5 Best Books for Every IT Leader 2014

Information technology is the largest industry, when we talk today, in the 21st century. We are totally dependent on computers and Internet for all your day to day functioning. IT is an industry, which has been providing the most employement to the people around the world, because of the amazing number of job profiles available. IT jobs may be classified, as the core developers, the designers, the managers, etc. And, an IT Leader, is a person, who even manages the managers. An IT leader doesn’t only need management skills, but also requires Technical skills to succeed, and provide, what the client desires.

An IT leader is a person, who is a doer, and implements decisions quickly, and provides with the results. He is not just a speaker, but also does, what he says.  Not just a doer, an IT leader is a person, who is self aware of the facts and figures too, to take care of the client needs, as well as the comfort level of the employees. He knows, what is right, what is wrong, what is feasible, and what will be easily available, and what will be not. IT leaders continue to learn, and grow. They are always looking to learn new stuff, and also train the employees with the same, to take care of all types of client needs, and to promote company growth. Accompanied by Good communication skills, it is not easy to be a perfect IT leader, and requires some training and counseling.

If you, consider yourself to be an IT Leader, there might be many good, as well as worse traits in you, that are affecting the company efficiency, in any way. You must take inspirations from the seniors, and you can easily get it from what they write, and share. Here is a list of 5 Ebooks, that every IT Leader, must read, to reach an even better level in the profession, and learn, and grow.

1) Accelerate Building Strategic Agility for a Faster Moving World



2) Thanks for the Feedback Douglas Stone



3) The Un-Bossy Boss Powerful Questions eBook



4) The Hard Thing About Hard Things



5) Leaders Eat Last


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