8 Best Open Source e-Learning CMS

Gone is the time, when the learning and schooling process used to be bound to textbooks, and notebooks, which was obviously, hard to understand, and learn from. Textbooks are boring, and this is a fact, that everyone agrees to. We prefer watching a movie, rather than reading a whole book, for the fact, it is more entertaining, easier to understand, and more enjoyable. E-Learning is the new hype in the education. E-learning is the process of providing Education over IT, using the means of electronic multimedia, like audio, text, images, video, etc, which produces an immense learning and enjoyable atmosphere in the person, trying to learn. E-Learning is carried out, out of the classroom itself. This promotes a greater level of distance learning, for the people, who can’t afford their time and circumstances to be attending lectures, or living near a university. It is a self paced, and asynchronous process of learning.

The internet is a free space, and was basically defined as an Open source platform, where everyone could update and change, according to the rising need. And today, back in 2014, we have the trend of open source platforms back in the trend. E-Learning also has the integration of Open source platforms today.  A good Open source E-Learning platform should be able to provide:

  • Centralize and automate administration
  • Use self-service and self-guided services
  • Assemble and deliver learning content rapidly
  • Consolidate training initiatives on a scalable web-based platform
  • Support portability and standards
  • Personalize content and enable knowledge reuse


There is a lot of Open source E-Learning platforms available on the web, providing really competent features, making it really difficult to choose between, and choosing the perfect one for you.  Here is a list of some of the best Open source E-Learning Platforms, that you, or your university can use, and get those perfect results.


1) eFront Learning

efront is one of the best learning management system with great functionalities and tools as create, assess, analyze, collaborate and also offered as a standalone platform which you can deploy on your own servers.


best open source elearning CMS - efront

2) Moodle

moodle is another excellent open sources elearning platform where educators can create their websites filed with dynamic courses that extend learning over the internet anytime, anywhere. Its presents features as easy to use interface, amazing dashboard, great tools and activities, tex editor, track progress, notifications and much more.


best open source elearning CMS - moodle

3) Ilias

Ilias is another great open sources learning application.


best open source elearning CMS- illias

4) Dokeos

Dokeos manager is great learning management system. It discover the Dokes elearning suite –

Create online training courses

Follow the progress of your course participants

Integrate your own existing content

Connect to Dokeos on all devices

No installation required


best open source elearning CMS - dokeos

5) Sakai

Sakai provides offers a learning management system that contains some great functionalities as performance improvements, updates security improvements, Resources and tools and security, etc.


best open source elearning CMS-sakai

6) Claroline

Claroline is an Open Source software to easily deploy a dedicated learning and online collaboration platform.


best open source elearning CMS-claroline

7) Atutor

ATutor is a FREE Open Source LMS, used to develop online courses and create eleaning content. A wide range of features ensure assistive technology users can participate fully in learner, instructor, and administrative activities.


best open source elearning CMS-atutor

8) Olat

We at OLAT are passionate about Learning and Training! OLAT (Online Learning and Training) is an Open Source LMS (Learning Management System) tailored to the needs of Universities and Higher Education institutions.


best open source elearning CMS-olat

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