10 Best JavaScript Libraries for 2014

Javascript – this language is client side scripting and dynamic computer programming language. specially implemented for web browsers that allows to interact with the users, control the browser and much more. For the game development and the creation of desktop and mobile applications, this language can be used as server side programming language. Today we are going to share best JavaScript libraries for 2014. This is the best collection of javascript libraries for beginners advanced developers with multiple great features like Js Widget, multi-touch gesture, mouse trap and many more.

Visit this list for get and make improve your knowledge about javascript libraries. And this list has some best libraries for javascript users.


1) JavaScript Libraries –  Headroom.js

Headroom.js is a lightweight, high-performance JS widget (with no dependencies!) that allows you to react to the user’s scroll. The header on this site is a living example, it slides out of view when scrolling down and slides back in when scrolling up.



2) JavaScript Libraries – Hammer.js

Hammer is a javascript library for multi-touch gestures.


3) JavaScript Librarie – Type Rendering



4) JavaSript Libraries-  Mouse Trap

A simple library for handling keyboard shortcuts in Javascript. Mousetrap is a standalone library with no external dependencies. It weighs in at around 1.9kbminified and gzipped and 3.5kb minified.


5) JavaScript Librarie – Switchery

Switchery is a simple component that helps you turn your default HTML checkbox inputs into beautiful iOS 7 style switches in just few simple steps. You can easily customize switches, so that they match your design perfectly.


6) JavaScript Librarie – Yeoman



7) JavaScript Librarie – Mathjs

Math.js is an extensive math library for JavaScript and Node.js. It features a flexible expression parser and offers an integrated solution to work with numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, units, and matrices. Powerful and easy to use.


  • Supports numbers, big numbers, complex numbers, units, strings, arrays, and matrices.
  • Is compatible with JavaScript’s built-in Math library.
  • Contains a flexible expression parser.
  • Supports chained operations.
  • Comes with a large set of built-in functions and constants.
  • Has no dependencies. Runs on any JavaScript engine.
  • Is easily extensible.


8) JavaScript Libraire – Morris.js



9) JavaScript Librarie –  Planetary js



10) JavaScript Librarie –  Metroui



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