Mag Responsive Blogger Template


Dynamic Mag is perfect for the magazine style blog. Animated top-fold with responsiveness, it’s perfect for the local news blog.

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Karma – Creative Landing Page Blogger Templates


Karma is elegant and easy to use. This site is responsive and a perfect template for businesses.

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Responsive Templates


Responsive Templates have a clean, fresh feel to them. Their own template is responsive and great for the personal blogger.

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Techify is the best blog template I’ve seen for techies. The layout is modern and clean.

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Flat Mag – Free Blogger Template


Flat Mag is perfect for commerce sites, however it’s way too busy and segmented for personal blogs.

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Metrofy Blogger Template


Metrofy cuts is perfect for business or personal blogs. Honestly, it would serve either equally well.

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Plazify Responsive Blogger Template


Plazify is a clean template with easy UI and layout. This is not a flashy template.

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Sleekify is elegant, modern; a great template for nightclubs and other entertainment venues.

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Blackpress Responsive Blogger Template


Blackpress is bold and blocky. It’s for the personal blogger looking for something different.

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Montric Magazine Blogger Template


Montric Magazine has the look of a trendy blog. It’s sleek, and oriented to the fashionista.

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Vortex Responsive Blogger Template


Vortex has an up-to-date, journalistic look This template is great for the blogger who posts links to the latest viral news.

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GoGreen Blogger Template


Go Green Blogger template is a simple layout with easy UI. The layout is too plain for businesses.

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Magzon Blogger Template


Magzon is perfect for the magazine or news blog. This blog is great for quick scan reading.

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WebDepot Blogger Template


Web Depot has a traditional layout and is best for commerce. This template is responsive and modern.

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WebMag Blogger Template


Webmag is perfect for the blog that updates a lot.

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Rofl is a simple template. It’s great for the family trip or a kids’ school year blog.

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Wedding Mag


Wedding Mag is the perfect template for weddings.

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Sentify Responsive Blogger Template


Sentify is suitable for most businesses. I wouldn’t recommend it for personal blogs.

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Magnic Magazine Responsive Blogger Template


Magnic has a cinematic flair. It comes especially recommended for the movie or theatrical blogger.

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Magazinify Responsive Blogger Template


Magazinify is the ultimate magazine template. Multiple widgets make this perfect for the latest news.

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Photo Lab


Photo Lab is for the photography aficionado. This site is perfect for showcasing photos and videos.

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A Collection of 10 Best jQuery Plugins for Developers

In this blog post, you will see some of the best jQuery plugins that will allow you to make your website look attractive and engaging and boost its user experience.

jQuery is a JavaScript library that runs fast to enhance the design of a website. It is an open source public library that is freely available for download. With this, developers have developed various useful jQuery plugins that allow website users to integrate advanced jQuery features and function in their website’s designing, without even writing a single line of code.

jQuery plugins are utilized by web designers and developers to give a soothing experience to their website’s visitors. They are also used to make a website look visually appealing and an easy way to do that is by integrating animation library.

Here are the top 10 jQuery plugins:

1 Tooltipster


Tooltipster is a robust and scalable jQuery plugin that allows you to create semantic and advanced tooltips by using CSS to control the display. It comes with numerous configuration options that make it compatible with all popular browsers.

Tooltipster enables you to use the most desired HTML markup inside your tooltips, without any complication. This means you can easily add images and text formatting tags.

2. nanoGALLERY


nanoGALLERY is an amazing jQuery plugin, crafted to enhance your image galleries. It is a touch-enabled and responsive image gallery that comes with justified, cascading, and grid layout. Use this plugin to make your website look more appealing and eye-catchy. It is a full-featured plugin that showcase thumbnails with title and description on your website. It also supports self-hosted images and online photo sharing websites such as Instagram, Flickr, Picasa and more.

In addition, nanoGALLERY plugins offers some of the stunning features such as multi-level navigations in albums, pagination, hover effects on thumbnails, highly customizable, image lazy load, and is also a bootstrap compatible plugin for jQuery.

