100 Best Free Programming Books

Programming is a very complex and important task in computer science. Everything we enjoy on a computer system, a mobile phone, or anywhere, there lie endless efforts of programmers spent on it to develop the same. Programming is of 2 types, machine level and high level programming. High level programming is what most of the programmers rely on. Programming is all about some rules and predefined assets, that you need to reuse again and again, and develop something creative, innovative, useful and wonderful for the society or your client. All you need to do is to learn the syntaxes and the rules to be followed, and then use your creativity to develop anything using these predefined assets. But, this is not as easy as it sounds. You need to spend a good amount of time to learn programming and practice it.

There are a lot of resources that you may feel like trying, when learning to program, like online courses, institutes, etc., and one of the most important and the most effective ways is to use the traditional books. We have been learning everything using books. The books teach us everything from the scratch, and once spent some time, thoroughly going through a book, we keep intact with it. Moreover, learning such a precise task of programming using books would be the best option. This collection have free books as C,C++, Javascript books, java books, Perl, Pascal, Python, Ruby books, PHP, Android programming books, C# programming books, Visual basic, Ada, Computer Graphic book, LISP, Prolog and many more.

There is a lot of books, available in the online and offline market, written by various programmers, authors. It is very important to choose the right book, as you will be learning everything fromt he same. Here is a list of some of the best free books to learn programming, with some of their benefits.


1) JavaScript – The right way

Best free programming books - jstherightway

2) Human JavaScript 

3) Eloquent JavaScript: An opinionated guide to programming 

4) JavaScript for Cats: An introduction for new programmers

5) Introduction to JavaScript 

6) JavaScript in 24 Hours 

7) JavaScript Cookbook

8) Essential JavaScript and jQuery Design Patterns

9) ppk on JavaScript

10) The Problem with Native JavaScript APIs

11) Core JavaScript Guide

12) Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


13) Learning Java

Best free programming books - learning-java

14) QuickTime for Java: A Developer’s Notebook

15) Evaluating Java for Game Development

16) Object Oriented Programming using Java

17)  Processing XML with Java

18) Java Distributed Computing

19) Brewing Java: A Tutorial 

20) Introduction to Web Services with Java

21) Java Enterprise Performance

22)  Advanced Programming for the Java 2 Platform

23) Java EE 6 Tutorial, Volume I

24) The Java Virtual Machine Specification, 2nd Edition 

25) Java Swing Tutorial 

26) Free Java Book

27) Object-oriented Programming in Java


28) Programming Perl

Best free programming books - programming-perl

29) Beginning Perl

30) Using Perl 6

31) Extreme Programming in Perl

32) Exploring Programming Language Architecture in Perl

33) Perl for Beginners

34) Practical Perl Programming

35) Modern Perl 

36) Learning Perl the Hard Way


37) PHP the right way

Best free programming books - phptherightway

38) The Oracle PHP Cookbook

39) Code Bright for Laravel PHP

40) PHP Security Guide

41) Advanced CakePHP Tips

42) PHP Programming

43) Practical PHP Programming

44) PHP Programming

45) Practical PHP Testing


46) Learn Python  – The hard way

Best free programming books- pythonbook

47) Think Python: An Introduction to Software Design

48) Python Cookbook

49) Python Programming

50) An Introduction to Python

51) How To Write Your Own Software Using Python

52) Design Patterns In Python

53) A Multimedia Cookbook in Python


54) Data Structure Algorithm

Best free programming books - dsa

Ruby on Rails

55)  Rails tutorial


56) Ruby Essentials

57) Ruby Programming

58) MacRuby: The Definitive Guide

59) Ruby User’s Guide

60) Learn Ruby The Hard Way

61)  Ruby on Rails Security

62) Programming Ruby- Programmer’s Guide

63) The Book Of Ruby

C/C++ Books

64) Optimizing C ++ 

Best free programming books - c++

65) Industrial Strength C++

66) Haskell Tutorial for C Programmers 

67) Debugging C and C++ code in a Unix environment

68) C++ Reference Guide

69) C Programming Tutorial

70) Visual C++ 6 Unleashed

71) Structured Programming with C++

72) Mastering C++

73) Optimizing Software in C++

74) Beginning C++ Through Game Programming

75) Learning to Draw Basic Graphics in C++

76) The Boost C++ Libraries

77) Make a Computer Operating System in C++

78)  Standard C++ Library Reference

79) C++ GUI Programming with Qt 4

80) Parallel Programming with Microsoft Visual C++

81) Fundamentals of C++ Programming

82) C++ Programming for Scientists

83) C++ GUI Programming with Qt 3

84) C++Course

85) C++ Hacker’s Guide

86) A guide for C and C++ programmers

C# Books

87) C# Development

88) C# Programming

89) Game Programming

90) The Pascal Programming Language

91) New LISP 

92) Learn Prolog Now!

93) Artificial Intelligence through Prolog

94) Visual Basic Essentials

95) Computer Graphics 

96) Ada Programming

97) jQuery Fundamentals

98) Android Cookbook 

99) Programming Android

100) Machine Language for Beginners

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