15 Best HTML & CSS Frameworks for Web Designers

One of the most complex and time-consuming tasks of this technological age is creating an effective website. There are few matters more mentally involved than that of professional web design. It’s a complicated career and demands a perfect combination of HTML as well as CSS frameworks, each playing a vital role in saving valuable time and effort while allowing for the addition of special features.

Given that the most efficient frameworks provide a solid foundation for website design while providing profound features to improve functionality and performance, the look and design of a website relies almost exclusively on the chosen framework tool. Providing the ability to modify your site at will, using CSS frameworks to create appealing and efficient websites has become the rule rather than the exception. With that said, check out 14 of the best HTML and CSS frameworks available.

1). CSS Framework-GUMBY 


Gumby is a framework that comes loaded with useful features. The prebuilt design and familiar interface play a major role in its ability to help users create the best website possible. What’s more, it’s a cinch to customize and create your own grid following the usage of this interface.


Featuring a unique web design technique, the Semantic UI Framework creates a language designed for sharing on the user interface and allows designers to work with 3D animation and a variety of other features. All of these elements play a huge part in helping to create valuable websites. It’s also important to note that this is one of the easier frameworks to learn to use.



An ideal tool for designing an array of websites that are simultaneously flexible, responsive and accessible, this framework offers a useful collection of typical features to help users create websites. Moreover, this particular framework carries a good AJAX, which ensures effective visual development.

4). CSS Framework- BLUEPRINT 

Another great tool to help with the management of various web design projects, Blueprint Framework provides a firm foundation complete with forms, style sheets and easy to use typography. This is an excellent framework for those who are executing complex web designs.

5). CSS Framework- TOAST 


One of the best and easiest web design frameworks available over the web, Toast helps users create simple layouts with the option of adding padding and borders with minimal effort.

6). HTML & CSS Framework- BOOTSTRAP 


Bootstrap is the most widely used CSS, HTML and JS framework online. A great number of web designers use this framework for developing websites with rich features that are responsive on mobile devices.

7). Web Framework- KUBE 


An adaptive and responsive tool that plays a major part in making the process of web design easier, this tool supports everything needed in order to design a great website quickly and easily.

8). Framework- COLUMNAL 


An efficient CSS grid system with a bit of custom code involved, Columnal is a framework that offers a variety of special features for quick and easy web design.

9). CSS Framework- PURE 

An effective web design tool that features a set of small, responsive CSS modules for use in virtually all web design projects, Pure framework delivers quicker and more effective results when compared to similar frameworks.

10). HTML/ CSS Framework- CLANK

An efficient tool used for prototyping phone or tablet applications, Clank uses the CSS pre-processor while promoting speedy development for mobile and tablet devices.

11). HTML & CSS Framework- 52FRAMEWORKS 

Designed for HTML5 and CSS3 users, this tool works through Javascript to offer Form Framework with HTML5 Validation for web designers.

12). HTML5 Framework- MONTAGEJS


A modern fronted HTML5 framework that supports creating single-page applications quickly, MontageJS uses time-tested design patterns as well as software principles, which ultimately allows users to create a modular architecture for projects while delivering a high quality user experience.



Boilerplate is a great tool to use for creating robust, adaptable websites and applications.



As a tool that provides HTML5, CSS and javascript building blocks, Kickstart promotes rapid production of an array of websites.

Overall, for those who are seeking the best HTML and CSS frameworks, this list is an excellent start. Feel free to try any and all of these until you find the one that best resonates with you and your working style.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2014 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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