3. Unslider


This simple, clean and minimal jQuery plugin is an image slider that only slides, without any gaudy effects, or unnecessary markup. It gives you the flexibility to use any HTML markup in your slides, extended with CSS. In fact, you can also integrate keyboard arrow support with ease. Unlsilder is a cross-browser compatible plugin that will run brilliantly on all the commonly-used browsers. Plus, it comes with various impeccable options that will allow you to customize your slider.

4. Avgrund Modal

Avgrund Modal

It is a powerful jQuery plugin for model boxes and popups. Avgrund modal is used to adding a wow-factor to your pop-up content by making the page content blur and pushing it back in Z space. It is a cross-browser compatible plugin that works well in all browsers. Overall, it is a simple and lightweight plugin that highlights your alters beautifully.

5. Windows


Windows is an incredible plugin that allows you to build full-screen scrolling websites, along with sections that fill the screen quickly and efficiently.

It comes with some exciting features such as auto-snapping that enhances your web design and make it more attractive.

This plugin opens up a useful API for position management, offers callbacks, and will enable for Window snapping.

6. Arctext.js


As we know, CSS3 help designers and developers to rotate texts and letters, but it is quite difficult to arrange each text along a curved path. ArcText is an amazing plugin that makes it super easy to turn the letters into an arc shape. It comes with an inbuilt animation method that will help you push and pull letters into arcs.

7. tiltShift


Another great jQuery plugin that utilizes the CSS3 filters images to apply the tilt-shift effect. No doubt, it is an awesome plugin, but it is currently working only in Chrome and Safari 6. It covers a DIV around the Image tag that allows you to apply the same styling attributes to the selector.

8. ClassySocial


ClassySocial is a robust jQuery social media plugin that allows your visitors to easily see how many social channels you belong to and visit them with a single click.

It allows you to integrate the social sharing icons such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Goole +, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

With the help of this plugin, you can improve your online presence and engage more visitors from 11 most popular social media websites.

9. Turn.js


It is an outstanding tool that allows you to make your content look like a real book or magazine by using all the features of HTML5.

Turn.js is a simple, clean and lightweight plugin that works on most of the popular browsers and devices. It empowers you to create a flip book by using HTML5.

10. Gridster


Gridster is a modern jquery plugin that allows you to create a multi-column and drag-drop layouts from components spanning different columns. It makes it simple to push and pull content around on the page, smoothly shifting other content out when you drop a column in position.


In this blog post, we have collected the top 10 jQuery plugins that will help developers build a visually appealing, user-oriented and intuitive web design of websites.

10 Free Mockups Tools


The best sites to get free mockups


General mockup builder


Pixeden hosts stock material including icons, vectors, textures, mockups, text effects, and a lot more. It makes the life of creative designers easier by providing a wide range of categories, presented in a beautifully designed site with more than 24,000,000 downloads. This tool provides both free public domain material and paid membership.

Graphic Burger

Graphic Burger provides premium quality design resources for free to the community. The selection ranges between mockups, UI kits, icons, text effects, backgrounds, and others. With regular updates, over 17,000,000 downloads, and a special attention to pixel perfect PSD formats, this is a great source of creative material.

Media Loot

Media Loot provides free design resources for creatives under a pretty interface and dynamic filtering. They host a variety of fonts, icons, mockups, graphics, UI kits, and other materials. If you love free stuff, they have a mailing list for the newest updates.

Pixel Buddha

Pixel Buddha hosts free from copyright PSD mockup templates. All creative content is generated by their own team, and contains a wide selection for professional use – including smart objects to make the life of creatives easier.

Perfect Pixels

Perfect Pixels provides free PSD templates for professional creative use in your project. Unparalleled quality feature material mainly focused in the technology sector, with a mailing list to top it off.

User Interface

Sketch App Sources (Sketch)

Sketch App Sources provides free creative resources for professional use. Mainly featuring technology and app store materials, this site caters to the graphic design community with full support including mailing list and tutorials.


Do – by Invision App, is an amazing UI kit resource. Breathtaking visuals. Vast selection of screens, themes, and components. All free. It brands itself as “the most versatile ‘to-do’ app you’ve ever seen,” featuring beautiful clean, simple, colorful design.


