Top 10 Best jQuery Plugins for January 2015

JQuery is generally a fast java script library containing many features in it. Web design is now faster, easier; all this is because of development of jquery. With easy to use API it makes HTML document manipulation, event handling and animation easier, that works on most of the known browsers. Its main purpose is to make use of java script much easier on the web browser. It makes the code easier, so that the user can find ease in web application development, and is also helpful in simplifying many complicated things from java scripts.

From creating dynamic menus to text effects and from optimizing images to scroll your contents, these plugins play a big part in creating an efficient and feature rich website. So, if you want to tackle a designing project with perfection, checkout these jQuery plugins so that you can avail best results by using an efficient tool. This Collection covers all the most popular and with best features and functionality jQuery plugins for january 2015.

1) Floatlabels.js

The Float Label Pattern found his success after Brad Frost wrote a blog post about Float Label Patterns. On User Interaction with an input field the placeholder value moves up, and is displayed above the typed text.

Best jQuery Plugins for January 2015  - flotlables.js

2) jQuery Labelauty

A nice and lightweight jQuery plugin that gives beauty to checkboxes and radio buttons and allows custom labels for each status of (un)checked inputs.

Best jQuery Plugins for January 2015 - jquery-labeluaty

3) OneBook 3d

The beautiful jQuery plugin for photographers and designers. With OneBook3D you can easily create an eye-catching presentation of your books, magazines or portfolio. Flexible, adaptive and customizable design. Auto resizing images. Full screen mode. Ideal for photo-albums!

Best jQuery Plugins for January 2015 - onebook3d

4) Howler.js-Modern Web Audio Javascript Library

This jquery plugins is a Modern Web Audio Javascript Library with amazing features like -Defaults to Web Audio API, Supports multiple file formats to support all browsers, Per-sound and global mute/unmute and volume control, Playback of multiple sounds at the same time.

Best jQuery Plugins for January 2015 - howler.js

5) Fotorama-Simple Photo Album Plugin

Fotorama is a Simple new impressive jQuery photo album plugin with Thumbnails.It can help you create a simple and nice looking javascript gallery with intuitive controls, and great browser compatibility.

Best jQuery Plugins for January 2015 - fotorama

6) Switchery

Switchery is a simple component that helps you turn your default HTML checkbox inputs into beautiful iOS 7 style switches in just few simple steps. You can easily customize switches, so that they match your design perfectly.

Best jQuery Plugins for January 2015 - swichery

7) Mixitup

MixItUp is a jQuery plugin providing animated filtering and sorting. Great for managing any categorised or ordered content like portfolios, galleries and blogs, MixItUp can also function as a powerful tool for engaging application UI and data-visualisation.

Best jQuery Plugins for January 2015 mixitup

8) ClassyPaypal

ClassyPaypal is a jQuery plugin that allows you to quickly add stylish PayPal payment buttons to your website for instant and secure payments.

best jquery plugins for January 2015 - classypaypal

9) Splitchar.js

best jquery plugins for January 2015 -splitchar.js

10) Spread of Cards

Generally you need javascript to be in control of the not only the events, but monitoring for viewport size changes, setting the size of the carousel and the position of the cards on and off canvas.

best jquery plugins for January 2015 - cards

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