Latest Tools of the Week [20th June – 26th June]

Useful resources for designers and developers have become the important part of DesigniMag. Each month at schedule time of the week and month, we come up with the lists of fresh tools and apps along with the online portals to help our designer and developer friends to get the carefully handpicked tools, apps thereby eliminating the need to check each and every tool available.

From Stampsy to Gradify CSS, Cloud Source Repositories, Material Theme and many others; here we have come up a list of best useful tools, apps and websites. Listed below, each and every tool, app claims to make designers and developers feel relieved for the very fact that these are quite useful in solving different tasks. Check them out!

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1. Coverr

Coverr is a website where you get beautiful, free videos for your homepage. Every Monday, seven new videos are made available for you to check out and use the same on your websites.


2. Stampsy

Stampsy is a one stop destination for you all to share, curate and discover visual content that tells a story.


3. Dynamicsjs

Dynamicsjs is a Javascript library that lets you create a physics-based animations.


4. Gradify CSS

This is a module that looks for the most prominent colors in an image, thereby producing a scalable, responsive CSS gradient thereby ensuring to provide best user-experience.


5. Swiftipsum

Swiftipsum is the fastest way for designers and developers to fill their ideas with content.


6. Cloud Source Repositories

This is a private Git repositories that are hosted on the Google Cloud Platform. Browse, edit and commit repository files in our integrated source editor. It came loaded with superb features and already seen as Github competitor from Google.


7. Color Method

This is a color matching game for designers.


8. Gravitons

Gravitons is a lightweight suite of CSS layout utilities that are based on modular scales and inspired by the Unix Philosophy.


9. Rocket

Rocketis a JavaScript that creates an animation when an item is moved to another element.


10. How To Center In CSS

Centering in CSS is quite a daunting task. As the name hints, this website helps users learn how to center in CSS. It consolidates them and gives you the code needed for different situations.


11. Fly Panels

FlyPanels is a responsive off canvas panel plugin that is created for websites or web applications. It supports all modern browsers and IE from version 10.


12. Material Theme

Material Theme is the most epic theme for Sublime Text 3 by Mattia Astorino.


Hope you like our list of awesome tools for designers and developers. If you have developed any or want to submit any tool that you think will be helpful for the community, do let us know in the comments section below.

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