10 Fresh Frameworks for Web Developers

Web designers or developers are always looking to automate their routine work, whether they are building web applications or developing a new web site they always try to complete the work as soon as possible and with efficiency. For this reason they like to use frameworks while developing the web apps or web sites because creating the same type of code over and over again consumes a lot of time as well as effort. Thanks to all those frameworks present in the market, which helps to do the task easily and well on time.

A lot of useful frameworks can be easily found on the internet as a lot of web developers are continuously developing new frameworks on every single day. A framework is nothing but a software application which helps to create dynamic websites quickly with efficiency. Today, We have listed some of the best and fresh frameworks for developers in this post. I hope you will love these fresh frameworks because it helps you in many ways. Just go through these and let us know which framework do you like the most and for what reasons in the comments section.

1) Pakyow

Pakyow is and open source framework with advanced features that help designers and developers for building modern web applications. This is the very simple way to create web based software faster than any other framework.

fresh and useul framework for web developers - pakyow

2) GStreamer

Gstreamer is another excellent open source multimedia framework that contains multiplatform, comprehensive core library, plugin Architecture, and extensive development tools.

fresh and useul framework for web developers - gstreamer

3) Qt Project

This is the cross-platform UI frameworks for web developers that uses C++ or QML, CSS and javascript languages also provide cloud services that connect applications backend features to Qt applications.

fresh and useul framework for web developers - qtproject

4) Enyojs

Enyo is a framework for web designs for building native-quality HTML5 apps for all major platforms, from phone and tablets to PC and TVs.

fresh and useul framework for web developers - enyojs

5) Kivy

Kivy is a open sources python library for developers that help you to build applications with innovative user interface. This is cross platform can run on LInus, Windows, OS X, Android, iOS also for free to use.

fresh and useul framework for web developers - kivy


Famous is free, open source javascript framework for build smooth, clean & complex user interface for your device screen.

fresh and useul framework for web developers - famous

7) Grails

Grails is open source web application framework for JVM. It takes advantage of the Groovy programming language and convention over configuration to provide a productive and stream-lined development experience.

fresh and useul framework for web developers - grails

8) Kickoff

Kickoff is lightweight front-end framework with advanced features for creating scalable, responsive websites.

fresh and useul framework for web developers - kickoff

9) Spring

Sprig for building simple, portable , fast & flexible JVM based applications that can run anywhere. Spring provides an open programming model that is comprehensive, widely understood and well supported.

fresh and useul framework for web developers - spring

10) Wx Widgets

WxWidgets is a C++ library that lets developers create applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms with a single code base. It has popular language bindings for Python, Perl, Ruby and many other languages, and unlike other cross-platform toolkits


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