Top 12 Best HTML5 Online Learning Resource for Designers

Online learning has been really important for web freaks. It gives proper guidance, and features an effective way to learn with least efforts. These days, many people have switched towards online learning. There used to be a time when educational resources were limited to the boundaries of a library or a university.

There were only some sources which can be used to enhance knowledge. But, internet has changed up everything, and is playing a big part in providing a perfect combo of knowledge and efficiency.

By exploring different websites, and checking some useful links, you can easily find some effective tutorials and videos related to any niche or topic. So, if you’ve been looking for some effective online learning resources, check out these points to attain great results. Have a look at them!

1) W3Schools

If you’re looking for an online learning resource, W3schools is the best option to consider. The website of this web based learning resource will provide best tools to enhance your knowledge. Here you can find tutorials and learning resources related to every major aspect of web development. It can definitely play a big part in becoming an expert in web development.


2) TutorialsPoint

Tutorials Point is the biggest online learning library having a collection of the the acclaimed tutorials on various technical and non technical subjects. It offers extensive guides for those who have keen interest to learn HTML5 and any other programming languages. If you are looking about web development I think it’s the best resource.


3) Udemy

Udemy is the top marketplace for online learning . Udemy offers paid and free courses.It offers 20,000+ course alternatives. Here you can find all kind of programming ,non-programming ,yoga to photography and much more courses.  The biggest online tutorials library having a collection of the most acclaimed tutorials on various technical and non technical subjects.


4) HTML5 Rocks



5) HTML5 Cheat Sheet

In this CheatSheet we present a printable HTML5 Cheat Sheet(PDF) ,a complete solution for elements,media queries,attributes,tags and much more. Here you will find all the tags and selectors you need.


6) Introduction to HTML5


7) HTML5 Please

HTML5 Please provide resources only for HTML5,CSS3 not for other programming language.Its the great hub for learning HTML5.


8) HTML5 Doctor

It Provide a complete list of all HTML5 elements,attributes,HTML5 Forms,and multimedia troubleshooting.HTML5 Doctor will help you understand the specification and specific elements a little more.This is the best way to learn HTML5 for new commers.


9) Mozilla HTML5

Mozilla another best place where upComing designers can learn about HTML5. They covered all the latest featured, attributes and tags which help you to get the knowledge about this advanced technology.


10) Dive Into HTML5

On this site, you can get the table formate of HTML5 content and covered all the topics step by step. Come and visit Dive Into HTML5 – the best online resource for HTML5 learning.



11) Can I Use


12) HTML5 Center

HTML5 center is provided by “sourceforge” have Videos, Roundable Series and Resources for learning about HTML5.



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