12 Essential Cheat Sheets for Developers

The world of the Internet is quite an interesting place to be a part of! The main reason of the occurrence is the fact that it allows you the freedom to create and execute something that simply cannot exist in the real world. The main reference goes to the fact that websites that are spread all over the internet is very much like a vast encyclopedia that is encircled by a single frame. Every single website has a design of its own, a unique identity and a unique name that separates them just like the topics separated in an Encyclopedia. All of this that you see every day and surf through along the entire length lot the day is the creation of a mind who spends hours and hours of time designing it!

According to the notion of simple common sense, it is a fact that a design is created by a designer for sure and it does take quite some brains for the creation. Well, then in the case of designing it can very truly be said about the designers and the developers that they do deserve a lot of credit for the creation. The important fact is that you should not be underestimating the caliber of designing when it comes to stressing you out. It is surely true that many designers sit on comfortable seats when doing their work of creation but it seriously puts a lot of pressure on the brains. This is precisely the point where the Cheat Sheets come in handy for designers and developers.

The prime question that will strike you is what is a cheat sheet? Well, Cheat Sheets are also known as ‘Crib Sheets’. Speaking quite frankly, since it is not the work of any random person to design something digital; similarly it is also not an easy job to create different codes every time for the same functions. This is the place where the Cheat Codes actually help the designers. Cheat Codes contain blocks of generalized codes in different languages that are used for the creation of the design. Since the act of designing is a highly chronological work, it often becomes important to be precise in the general structure of the coding. That is why most of the designers look to follow the Cheat Sheet or the Crib sheets to follow the structure and in this way ensure that they maintain the best quality of the design that they create. So, To make the things more clear we are going to enlist up some useful cheat sheets for developers.

1) Cheat Sheet – Ruby



2) Cheat Sheet – bootstrap



3) Cheat Sheet – jquery



4) Cheat Sheet – mootools



5) Cheat Sheet – PHP



6) Cheat Sheet – Python



7) Cheat Sheet – mySql



8) Cheat Sheet – Django



9) Cheat Sheet – WordPress Coding 



10) Cheat Sheet – YUI



11) Cheat Sheet – scriptaculous


Screen shot 2014-01-17 at 12.42.53 PM

12) cheat-sheets –asp-vbscript


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