6 Best Tools to Help You Convert Java to C# Source Code

Java is a class based, object oriented  programming language that was released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Today, the simplicity and accessibility of Java has lead it to become a very commonly used language. Java’s main draw is its “write once, run anywhere” philosophy. Java code can be run on any machine regardless of hardware and operating system, via the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). For this reason, Java makes a highly attractive programming language.

C# is a simple, modern object-oriented programming language that was developed by Microsoft for .NET framework in 2000. C# is similar to Java in many facets, but also has some differences. As of late Java has been phased out of web browsers like Google Chrome. Because of this, many people are shying away from Java in favor of C#. That being said, it is quite a challenge to develop your application again starting from scratch just to shift from one platform to another. It requires a lot of man hours and experience. Fortunately, there are many tools available that translates Java source code to C# source code, which can drastically minimize the time it takes to convert.

The following tools help web developers perform their migration quickly and effectively. Here are the 6 best tools to help you convert java to c# source code. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us and let us know if you like our picks!

1) Sharpen

Sharpen is a plugin for Eclipse IDE that helps convert Java to C# with some special syntax options for the user.


Sharpen is a plugin to Eclipse, making it easy to work in with development. It also has a good deal of built-in tools to aid in the debugging process, and provides various other options for performing the conversion.


Sharpen can be somewhat confusing to use for beginners, and may require reading and following an external guide. Also, some regard it as not being as powerful as other translators.

best java to c# convertor tool - sharpen

2) Java to C# Converter

This is another excellent tool for Java to C# conversion. It has both a free version and a pro version. Both versions have some nice features.


This converter works fast, and won’t take hours and hours to finish its work. It is also quite accurate, and generates notes and documentation when there is something it cannot convert on its own.


Unfortunately, the free version of this converter is limited, only allowing 1000 lines of code to be processed at once. The pro version comes at a high price, and has little reviews as to whether it delivers on its promises.

best tool for convert java to c# - tangible-software-solution

3) Octopus

Octopus parses java source code and emits accurate C# code. Most of the time, the resulting code will compile without any manual editing. Octopus promises that it is the one stop shop for Java to C# translation.


Octopus is a highly accurate translator, and often requires little tweaking after the translation for the code to run properly. It will take a large amount of Java files in at once and output them as a Visual Studio file, ready to use.


Octopus is still in beta, and as such, has no price tag or an easy way to buy on their website, meaning you will have to email them to get a price and purchase their software.


4) XES – Java To C#

XES is a simple, effective Java translator that promises to seamlessly convert between languages without any issues


XES has a nice graphical user interface that makes the process a lot smoother, and makes it easy to perform the conversion, simply load in a Java file, press a few buttons, and get your C# file.


Doesn’t seem as widely used as other translators, and doesn’t seem to be as powerful or effective either.

Best tool to convert java to c# code - xes

5) Java Language Conversion Assistant 2.0

Java Language Conversion Assistant is a tool that automatically converts existing Java-language code into Visual C# for developers who want to move existing applications to the .NET Framework.


Java Language Conversion Assistant is created and maintained by Microsoft, who also made C# itself, meaning that it is a highly accurate and reliable tool to use


Hasn’t been updated in a while, meaning it could make some mistakes. It is also bound to Microsoft’s standards and practices, and as such isn’t open source or updated by an open community of programmers and developers.


6) Varycode

Varycode is a fantastic online web service that allows source code conversion to and from C#, VB, Java, Ruby, Python and C++. As an online service, users can access anywhere.


Varycode is online, meaning anyone can use it. It also allows for numerous other languages than just C# and Java, which allows people to get a bit more creative with their code.


Varycode is online, meaning your code is sent to someone else’s server over the internet. This creates a slight security concern for someone who wishes their code not to be stolen or intercepted.

best tool to convet java to c# - verycode

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