75 Essential Cheat Sheets for Designers and Programmers

Programming is not an easy job, and requires a lot of concentration and expert reference. You might get struck anytime, anywhere in the code, where you can’t work out the things, but need to finish the code as soon as possible, for your boss sitting hot over your head. At that moment of time, you wish, that something existed that could give you a quick help, or a quick reference, solving your problem in moments, and you get the things to work, as they are supposed to be!  The good news, there exists a tool like this. Not actually a tool, we call them Cheat Sheets.

Cheat sheets are a collection of notes and facts used for quick reference. These are same, like those of the cheat slips, the students used to take during their exams. They had to use the cheat sheet without the instructor’s knowledge, but in the case of programming, you are allowed to use cheat sheets during your coding jobs!

Giving a rough idea, about what a cheat sheet includes, is that it contains the information about all the syntaxes and data properties, that are used in that particular coding language. May it be C, HTML, JAVA,LISP, Haskell, PHP, Python, Ruby, Photoshop, etc you can find cheat sheets for all of the languages easily over the web! These are great tools, and will help you greatly in your programming process, and will ease your job to a great extent!

Here, we have a list of the best 75 cheat sheets for the designers and developers. We call them the best ones, for the fact, these are up to the mark, contain to the point information, and everything shared with them is accurate to all standards. These will wave good bye to your programming cribs, and get your codes working properly with a quick reference lasting for merely a few minutes!

1) Cheat Sheets – jQuery [Archive]

2) Cheat Sheets – HTML [Archive]

best free cheat sheets for designers and developers - html

3) Cheat Sheets – HTML5 Cheat Sheet

best free cheat sheets for designers and developers - HTML5

4) Cheat Sheets – CSS

CSS Cheat Sheet

5) Cheat Sheets – CSS2

CSS2 Cheat Sheet

6) Cheat Sheets – CSS3

best free cheat sheets for designers and developers - css3

7) Cheat Sheets – JavaScript [Archive]

best free cheat sheets for designers and developers - javascript

8) Cheat Sheets – Linux

Linux Commands

9) Cheat Sheets –  Java [Archive]

10) Cheat Sheets – Java 8

Java 8 Cheat Sheet

11) Cheat Sheets – Perl [Archive]

12) Cheat Sheets – PHP [Archive]

13) Cheat Sheets – Python [Archive]

14) Cheat Sheets – Ruby [Archive]

15) Cheat Sheets – Ruby on Rails [Archive]

16) Cheat Sheets – Scala Cheat sheets [Archive]

17) Cheat Sheets – SQL [Archive]

18) Cheat Sheets – My SQL

19) Cheat Sheets – C#

20) Cheat Sheets – SQLite [Archive]

21) Cheat Sheets – C++

best free cheat sheets for designers and developers - C++

22) Cheat Sheets – Javascript and AJAX [Archive]

23) Cheat Sheets – C

24) Cheat Sheets – Unix [Archive]

25) Cheat Sheets – Ubuntu [Archive]

26) Cheat Sheets – WordPress [Archive]

27) Cheat Sheets – Nodejs

28) Cheat Sheets –  HTML and XHTML [Archive]

29) Cheat Sheets – XML [Archive]

30) Cheat Sheets – Oracle [Archive]

31) Cheat Sheets – NMAP [Archive]

32) Cheat Sheets – Mac OS X [Archive]

33) Cheat Sheets – Haskell [Archive]

34) Cheat Sheets – DOM [Archive]

35) Cheat Sheets – Drupal [Archive]

36) Cheat Sheets – Oracle DB 

37) Cheat Sheets – FireFox 

38) Cheat Sheets – Apache Ant

39) Cheat Sheets – Apache hadoop

40)  Cheat Sheets –Git [Archive]

41)  Cheat Sheets –Mathematica [Archive]

42) Cheat Sheets – RedHat Fedora

43) Cheat Sheets – Unicode [Archive]

best free cheat sheets for designers and developers - unicode

44) Cheat Sheets – PostgreSQL [Archive]

45) Cheat Sheets – MATLAB [Archive]

46) Cheat Sheets – Design Patterns [Archive]

47) Cheat Sheets – Django Reference Sheet [Archive]

48) Cheat Sheets – Flash Quick Reference [Archive]

49) Cheat Sheets – Fortran [Archive]

50) Cheat Sheets – Adobe flex 3 cheat sheet [Archive]

51) Cheat Sheets – Google Chrome Plus [Archive]

52) Cheat Sheets – HTTP [Archive]

53) Cheat Sheets – Internet Explorer

54) Cheat Sheets – JavaEE6 Reference Sheet [Archive]

55) Cheat Sheets – LISP [Archive]

56) Cheat Sheets – Mootools 1.3 cheat sheets [Archive]

57) Cheat Sheets – Photoshop [Archive]

58) Cheat Sheets – Prototype [Archive]

59) Cheat Sheets – QT [Archive]

60) Cheat Sheets – Shell Scrip Cheat Sheet [Archive]

61) Cheat Sheets – Server Side Includes Qucik Reference [Archive]

62) Cheat Sheets – VBasic Quick Ref [Archive]

63) Cheat Sheets – ASPCheat Sheet [Archive]

64) Cheat Sheets – WebGL Reference [Archive]

65) Cheat Sheets – Microsoft NET [Archive]

66) Cheat Sheets – Flash ActionScript Quick Ref [Archive]

67)  Cheat Sheets – BlueprintCSS [Archive]

68) Cheat Sheets – Computer Science [Archive]

69) Cheat Sheets – Erlang [Archive]

70) Cheat Sheets – Java Server faces 

71) Cheat Sheets – JDBC Best Practices

72) Cheat Sheets – Core-ASPNet

73) Cheat Sheets – HTML5 IndexedDB 

74) Cheat Sheets – Using XML Java

75) Cheat Sheets – HTML5 Canvas Web Standard

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