14 Essential JavaScript Audio Libraries for Web Developers

Web designing is probably one of the most interesting fields to be a part of presently. The sector has an opportunity for all kinds of people with some or no knowledge as well. The best feature is that you can learn to be a master with the course of time and practice. When it comes to this field, Google is probably the best teacher and at the same time it will also judge you without being biased. Designing is not all about hardcore stuffs like extensive coding for creation of applications or some logical application of the programming languages. It is more like a mix of creativity coupled with logical codes which enables you to develop something that you can term as beautiful.

In the field of web designing, there are great opportunities to play around with the tools that you have. Interestingly, the main reason for the existence of specific developers is the fact that not everybody possesses the knowledge of logical coding and neither all posses the art of creativity. Thus, in this scenario, it is fair enough to say that with the best opportunities the person who possess both the skill, has the greater chance of succeeding in the field than anybody else.  The important thing that one needs to realize now is one human or let me say that one person cannot have all the qualities at one time. This is why we are in need of development from the perspective of the main coding languages as well. What this means is that the better and updates snippets and tools to help the developers. A part of development there is also a huge amount of need in the field of something new like let’s say audio effects.

Frankly speaking, the addition of audio effects to a website can be of great use as this is still in one of the development phases as far as the best developers have gone. Now the people who love designing with JavaScript have the facility to play with this feature of the audio can prove to be a huge boost to the arena of web designing.  This is probably one of the newest  and the coolest additions to the region of web designing and there is no doubt about the fact that this is here to stay for the longer period of the game.


1) JavaScript Audio Library –  Buzz

Buzz is a small but powerful Javascript library that allows you to easily take advantage of the new HTML5 audio element. It degrades silently on non-modern browsers.


2) JavaScript Audio Library – Timbre js

Timbre.js provides a functional processing and synthesizing audio in your web apps with modern JavaScript’s way like jQuery or node.js. It has many T-Object (formally: Timbre Object) that connected together to define the graph-based routing for overall audio rendering.


3) JavaScript Audio Library – jPlayer



4) JavaScript Audio Library – Annyang

Annyang is a tiny javascript library that lets your visitors control your site with voice commands. Annyang supports multiple languages, has no dependencies, weighs just 2kb and is free to use.


5) JavaScript Audio Library – Sound Manager 2

With the help of  HTML5 and Flash functionality, SoundManager 2 provides reliable cross-platform audio under a single JavaScript API.


6) JavaScript Audio Library – Plivo

Plivo WebSDK allows you to make and receive calls using Plivo applications directly from any web browser. They provide a web SDK and with the help of  SDK you can create applications like Click to Call, Conferencing Apps and even Webphones.


7) JavaScript Audio Library – SoundJS

SoundJs is Javascript library that provides a very simple API, and powerful features to make working with audio a breeze.


8) JavaScript Audio Library – jWebAudio

Web Audio seeks to process and synthesize audio in web applications. jWebAudio keeps the technical details of Web Audio under the hood and makes it easier to control your audio.


9) JavaScript Audio Library – ION Sound


10) Howler js – Modern Web Audio Javascript Library


11) JavaScript Audio Library – Fifer js



12) JavaScript Audio Library – Twilio js

Twilio.js allows you to establish audio connections between a web browser and a Twilio Application. This means you can open inbound and outbound audio connections to Twilio for building soft phones, walkie-talkies, conference calls, click-to-talk systems, and more, all from the browser.


13) JavaScript Audio Library – Audiolet



14) JavaScript Audio Library – Pitch js



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