Freebies- Best eBooks to Made Easy Mobile App Development

The task of developing apps for smartphones is really difficult and time consuming. It’s a progressive and profitable venture, but without adequate efforts, no individual can develop high quality apps for different platforms. In order to create a well-functioning and efficient app, you have to understand fundamentals by reading an eBook or development guide.

These days, eBooks play a big part in easing up app development. They give a clear idea of application basics and introduce important features of UI monetization and UX design. By reading a perfect eBook, you app development project can be handled very easily. It will focus on all essential elements, including appearance, performance and navigation. So, if you want to develop a great app for iOS, android and Windows checkout the eBooks mentioned below. This collection have some best free ebooks for mobile developers. Visit these books and share your thought with us.

1) How To Make An HTML5 App

If you are looking to use HTML5 to develop an app, this eBook can help you out. While reading it, you’ll learn about effective web development tools which can create HTML5 apps perfectly. Newbies should definitely give a look to this efficient app development eBook.


2) Mobile Game Design

This eBook provides essential information about mobile gaming. By reading it, you can easily learn important mechanics to develop an excellent game and publish it on the stores with all essential features. All prospects of mobile gaming are easily covered with this efficient and reliable eBook.


3) Mobile UX Design 

By giving a look to this eBook, you can learn about which mistakes you don’t have to commit while designing UX of an app. It can give you some great tips to develop an excellent and feature rich application.


4) Building Successful Mobile Apps

This eBook provides great tips to build a successful and efficient mobile app. It carries different chapters to deal with different app elements like security, designing, monetization, and UX. Whether you are a beginner or expert, a look on this book will definitely play a big role in improving your skills in quick time.


5) Mobile Developer’s Guide To The Galaxy

This eBook also plays a big role in teaching app development skills. It provides sufficient amount of information regarding app development for various operating systems including Firefox OS and Tizen. It covers all essential aspects, and is extremely to develop a wonderful and feature rich app.


6) The App Design Handbook

The App Design Handbook provides essential tips to develop an attractive and efficient website. It’s one of the best app development eBooks which help in enhancing the icon and splash image of an app. It focuses on small elements of app development, but helps a lot in clarifying fundamentals to develop an excellent application.


7) Native Vs Web Vs Hybrid

This eBook is a real heaven for app developers. It focuses on the debate between native apps, web apps and hybrid apps, and gives a better explanation to make things clearer. By reading this eBook, you can learn about all three approaches with their benefits and drawbacks.


8) Mobile Design Trends

This eBook features an easy and efficient technique to create an app. By reading it, you can easily know about latest trends in app interface as well as well as other essential features of a high quality app. As compared to other eBooks, this eBooks has proved to be a better guide for beginners and newbies.


9) Developing Modern Mobile Web Apps

This eBook from Microsoft features a set of patterns and practices which should be followed while creating a mobile web application. It provides efficient information for creating a perfect application which delivers native and mobile friendly experience to the users. You can easily learn many things about app development by reading this brilliant eBook.

Developing Modern Mobile Web Apps-1

10) iOS Succinctly

This app development eBook is primarily focused to develop apps for IOS. You’ll learn many things about IOS apps while reading this excellent eBook by Ryan Hodson.


11) 3 easy steps to monetizing Android apps


12) Windows Phone 8 Development


13) Ebook – Free Android Programming

The Android programming ebook has been crafted by the Android experts at Eduonix to get people started on Android Programming. It covers major Android APIs and is updated to cover the latest specifications. It covers Jelly Bean and other Android Flavours before it.


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