11 Best Tools to Converting HTML to PDF Easily

Web designing is a job that requires constant creativity and innovation mixed time and again, to produce wonderful new results, and build your reputation as a web designer in the market. There are thousands of designers around looking for jobs, and you always need to stand out of the crowd, to make your presence felt in the market, and be one step forward. And, one very critical problem that one faces, as an artist, as a designer, or as someone doing something creative is the piracy. Your work may get copied, altered, without your consent.

Consider that you have set up a live demo of one of your websites on your portfolio, and someone steals its scripts and uses it on his own without your consent. So, to prevent this, the designers prefer on using displaying their work as a PDF document, and not as a collection of HTML files. You display your website as a set of images and text on a PDF file, from which, it becomes merely impossible to copy.

Converting an HTML to PDF file is not an easy job. Just like the job of a designer, this also requires a professional graphic designer to implement his skills and create an exact copy of what exists in the HTML files. Hiring a designer is not at all a cheap job. Designers charge a great fortune for such jobs, and this is a task that can be automated easily. There are many pre built tools and websites which do this job for you. They produce really accurate results, and your job is getting done with, easily. Some of these tools charge some money, and some of these leave a watermark on your PDF file, but some of them do nothing of these. We have created a list of  some of these tools which will help you get through this issue of yours, and create accurate professional results to be displayed anywhere.

1) Convert HTML to PDF

Total HTML converter is the best solution to convert HTML to PDF and get best result.Total HTML Converter converts any number of HTML files in the most accurate way: the original layout is strictly preserved.Even if the file has a wrong code (some tags are missing) the program will process it automatically fixing the mistakes.

top best tools to convert HTML to PDF - html-pdf1

2) Online free Tool –  HTML to PDF Converter

This is free and one of the most popular HTML to PDF converter over the internet. You not need to make registration, its online converter for users.

top best tools to convert HTML to PDF - htmltopdf

3) Free Converter –  Web2PDF Convert

Web2PDF is a free converter that helps Internet users, website publishers and bloggers to save their content to PDF. Web2PDF Converter is fast, powerful and easy to use.

top best tools to convert HTML to PDF - web2pdf

4) PDFonFly

PDFonFly is another powerful pdf conversion service that allows you to convert you web pages and reports and images to adobe pdf files. At the moment we only offer valid urls of your html, asp, php, .Net, cgi, jsp pages and jpg / jpeg, gif, png files for conversion to pdf files.

top best tools to convert HTML to PDF - pdfonfly

5) ClicktoConvert

Click to Convert creates high quality PDF and HTML files from any document or application better than any other application. Easily convert HTML to PDF and vice versa. That have some key feature to make it more popular among users.

top best tools to convert HTML to PDF - clicktoconvert

6) Free Tool for HTML to PDF –  PDFcrowd

PDFcrowd is the free online HTML to PDF convert tool.Converting HTML to PDF in your applications with our REST API is easy. We have clients for PHP, .NET, Java, Python, Ruby, and Node.js.

top best tools to convert HTML to PDF pdfcrowd

7) Best Online Free Tool –  HTML2PDF

It’s one of the fastest and easy way to convert your web pages or HTML to PDF online.Quickly turn HTML into PDF in C#, Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, or any other programming language.

top best tools to convert HTML to PDF html2pdfconvert

8) evoPDF

EVO HTML to PDF Converter for .NET combines the powerful printer friendly PDF format with the flexibility of the HTML format into a modern tool for creating nicely formatted and easily maintainable PDF reports and documents. The built-in support for converting SVG helps to create high quality vector graphics and text rendering effects in PDF.

top best tools to convert HTML to PDF - evopdf

9) Best Tool to Convert HTMl to PDF – Princexml

PrinceXML have good space among users, its convert HTML documents to PDF an get beautiful printing with CSS.

top best tools to convert HTML to PDF - princexml

10) Great HTML to PDF Converter – Winnovative Software

Winnovative HTML to PDF Converter for .NET is a library that can be integrated in ASP.NET and MVC web sites, Azure Cloud Services, Windows Forms and WPF desktop applications to convert URLs, HTML strings and streams to PDF, to SVG or to images.

top best tools to convert HTML to PDF - winnovative

11) HiqPDF

top best tools to convert HTML to PDF - hiqpdf

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