12 Best PHP Debugging Tools for Developers

We all know that PHP is one speedier and popular scripting language that is well known and much appreciate for the fact that it comes endowed with features like detailed documentation, vast community, ready-to-use scripts and well-supported frameworks. Does that leave any doubt on its popularity and why it is the chosen one?

Well, starting with PHP is quite easy infact simpler than the other ones like Ruby or Python. Anything no matter how easy it is to work with, the fact remains that without useful tools it sometimes becomes quite difficult to complete the assigned task. If you are a PHP Developer, you surely know how bugging the debugging process is. Isn’t it?

If you are looking for useful and best PHP debugging tools, then this one got to be the right place to spend a moment. Here we have listed down some really useful PHP Debugging tools that we anticipate all you PHP developers out there would find worth trying out and enjoying the ease of workflow. So, what’s the wait for, go ahead and take a look. Also, do not forget to check out our other article featuring all the best bug reporting and tracking tools for developers.

1. Php Debugger

PHP Debugger is the awesome tool for helping you find the bugs fast and remove them from the PHP programs.


2. MacGDBp

MacGDBp is one fully featured live debugging tool created specifically for the Mac OS.


3. PHP_Dyn

PHP_Dyn is the PHP Extension that promises to help users in debugging a PHP script.


4. Pinba

Pinba is an open source MySQL storage engine that acts as a real time monitoring/statistics server for PHP. The data received is thereby used to analyze the performance of PHP apps and locate any problems quickly.


5. DBG

DBG is a full-featured PHP debugger that is an interactive tool to help users in debugging PHP scripts. It works on a production and development web server and allows you to debug your scripts locally or remotely from an IDE or console.


6. Kint

Kint is a modern and powerful PHP debugging helper that is designed to present the debugging data the best way possible.


7. Php Debug

PHP Debug is a tool that can output processing times for your PHP and SQL to get variable dumps in graphical form and check the performance of particular code blocks. This makes the debugging task easier.


8. XdeBug

XdeBug extension for PHP lets you debug your scripts and provides a lot of valuable information for you to use it easily and smartly.


9. Krumo

Krumo is an easy replacement for complicated functions that can display structured information about a different PHP variable. The output is displayed in a collapsible DHTML tree built around the structure of the dumped PHP variable once the user makes the Krumo debugging tool run.


10. Webgrind

Webgrind is an Xdebug Profiling Web Front-end in PHP that works on all platforms and the best part is that it doesn’t consume much of your time as it takes very little time to install. It helps you in quick’n’dirty optimizations as it does all on its own.



This is an easy to configure, user-friendly front-end for the raw metrics that PHP Depend measures. IT makes all the possible bugs, suboptimal code, unused parameters and much more prominent.


12. Whoops

Whoops is a small library that helps you develop and maintain your projects the easy way. It solves the problem of dealing with errors and exceptions in a hassle-free manner.


That’s all for now. We have listed down some of the best PHP debugging tools here with the hope that you will find an easy way out to enjoy the ease if workflow. If you have come across of have been using any debugging tool other than the ones listed above, why not share it with our PHP developer friends. Leave your comments below to have your say.


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