22 Best Adobe Photoshop Plugins for Designers

May it be photo editing, photo finishing, or designing, the time is gone when we used to rely on the pen, pencils and paper, for all this. All we need today is a computer system equipped with acceptable hardware specifications, and Adobe Photoshop installed in it! Photoshop is a paid software from Adobe Corporation, and is the most widely used apps, for the availability of countless options, solving almost all your imaging and designing purposes. May it be editing photographs, or designing a website PDF, or designing banners for your new website. With photoshop, there is no limit!

One really great fact, that makes Photoshop so useful and unique, is the availability of plugins. There are hundreds of pre-installed photoshop plugins,  but if you feel like you need more than what it has, you can install third party plugins too. These third party plugins are directly installed using the installer package provided with the plugin, by the developer of that particular plugin. These plugins may be paid, may be free, or on trial basis too. So, if there’s a paid plugin, you can try it out, and if you like it during the trial period, you can but it permanently too!

The number of plugins available on the web are in thousands, And choosing between them is not an easy task for you. You might be having a separate purpose for  your work, and the fact that there are so many plugins for each of your purpose, it confuses  you!  We have prepared a list of the best 22 photoshop  plugins, based on each of their purpose. You can choose the one accordingly, and download it, buy it or try it! This list will reduce your job of finding the right plugin out of the great range.

1) Web Zap

WebZap is a plugin that provides Photoshop with additional tools and functionalities that are designed to assist web developers with their mockup and ui design workflow.


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - webzap

2) Cut and Slice

Cut and slice is a free photoshop plugins for Use Cut&Slice me to export your assets to different devices in seconds.  Cut&Slice me cuts and exports them in png format trimming the pixels you don´t need, or let you can specify the size you want. Or you can export all states of your buttons in the blink of an eye.


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - cutnslice

3) CSS Hat

CSS Hat turns Photoshop layer styles to CSS3. Instantly.

Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - csshat

4) Flaticon

This is another excellent free photoshop plugin for designers. Use the FlatIcon plugin to quickly find the icons you need for your design, without leaving your working environment.


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - flaticon

5) Skeuomorphism


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - skeuomorphism

6) Perfect Resize

Get the highest quality image enlargements with Perfect Resize, which features Genuine Fractals® technology—patented, fractal-based interpolation algorithms—that quickly enlarge your images without the loss of sharpness or detail that you might normally expect. Relied on by industry professionals, you too can create high quality enlargements easily and showcase your images at their best—even those taken with your mobile device!


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - perfect-resize

7) CSS3 PS

CSS3Ps – free cloud based photoshop plugin that converts your layers to CSS3.


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - css3ps

8) Effects Free

Perfect Effects 8 Free Edition gives you the best way to add subtle to striking effects to your photos instantly or take complete creative control and transform your images into uniquely stylized images.


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - free-effects

9) CSS Positions for Sprites


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014  - css-position

10) filterforge

Filter Forge is a versatile Photoshop plugin which lets both novice and expert users create a wide variety of realistic and abstract textures and effects. Users can take instant advantage of over 10101 free community-created filters in the online filter library, or create their own filters in the visual filter editor by assembling them from components such as blurs, gradients, color adjustments, noises, distortions, or blends – without writing a single line of code.


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - filterforge

11) Subtle Patterns

Imagine the immense library from Subtle Patterns, fed directly into your Photoshop panel – always in sync! It’s finally possible with our plugin for Adobe Photoshop.


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - subtel-patteren

12) Pixel Dropr


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - pixceldror

13) Super PNG

SuperPNG is a free Adobe Photoshop plug-in for using PNG (“ping”) files. It has more comprehensive support for the format than Photoshop’s included plug-in and provides control over alpha channel handling.


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - superpng

14) Adobe Kuler

Find color inspiration anywhere. Kuler® is a cloud-based application for making color themes using an iPhone or your browser. Capture colors from a mural, garden, or wherever you happen to be.


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - Adobe’s-Kuler

15) Virtual Photographer


vP Wolf

16) Wire Worm

This little plugin will help you remove wires and other unwanted objects from your images. There are, of course, other tools to achieve this goal, e.g. the good old clone stamp or the healing brush, besides a number of dedicated plugins and applications (see below).

Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - wirewormgui

17) Guide Guide


Best Free Adobe Photoshop Plugins 2014 - guide

18) Tych Panel

The ultimate diptych, triptych & ntych automation tool for Photoshop

best free adobe photoshop plugins 2014 - tychpanel

19) Sinedots


20) NKS5 Natural Media Toolkit


21) webfontplugin

The Photoshop® Web Font Plug-in lets you design with the same web fonts you will use to “go live.


best free adobe photoshop plugins 2014 - webfontplugin

22) magic-bullet-photo-looks

Whether you’re warming up a portrait or adding cool practical lighting, Magic Bullet PhotoLooks 2 will change the way you approach color in photography. It starts out very simple, with new color treatments that instantly set the emotion of your photo.



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