5 Latest Joomla Web Design Trends

Joomla is one of the world’s most popular open-source content management system (CMS) that lets users build web sites and online applications. The ease-of-use and extensibility are two main aspects that make Joomla the most popular CMS worth working on.

The content that you upload to the Joomla websites can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything. The best part is that you don’t need to have the technical skills to use Joomla. It’s a simple CMS with numerous features.

Now, coming directly to the point, just as we ensure to follow the trends in other CMS similarly we need to follow latest Joomla web design trends too to make it as user-friendly as you can. Today, we decide to write an article enlisting the latest Joomla web design trends of year 2015 that are working in favor of using this world famous CMS to ensure an enhanced user experience. Here they are. Read them out.

1. Responsiveness

We all well know how fast the mobile industry is booming with the ever increasing number of people using mobile phones. Leave aside one phone in the family now each member of a family has his/her own mobile phone. The ease which mobile phones provide is making the number of people using mobile phones for the web surfing increase, therefore designers today, no matter on which CMS are building websites keeping responsiveness in mind.

In Joomla the responsive web design trend is late and doesn’t seem to see any end in the nearby future instead will see it growing with a fast pace.


2. Focus on Typography

Typography plays an important role in designing and that is the reason, we showcased some of the creative bottle label design with awesome typography. As we all know that gone are the days where you had no other option than to use the boring fonts available.

Infact now there is the availability of innumerable creative fonts that you can use while building a website in Joomla. As web fonts are made available on such an increasing pace and there are many free fonts available easily on the internet, designers are opting for bigger font sizes than ever. More and more focus on the right type of creative font usage is the latest Joomla trend.


3. HTML5 Technology

The latest trend in Joomla is HTML5 markup language that is used for delivering right information the right way. HTML5 sites being lengthy and narrative ensures the focus is laid on proper storytelling, HTML5 videos running in the background of the web pages has been much appreciated and is the latest trend worth following.


4. Flat Design Trend

The flat design trend is not something that we are talking of for the first time infact this trend is in these days. Flat design is a term given to the design style in which no element looks stylish or decorated infact simplicity is the point of focus. This is the trend that will continue in the coming future and talk about Joomla flat design will be laid more and more focus in the days to come. Not that it is not the trend of today, but as we can put it the right way, it will be improvised to ensure the best user – experience.


5. Enhancing The Content Experience

The websites that use Joomla as CMS ensure that users don’t have to spend hours understanding what you have to deliver instead less use of text and more of the creative way of storytelling is focused upon. Lately the use of text has been dramatically cut down and is replaced by imagery like icons, info graphics and images. The latest trend in Joomla is that the text is used bare minimum only where necessary and focus is laid on imagery way of providing information thereby enhancing the content experience.


Last but not the least, it can be rightly said that whichever CMS you prefer working on, one thing that you need to make sure is to follow the latest Joomla web design trends of year 2015 and shun the older ones. Have your say by dropping in your valuable comments below.

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