Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [17th May – 23th May]

Javascript frameworks that are well known by the name jQuery plugins are fast proving to be an important part of the designing and developing projects. The plugins that are being rolled out on day to day basis promise to help you in various projects making your job easier and less time consuming.

We have started a venture with the aim to help you all filter and look for the right kind of plugins. Its a weekly updation that comprises of best tools that we have selected very carefully keeping its utility and smart functionality in mind. Below is this week’s compilation along with the links of previous two lists of best jQuery plugins in case you missed and want to check them. Sneak a peek!

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1. ohSnap

ohSnap is a simple jQuery/Zepto notification library that is designed to be used in mobile apps to remove notifications.


Demo | Download

2. Smoke

Smoke is open source complete jQuery plugin that is designed for use with Bootstrap 3.


Demo | Download

3. Slideout.js

Slideout is a plugin for touch slideout navigation menu on mobile web apps. Dependency-free, simple markup, native scrolling., easy customization, CSS transforming aare some of its cool features that make it the best pick.


Demo | Download

4. ReadRemaining

ReadRemaining is a clever jQuery plugin that lets your users know how long they’ll need to get through all of your text.


Demo | Download

5. jQuery.mousetip

Mousetip is a lightweight jQuery extension that helps in creating cursor tooltips to follow mouse movement and position.


Demo | Download

6. ScrollMenu

ScrollMenu is a new interface to replace your old usual scrollbar.


Demo | Download

7. Scrollport-js

Scrollport causes scrolling go where told. Its a plugin that lets you get rid of the old boring way of scrolling.


Demo | Download

Have you recently come up with any such useful plugin for designers and developers? If yes, what’s the wait for, leave your comments below and let us know of the same. We will add the same in our upcoming list of best jQuery plugins.


  1. Rahhel

    May 25, 2015 at 8:48 pm

    i am new to web development and programming.I have a doubt whether we can use the jquery plugins in an app ?please guide me ..!

    • Rajni Setia

      May 26, 2015 at 9:33 pm

      Thanks Rahhel for stopping by. Yes, jQuery plugins can be effectively used in different kind of apps. The jQuery plugins are really of great help in different development projects.

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