Tethr – by Invision App, is an amazing IOS UI kit resource. “The most beautiful IOS design kit you’ve ever seen… also happens to be free.” The marketing team for Invision App is on-point, and they keep delivering impressive products.This retina-ready, minimal kit contains over 250 elements, 138 templates, and 8 source files.

UI Space

UI Space hosts a variety of creative resource material for free. Simple and easy to use. Categories include mockups, fonts, and icons for Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator. Choose from the 121 different flat mockups offers, and build your own project with this amazing free tool.

Teehan Lax Tools

Teehan Lax Tools provides diverse creative materials for developers, for free. Elite design, featuring tools for Photoshop and Sketch including elements, templates, and other “things to help you make things.” All resources are high resolution, high quality tools including many of the most popular tech devices.

40+ Web Design Conferences to Attend in September 2015


Learning is a never ending process. No matter how professional you are, how many years you have been working in the same field, you should keep yourself posted with latest techniques and trends. Web Design is one field that asks creative genuinenesses to contentiously learn about the latest developments, trends, tools, experiences and much more. Web Design Conferences to attend has become our regular post that we keep coming up with each month in the scheduled time to help you all make up your mind as to which one(s) you would want to be part of.

Now that we are at the end of August month, we are here with the list of best web design conferences scheduled to take place in this month at various locations. As per the need of the hour, feasibility, availability of tickets, time you can decide which one(s) you can attend. Why not spare some time out to enhance your skills, expand your horizon and learn new things that will definitely help you increase your productivity and efficiency thereby helping you become successful.

So, without wasting too much time, have a look at all the best web design conferences of September 2015. Do not forget to share with your friends, colleagues and other professionals.

1. Full Stack Fest

When: 1st – 5th September, 2015

Where: Barcelona, Spain

Full Stack Fest is a programming event in Barcelona that is going to be held during Sept 1 -5 2015. It is divided in two two-day single-track conferences viz. Barcelona Ruby Conference and Barcelona FutureJS.


2. New Zealand PHP Conference 2015

When : 2nd – 4th September, 2015
Where : New Zealand, Wellington

Its a three-day event that will run over 3rd and 4th September 2015, including a Pre-Conference Tutorial Day on the 2nd September 2015. There will be high-level technical sessions, specifically designed for PHP and web developers in mind.


3. ColdFront Conference 2015

When : 3rd September, 2015

Where :  Denmark, Copenhagen

This is a front-end conference that will take place in Copenhagen. Promising to be bigger, better with more fun than people experienced in 2014, at ColdFront one can expect a superb experience with renowned speakers around.


4. NightlyBuild 2015

When : 4th September 2015, 5:30PM

Where : Germany, Cologne

This is hand-crafted after work conference for web enthusiasts loving technology, design and inspiration, to take place in Cologne, Germany.


5. DjangoCon US 2015

When : 6th – 11th September, 2015

Where : United States, Austin

This is a conference that has something for everyone. DjangoCon US is a 6-day international community conference for the community by the community, held each year in North America. It is all about the Django web framework to help people who develop Django applications.


6. UbiComp 2015

When : 7th – 11th September, 2015

Where : Osaka, Japan

UbiComp 2015 is ACM international joint conference on pervasive and ubiquitous computing that will comprise of the broad multidisciplinary program, encompassing  different jobs.


7. Interaccion 2015

When : 7th – 9th September, 2015

Where : Vilanova i la Geltrú, Spain

Its the 16th International Conference that will provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on design and application of techniques and methodologies with a multidisciplinary approach.


8. Meating

When : 8th September 2015, 6:30pm

Where :  Germany, Karlsruhe

Its a conference that takes place once a month. An informal an evening event where under different theme everyone is invited to bring the interest in the digital age and in a relaxed atmosphere wishes to attend the exchange of knowledge.


