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Web design and development is a challenging space, with clients asking for more and more features and competitors around every corner. As a web professional, you need to be constantly updated with the latest news and trends to stay ahead and remain relevant to your customers. Here at DevZum, our one and only goal is to provide you with that information, whether it’s the latest jQuery plug-in you haven’t heard of, the easiest to use AngularJS tool out there or the best design mockup ideas.

We are working hard to gain your trust and readership, so feel free to give us any suggestions via our contact page.



Are you a blogger or marketer looking to publish an article on DevZum.com? You have a ton of ideas to share and love writing about web design and development? You’ve come to the write place.

DevZum.com is currently accepting submissions for Showcase posts, Tutorials, Reviews and other interesting articles related to web design, technology and web development.

Besides the above, we are generally looking for articles that are useful or interesting to our readers. If you have something to submit, let us know and our editors will decide if it will work on the site.


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