Top 10 Best CDN Services for WordPress Users

Content Delivery Network or simply CDN can be very beneficial for the improvement of user experience as well as for increasing page speed along with image optimization and caching. The prime focus of using this network for servers is to serve the huge files including, image, vide, style-sheets like CSS and jQuery files from the server that is close to the users. CDN network basically focuses on cutting cost on your bandwidth and to increase page speed your business website and improving user experience at large.

So, if you are concerned about accelerating the speed of your website and to optimize the bejesus of your website like minified CSS, smushed image, Javascript and to set up caching plugin, then it is the time to opt for CDN or content delivery network services or cloud solutions. However, selecting a CDN for your website can be tricky indeed as there are a wide variety of options available, making it difficult for you to find the best.

Choosing the right CDN greatly depends on the popularity of the site and your specific needs. Below are some of the most popular CDN. Also share your views with us.

1) Cloudinary

best CDN services for wordpress Users  - clounairy

This is specifically for images and it is available for free. Now you can easily upload images from your server, mobile apps, and client’s browsers to Cloudinary. All the uploaded files will be stored safely with revision history and secure backups. It allows you to store up to 50000 images at a time as it offer 1GB bandwidth per month. Users can also enjoy automatic caching and image optimization with worldwide CDN based delivery.

2) Amazon CloudFront 

best CDN services for wordpress Users  - amazon

Amazon offers a cloud based solution for free which is referred as Amazon CloudFront that amalgamates with all other Amazon web services so as to offer businesses and developers an easiest and safest way to disburse content to end-users. It offers you to enjoy high data transfer speed and no restriction for minimum usage commitments.

3) HighWinds

best CDN services for wordpress Users  - highwind

The powerful GDN and CDN service, HighWinds perfectly supports HTTP caching, Load Balancing and SSL delivery. It is basically known for its lowest HTTP response time, thus making it the most powerful and fastest CDN service available today. Owing to its highest throughput, now the video content will instigate faster and will preserve a better connection.

4) Cloud Flare

best CDN services for wordpress Users  -cloudfare

This CDN service comprises the finest assortment of tools for website performance and security. Despite of the platform choice, any business website with own domain can make use of CloudFlare. It has the potential to modify the delivery of your webpage automatically, thus increasing the performance and speed of the page and reducing load time. It also blocks the threats and restricts the abusive bots which are responsible for wasting server resources bandwidth greatly.

5) CDN.net

best CDN services for wordpress Users - cdn.net

CDN.net is basically known for offering highest CDN bandwidth for free which is over 1TB. The bandwidth offered is more than enough for any business website with moderate images and traffic. It allows you to host your content in more than 110 cities and 43 countries, thus helping you to enrich the web performance for international as well as for national customers.

6) proCDN

best CDN services for wordpress Users  - procdn

This proCDN ( Content Delivery Network)  makes your static content fly. Global distribution delivers your sites faster, all while lowering server load and increasing performance.

7) Coral CDN

best CDN services for wordpress Users - coralcdn

CoralCDN is a free and open content distribution network based around peer-to-peer technologies, comprised of a world-wide network of web proxies and nameservers.

 8) Incapsula

best CDN services for wordpress Users  - incapsula

Incapsula Secure your website against all types of DDoS attacks – )including network, application and DNS targeted attacks) and provides websites security, Load balancing & failover.

9) CDNify

best CDN services for wordpress Users - cdnify

We built CDNify to make the process of accelerating and scaling your website or app simple & intuitive.

10) keycdn

best CDN services for wordpress Users  - keycdn

KeyCDN is a powerful and easy to use Content Delivery Network (CDN) made to satisfy your needs!  Speed up your games, software delivery, advertisements, CMS, websites and many more.

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