12 Best HTML5 Animation Tools for 2015

HTML5 is the universal web programming language for awesome! Practically every browser uses it, and HTML5 supports the most advanced design elements, including audio, video, animations and much more. Because of these outstanding capabilities, HTML5 is the premier way to design and develop websites, apps, and more. While there are several HTML5 animation tools available, not all tools are created equal. Continue reading to learn about 12 must-have tools for 2015.

1. Purple Composer

Previously known as the Purple Animator, the Purple Composer allows you to create highly attractive HTML5 animations easily. With this tool, you can create Flash Output, Kindle Fire, and Android animations to be viewed across several devices.

2. Mixeek

As a free software tool, Mixeek is excellent for designing and executing interactive web applications and animations. It’s a lightweight alternative to other paid popular tools and is entirely based on CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - mixeek

3. Animate

Animate allows to you to design expressive animated content without stress. You can even implement interactivity and motion to your current HTML templates and layouts.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - animate

4. HTML5 Maker

One of the coolest features of HTML5 Maker is it supports all of the most popular text filters, which prevents you from having to use Photoshop to generate attractive content. It includes a wide array of images that that can be manipulated for a jaw-dropping effect. You can also use the internal tools to gain full control of your animations.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - html5maker

5. Hippo Studios

While many tools are powerful and difficult to learn, Hippo Studios Animator is powerful and easy to use. Whether you are a bigger or an expert, you’ll be creating excellent animation in no time with the help of insightful tutorials. You can even customize the appearance with light and dark interfaces.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - hippostudio

6. Mugeda

Instead of creating attractive animations for a single platform, Mugeda allows you to do much more. Mugeda’s professional services and products allows you to generate and distribute HTML5 animated content for smart phones, PCs, tablets, and even smart TVs.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - mugeda

7. TweenJS

Get the best of both worlds with Tween.JS. This simple but powerful interface supports CSS style properties and numeric object properties. You can quickly chain actions and tweens together to create highly complex sequences.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - tweetjs

8. Tumult Hype

Infuse animation into your content for outstanding results with Tumult Hype’s key frame-based system. When you get started, simply click “Record,” and this tool will monitor your every move to create key frames as needed.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - tumult

9. Radi

Designed for today’s modern web, Radi allows you to infuse animation, video, and real time graphics for stunning results. Best of all, you can enjoy all of the perks of HTML5 without learning to code. This tool is designed from the ground up to help users of all skill levels design content that takes full advantage of the coolest features of HTML5.

Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - radiapp


With BLKSY, you can use everything you have learned in other animation tools to quickly produce stellar content. It combines the power of JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 without unnecessary plug-ins.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - blysk

11. Animatron

Animatron is a powerful and simple online tool that creates enchanting HTML5 banners, info graphics, and mobile-friendly animations that will play everywhere. Best of all, Animatron is very simple to use.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - animation

12. Modernizr

Since everyone uses a different browser, Modernizer allows you to deliver tiered experiences to users. Modernizer is essentially a collection of lightening fast tests that run as the web pages load. You can then use the results to optimize it for the best user experience.


Best Free HTML5 Animation Tools 2014 - modernizr

Today, you do not need years of experience to create highly attractive and engaging animation. Find out more about some of the top animation tools here.

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