15+ Best Podcasts for Web Developers

This one got to be entirely dedicated to our developer friends. Web development is one field amongst many others that is seeing a boom in terms of advancements, and number of people becoming the part of the industry. To not only stay instead make a mark in the field of development one needs to ensure to stay in loop to stay informed about the latest developments, trends and other things.

What could be the smart way out to stay posted then? We suggest podcast subscriptions. Podcast is one of the smartest way to stay tuned in, keep yourself informed and aware of the news. There are different best podcasts that web developers can subscribe to. While some channels come in audio there are many others that come with videos.

While commuting to and fro in between office and home, you can check these podcasts on your smartphone or tablet. For now, we will not be sparing more words instead begin with the list of podcasts that all you web developers should suggestively subscribe to.

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1. OnTheGrid

OnTheGrid features Matt McInerney, Andy Mangold, and Dan Auer discussing about design fundamentals and principles. The weekly episodes are simply superb. You can subscribe through iTunes, RSS, or follow their SoundCloud channel.


2. TheBuildUp

Hosted by Bobby Solomon and MediaTemple, TheBuildUp podcast brings before you the conversation on topics varying from designs, typography, art, news and technology.


3. Boagworld

Every Thursday Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington are joined by a variety of guests to discuss a range of web design related topics and all you get to know everything about the discussion here at Boagworld.


4. User Interface Engineering

User Interface Engineering (UIE) is a consulting firm that specializes in web user interface and usability.


5. ShopTalk Show

Here you get to check out the live shows organized to increase your know how. This is one of the most popular web design podcasts that is hosted by Chris Coyier of CSS-Tricks and Dave of Paravel. It invites an expert in various fields to talk to. As of now the number of episodes that are up is around 100.


6. Drafts

Drafts by Giovanni DiFeterici and Gene Crawford is a show that talks about online stuff like latest web design trends, concepts, web standards, and technicalities about crafting websites. The episodes are of mere 15-minute but cover everything promised.


7. The Big Web Show

Hosted by Jeffrey Zeldman, The Big Web Show covers topics ranging from show covers web design, typography, web publishing and many other similar things.


8. Responsive Web Design Podcast

Co-hosted by Karen McGrane and Ethan Marcotte, Responsive Web Design Podcast is a place where you get to read the interviews done by Karen and Ethan. The interviews are done of people who make responsive redesigns happen.


9. The East Wing

The East Wing is a podcast that is hosted by Tim Smith. Beside the recorded podcasts, here you will get to enjoy the show through livestreaming. The podcast is available through iTunes, RSS feed and Pocket Casts.


10. The Web Ahead

This is a podcast that is hosted by Jen Simmons. Here you will get to check out the interviews of invited experts like Paul Irish, Eric Meyer, and Ethan Marcotte. This is your shortcut to keeping up.


11. Open Web Developers Podcast

Open Web Developers Podcast is a web development inspiration an open web developers podcast. Marc Grabanski interviews all types of developers who build inspiring things on the web.


12. The Changelog

The Changelog is a member supported blog, which sends in weekly newsletter and podcast that covers the intersection of software development and open source.


13. This Developer’s Life

Initiated by Rob Conery and Scott Hanselman, This Developer’s life is a podcast resource that take a personal and sometimes emotional look into the lives of web developers from across the globe.


14. Hanselminutes Podcast

Hanselminutes Podcast by Scott Hanselman comes with a tagline ‘Fresh Air for Developers’. Scott ensures to bring on prestigious guests for each episode and discuss their work as to how it is influencing the world of technology and development.


15. Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots

Giant Robots Smashing Into Other Giant Robots by Ben Orenstein is a podcast that is ideal place for getting an insight into the latest news and opinions on programming development, business, and technology.


16. Herding Code

Herding Code by John Galloway is a podcast where the host discusses various elements of coding from Node.js and Clojure to broader subjects like security and identity. The episodes vary in time duration.


That’s all for now. We hope you like all the best podcasts for web developers. Leave your comments below to have your say.

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