Top 8 Debugging Tools for PHP Programmers

Web development is not a easy task, there are so many server side scripting language are available for programmers but now a day one scripting language is going to most popular among programmers with its additional features called PHP. PHP is one of most powerful sever side scripting language designed for web development and also normally use for programming.

It has tools such as testing and optimization tools, documentation tools, code editors, security tools and also supported frameworks and online tools. That’s why this language connect a huge number of developers in short time. Tools always helps to make their development process simple and more effective.

Today we round up with some PHP debugging tools for developers. Debugging Tools play the important role in development, your code may involve a ton of lines and these line may have errors, these tools are help to search out error and debug theme easily.



1) Best PHP Debugging Tool –  Pinba

Pinba is open source MySQL storage engine and its main goal is to help web developers to  monitor all performance of your PHP script. This tool acts as a realtime monitoring server for PHP sunning MySQL.



2) Best PHP Debugging Tool – PHP Dyn

This is one of the amazing extension that help to debugging PHP script. Its provide the facilities such as can get execution trace of script and all. Also a open source tool for PHP coders.


Best PHP debuggin Tool - php-dyn

3) Best PHP Debugging Tool – Kint

This one is another best way to debugging PHP script amazingly. Kint is easy to use, powerful and customizable tool for PHP web developers.


Best PHP debugging Tools  - kint

4) Best PHP Debugging Tool – PHP MD

PHPMD, tool works perfectly to get source code and find the error from this. Any kind of errors can solved easily with its limited set of defined rules.


Best PHP Debugging tool - phpmd

5) Best PHP Debugging Tool –  PHP Debug Bar

PHP Debug Bar is another one excellent tool for you projects and can display data from any pst of web applications.


Best PHP Debugging tool - phpdebugbar

6) Best PHP Debugging Tool – Whoops

This is the more effective library that helps developers to build and maintain their projects more better. Whoops, is open source tools have great feature for programmers.


Best PHP Debugging Tool - whoops

7) Best PHP Debugging Tool – Xdebug

Xdebug is extension for PHP users, have different kind of updates every time with advance features.


Best PHP Debugging Tool - xdebug

8) Best PHP Debugging Tool – Krumo

Krumo is great example of debugging tool, which display structure information about any PHP variable.


Best PHP Debugging Tool - krumo

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