9. UX STRAT USA 2015

When: 8th – 10th September, 2015

Where: Athens, GA, USA

Carefully curated for UX / CX leaders and experienced professionals who want to develop a more strategic approach to their product and service design programs, UX STRAT is one conference worth being part of. The presentations promise to help designers organize, analyze, innovate, and communicate well.


When : 9th – 10th September, 2015

Where : Boston, Massachusetts USA

Big Data Innovation agenda is packed with names from United Nations, Spotify, UPS, National Geographic, US department of labor and many more.


11. UX Cambridge 2015

When: 9th – 11th September, 2015

Where: Cambridge, UK

UX Cambridge is a community-driven, practical user experience conference for software, mobile and web applications. There will be inspiring and practical keynotes, workshops, tutorials, case studies and experience reports along with various informal discussions.


12. Circles Conference

When : 10th – 11th September, 2015

Where : Grapevine, TX

Its a two-day experience where creative geniuses from all across the globe gather for learning from world-changing thinkers and connecting with one another. Here the attendees will be challenged to push themselves in the creative process, inspired by others who thrive in the creative industry and empowered with resources and practical tips to help you pursue excellence.


13. D Construct

When : 11th September, 2015

Where : Brighton, UK

dConstruct is an affordable one day conference gathering together super-smart people who will provoke, entertain, and stimulate you by sharing their experience and knowledge.


14. MOBX 2015

When: 11th September, 2015

Where: Berlin, Germany

This is an annual conference for mobile user experience, small screen interaction design and usable interfaces on smart devices.


15. The Lead Developer Conference

When: 11th September, 2015

Where: London, UK

The Lead Developer is a new conference that will feature practical advice from experts on leading and motivating your team and high-level sessions on new and disruptive technologies.


16. SmashingConf Freiburg 2015

When: 14th –16th September, 2015

Where: Freiburg, Germany

At SmashingConf you all will get to know about real-life web design problems, projects and techniques in a way that’s relevant and applicable to your work straight away. In all there will be 16 speakers to help you all with well curated learning experience and an intimate environment of just 300 attendees ensures a friendly atmosphere.


17. SpringOne 2GX 2015

When: 14th – 17th September, 2015

Where: Washington, DC, USA

SpringOne 2GX is one-of-a-kind conference for application developers, solution and data architects. Here attendees will get to learn from open source leaders who drive innovation for these technologies.


18. Interact 2015

When : 14th – 18th September, 2015

Where : Bamberg, Germany

Its the 15th IFIP TC13 conference on human computer interaction and the theme is – Designing for Diversity.


19. DevDay 2015

When : 16th – 18th September, 2015

Where : Poland, Krakow

Meet, listen and learn from the recognized leaders and experts in the industry during 3-days of this conference named DevDay that is packed with lectures and workshops.


20. The Mobility and Modern Web Conference

When: 16th – 18th September, 2015

Where: Los Angeles, CA, USA
This is the third annual mobility and modern web conference will take place at the University of California, Los Angeles. Presented by the UCLA Office of Information Technology, in association with higher end and corporate partners, it will feature two days of exciting sessions that will be followed by a day of hands-on workshops, covering the latest trends of mobile and the modern web.


21. Generate London 2015

When: 17th – 18th September, 2015

Where: London, UK

Generate London conferences are presented by net magazine is the world’s leading print and digital publication for web designers.


22. Berlin Expert Days 2015

When: 17th – 18th September, 2015

Where: Berlin, Germany

Berlin Expert Days is a web conference that will deal with all practical aspects of information technologies. This is a not-for-profit event designed to deliver the most up-to-date information to its visitors and offers a platform to exchange ideas.


23. From The Front

When: 17th – 18th September, 2015

Where: Bologna, Italy

From The Font conference is based on the theme Frontend in Wonderland where you all will be able to hear talks by Anna Debenham, Tim Kadlec and many more industry leaders.


24. Joomla Day

When :18th – 19th September, 2015

Where : Hamburg

This is a two day conference that will provide you the best experience of learning everything about Joomla.


