30 Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – May 2015

With the continuous introduction of tools, apps, websites and other resources for providing the help in various designing and development projects, it becomes difficult to find the apt tools. To help you all make your pick the smart way and in less time consuming manner we are trying out best. Each week, we come up with the list of the best tools and various other resources for designers and developers.

Its been a month since we started working on this endeavour and here we are with our till date biggest compilation of tools in which we have compiled best tools that were being rolled out in the month of May 2015.

We will be coming up with the list of best jQuery plugins. For now, check our list of best tools for designers and developers of the preceding month.

1. Web Conferences To Attend in June 2015

This is not what you can call a tool, but a must mention part of the design and development world. A few days back we came up with a list of 22 Web Design Conferences to Attend in June 2015 and I am sure you all might have already registered and all set to leave for attending the web conferences you want to.


2. Visual Studio Code

This is a tool that helps users in code focused development. With the help of the visual studio code tool users can easily build and debug modern web and cloud applications.


3. Kolor

This is a color game that asks users to select the matching color from multiple choices. The game gets progressively harder as more choices are given and the difference between colors lessens.


4. JSON Resume

This is an open source initiative for designers and developers that lets them create a JSON-based standard for resumes.


5. Wee

Wee is a tool that can be rightly called the blueprint of modern development. Its HTML, CSS and JavaScript bootstrap components are simple and easily extensible.


6. Better Error Pages

This is one free tool from that lets you build free 404, 500-level and maintenance pages faster and as easily as possible.


7. Challenger

This is a drop-in JavaScript library that helps in interactive programming for easy of workflow. Challenges given are flexible and expressive.


8. Vorlon. JS

Vorlon.JS is an open source, extensible, platform-agnostic tool that enables users to remotely debug and test the JavaScript.


9. Marx

Marx is a CSS stylesheet that helps users in handling different projects by enabling you to create edible websites the simplest way possible.


10. HTML Arrows

This is one simple and comprehensive resource for all the HTML symbols, entities, ASCII characters and Unicode hexadecimal values.


11. WobbleView

This is an implementation of wobble effect for any view in the application. The tool helps in easily adding dynamics to user interactions and transitions.


12.  Iconate

A tiny library for helping users transform their icons with trendy animations as simply as possible has been created recently and named Iconate that all you can make optimum use of.


13. Sal Vattore

Its a jQuery Masonry alternative that comes with CSS-driven configuration. It distributes the grid items according to the number of columns specified.


14. Open UI5

Open UI5 is a tool that asks users to simply code once and run on any device. It smartly follows and provides the ease of building enterprise-ready responsive web apps.


15. Your Browser

Your Browser is a tool to help you all check your browser details and create own customized checker for your clients that too for free.


16. Outline CSS

This is a modular, mobile-first clean, mean responsive framework for different web project. Make optimum use of it to get the desired results.


17. Sass Burger

Sass Burger is a minimal hamburger menu with full-screen navigation that helps users in creating hamburger icons.


18. Shrink

Shrink is a little Mac OSX app for10.10 and higher that makes Github issues prominent to take care of them and remove the same.


19. Coolors

Colors as the name hints is a tool for designers to help them generate color schemes in simple and faster way.


20. Think Apps

Think Apps is a tool that helps users in creating free Apple Watch App prototype in mere 10 minutes. The best part is that no coding is required when you use Think Apps.


21. Pre Dawn

Pre Dawn is a tool created by Jamie Wilson. Its a minimal Sublime Text theme and a syntax color scheme that originally was slightly tweaked version of the Flatland theme and after reworking pre dawn was created.


22. Atomic

This is a tool that helps users in creating beautiful interactions. Users can design the prototypes and share the same with others on the board.


23. A To Z CSS

A to Z CSS is a screencasts for designers and developers.With it users can easily earn CSS and sharpen their front-end skills with bite-sized video screencasts.


24. Froala

Froala is created with the aim to help users in designing beautiful visually appealing websites in hassle-free manner.


25. Sprint

Sprint is a tiny, lightning fast jQuery-like library for modern browsers that you all can use for the ease.


26. Animate Plus

Animate Plus is an animation library that helps users in animating CSS properties and SVG attributes.


27. Smart Icons

Smart Icons is a small library of infinite icon system for the modern web.


28. CSS FlexBox

CSS FlexBox is a one stop for curated collection of CSS Flexbox related articles, tips and resources.


29. Font Stand

Wish to license desktop fonts in a cool way? With Font Stand you all can try fonts for free or rent them on monthly basis.


30. Type To Design

Type to Design is a cool tool that helps users in designing. All users get to see is simply type the alphabets and get started.


So, here we come to an end of the  monthly listice of tools and apps that were rolled out in the month of May and the ones that ensure to help you all the best way possible. Wish to add more to the list? Drop in your comments below.


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