Top 5 Best Tools to Convert Java to C# Source Code

Undeniably, Java is the most popular and widely used programming language since its inception in the year 1995 by Sun Microsystems. Being the object-oriented and class-based programming language, Java takes the pride for being the popular programming language today, used by over 9 million developers globally for client server web applications. This programming language is best known for its unique characteristic, where programmers need to write only once and then run it anywhere anytime; this is the reason why it is so popular today.

Similarly, C# is another popular multi-paradigm programming language which is known for its modern features and simplicity. There are many circumstances when it becomes very essential to transfer one application to another platform while designing or writing codes, either for security reasons or for stability. You will come across with several tools that are quite helpful to convert Java to C# source cord that too in lest time possible. Below in this article you will come across with some of the best converter for Java to C# source code.

1) Java Language Conversion Assistant-Best Java Converter

top converter for Java to C# for programmers  jlca

Java Language Conversion Assistant is the most popular and excellent plug-ins or tool of Eclipse that enable the users to convert Java to C# by using few special syntax. Some of these syntaxes are ignore documentation, ignore classes, merge classes with others, translate specific methods to .net events and translate specific methods to .net properties.

2) Octopus .NET Translator -Top Converter

top converter for Java to C# for programmers  - octopus

This is the popular commercial product that is not only used for Java to C# conversion, but also used for Java to native C++, C# to and to C# conversion. This product is mainly based on syntax parsers and the best known for offering high quality, accurate conversions. This product can easily parse Java Source Code and create C# Code with highest accuracy, thus making it the most widely used and best conversion tool.

3) Tangible Solution’s Java to C# Converter-The Most Popular Converter

top converter for Java to C# for programmers  - tengible

This Java to C# convertor is available both in commercial version and free version. The free version is only capable to convert Java to C# up to thousand lines and code snippet conversions up to hundred lines at a time. The prime advantages associated to this free version are that it works precisely and offers comprehensive results. This free version has the potential to convert the entire Java folders and it is highly responsive and offer personalized customer support.  It is easy to use and offers helpful notes and to-do comments. Anyone who is new to the C# may use this as a learning tool.

4) XES – Java To C# -Great Converter For Java To C#

top converter for Java to C# for programmers  - XES-user-guide

This convertor is best known for its documentation feature and easy-to-use interface that enables the novice users to convert Java Source Code to C# easily. This tool offers you accurate results and ensures that the conversion is done precisely. It comes with user guides that make the task of conversion easier for the novice users.

5) varycode-Awesome Code Converter

top converter for Java to C# for programmers  - verycode

Verycode is one of the best online source code converter over the internet, It support multiple languages c#, VB, Java, Ruby , Python and many more.

These were some of best and most widely used convertor that allows the users to convert Java Source Code to C# extensively and precisely.

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