25. Mobile UXCamp DC 2015

When : 19th September, 2015

Where : Washington, DC USA

MobileUX Camp DC is an event for new voices, new ideas and new trends in mobile user experience design. Here you will get to meet mobile UX practitioners, network and exchange ideas.


26. WebExpo Prague 2015

When : 19th – 20th September, 2015

Where : Czech Republic, Prague

At WebExpo users can expect more than 70 presentations by digital experts from around the world. Jeremy Keith, Andy Hume, Anna Debenham, and Cennydd Bowles to name the few will be sharing teir experience and enhancing your know-how.


27. HOW Interactive Design Conference

When : 20th – 22nd September, 2015

Where : United States, San Francisco

Attend the conference of detailed sessions on UX and Interaction Design.You will get to learn a solid foundation in UX principles and interaction design along with the actionable advice to solve the issues that arise while handling design projects.


28. PHPConf.Asia

When : 22nd – 23rd September, 2015

Where : Singapore

This is the first PAN-Asian PHP Conference that is scheduled to be held at Singapore this September.


29. SmartWeb Conference 2015

When : 22nd September, 2015

Where : Romania, Bucharest

SmartWeb is a conference for web designers and developers, bringing you an exquisite lineup of speakers.


30. UX Impact

When : 22nd September, 2015

Where : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

UX Impact is an that helps you learn the importance of understanding the customer’s viewpoint. Think from your customers, put their experience to one online and offline to have an impact.


31. WebVisions Chicago // 2015

When : 23rd – 25th September, 2015

Where : United States, Chicago

WebVisions Chicago is a two day conference that explores the future of web and mobile design, user experience, content strategy and technology.


32. A-Tag’15

When : 25th September, 2015

Where : Austria, Vienna

Since the year 2006, A-Tag is held at the meeting point for internet accessibility, organized by the association accessible media. The A-TAG’15 will take place from 9:00 to 17:00 on the scheduled date in Techgate Vienna.


33. WXG 2015

When : 25th September 2015, 9Am

Where : England, Guildford

Its a one-day conference that is entirely dedicated to creating web and digital experiences.


34. Workshop: Building RESTful and real-time APIs with Node

When : 25th September 2015, 8:30Am

Where : England, London

At the workshop users will learn how to build rock-solid, fast node servers that provide RESTful and real-time APIs. Besides, there will be sessions for testing, packaging your own node modules in NPM making one learn how to think about asynchronous code and the ‘node way’ of building programs.


35. Rustbelt Refresh 2015

When : 25th September 2015, 8:30Am

Where : United States, Cleveland

This is a single day conference that is dedicated to web design and front-end development.


36. Fluxible 2015

When : 25th -27th September, 2015

Where : Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Its a UX party disguised as a conference for 3 fun-filled days, with 17 incredible speakers, and innumerable opportunities to connect with people in your field.


37. CSSconf EU 2015

When : 26th September, 2015

Where : Germany, Berlin

CSSconf EU is a community conference that will be entirely dedicated to the designers and developers who build the world’s most engaging user interfaces.


38. Topconf Bucharest 2015

When: 29th September, 2015

Where: Bucharest, Romania

Topconf Bucharest is a premier international software conference for developers, product owners and managers, architects,methods and process-experts.


39. Design Matters

When : 29th – 30th September, 2015

Where : Denmark, Copenhagen

Design Matters is a two day conference about digital experiences and game-changing design to make you learn more and more about design.


40. code.talks 2015

When: 29th –30th September, 2015

Where: Hamburg, Germany

There will be 1,500 attendees at code.talks which is one of the biggest web development conference in Europe. Learn from a large array of speakers about every subject in and around the web and meet your peers.



When : 30th September to 2nd October, 2015

Where : Ireland, Dublin

Rebase is a conference for designers who like to connect the dots. Great design happens at the points of intersection between art, science and technology.


There are many conferences with the clashing dates. Its upto you and the need of the hour that will help you choose and understand well as to which one of these you would want to be the part of. Share your viewpoints to let us know as to which one(s) of the previous months’ conferences you have been the part of. Also, if you want to suggest as to which of the above listed conferences one should attend in the month of September 2015, leave your comments below.