10 Essential JavaScript Tools Developers Must know About

As the many web developers have already started working together to develop some real piece of softwares or applications which provide the flexibility to the newbies in many ways like it becomes much easier to find mistakes from their written code & the most important factor is that they can create well optimized code for developing some great web pages. For development tools or applications, one need to think efficiently in many aspects so that they achieve maximum utilization of already written material instead of writing the same code for each and every function. Because writing the same line of code for every function not only increase the size of application, but also becomes difficult to manage and find errors.

Now,  This trend of utilizing resources becomes more popular day by day and almost every language started following this simple rule. JavaScript, which is the dynamic computer programming language, and commonly used as a part of web browsers whose implementation allow client side script to interact with users as well as web browsers.  JavaScript is multi-paradigm and object oriented language which allows JavaScript developers to so some needful work. To make this task of using this language more simple and extent its uses JavaScript developers build some tools which makes this language more useful.

There are a lot of JavaScript libraries available for different kind of tasks easily, But you will rarely find a JavaScript developer who does not use any tools to manage its code. Instead of creating some text effects, JavaScript has proved itself that it has the capability to be taken as seriously. Just to make the things more clear, our today’s compilation is some super useful tools for JavaScript developers which are worth checking & provide extra stability of performing various operation with it.

1) Javascript Tool – Radiapp


2)JavaScript Tool –  Yep Nope js

Yepnope provides a best API that helps to execute your code in the fastest way.  JavaScript and CSS resources also supported via Yepnope and loads them asynchronously and in parallel.


3) JavaScript Tool – Countablejs

Countable is a JavaScript function to add live paragraph, word and character counting to an HTML element. Countable is a zero-dependency library.


4) JavaScript Tool –  Micro js



5) JavaScript Tool –  Js Hint



6) JavaScript Tool –  Heat Map js

Heatmap.js is an open source JavaScript library that can be used for generating realtime heatmaps.  It uses the power and flexibility of the HTML5 canvas element to draw heatmaps based on your data


7) JavaScript Tool – Converse js

Converse.js is an open source and powerful chat client for your websites and integrated browsers.


8) JavaScript Tool – Modernizr

Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects HTML5 and CSS3 features in the user’s browser. new web technologies is great fun, until you have to support browsers that lag behind. Modernizr makes it easy for you to write conditional JavaScript and CSS to handle each situation, whether a browser supports a feature or not. It’s perfect for doing progressive enhancement easily.


9) JavaScript Tool –  Hitch js



10) JavaScript Tool – Squel js


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