13 Best Bug Reporting and Tracking Tools for Developers

No software developing project that involves hundreds and thousands of lines of code is successful without bugs and issues that need to be tracked.  All you developers out there surely will agree with me on this that any kind of software development project require bugs and it is important to track the issues and fix them before finally rolling it out. There are quite a lot of times when developers as users to submit their feature requests and report the bugs. This all is the part of the entire process that is being followed before finally launching the software.

Needless to mention, incorporating bugs and issue tracking provide the end result that much better. However, finding the bugs and tracking the issues is not as easy as it might appear to be. The smart way to do so is making optimum use of resources that claim to help track the issues and report bugs thereby helping you improve on the overall product delivering high quality results. Here, we’ve prepared a list of best bug reporting and tracking tools that claim to help you speed up your development process.

1. Instabug

Instabug is an in-App feedback for mobile apps. All you got to do is integrate the SDK in 60 seconds. This will enable users and testers to submit their feedback and report bugs directly from the app.


2. FogBugz Bug Tracking

FogBugz is the world’s easiest bug tracking system that is created to help users in effortless bug reporting, project management and much more.


3. SifterApp

Sifter is one straightforward bug tracker that does its job so efficiently that users need not spend hours staring at their computers looking for the bug or tracking the issues to be resolved.


4. LogDigger

LogDigger is a tool that helps users in collecting and classifying detailed error reports. It captures application errors with all the useful details and nail down bugs speedily!


5. Redline

The tagline ‘See more in less time’ says it all. Redline is a bug tracker that eliminates the steps and additional software from the workflow enabling the users to create bugs quickly without any bewilderment.


6. DoneDone

DoneDone is the simple, effective issue tracker that eliminates the need of making spreadsheets, sticky notes, emails about web and software projects thereby making the process of tracking the bugs quite easy.


7. BugLogHQ

This is a free and open source tool that helps centralize the handling of automated bug reports from multiple applications with ease. It provides the unified view of error messages sent from different applications and servers.


8. Usersnap

Usersnap is a visual bug tracker that makes helps users in collaboration with colleagues and clients easy and professionally. With it tracking bugs has got easier to point and click issue reporting.


9. BugDigger

BugDigger is a bug tracking tool that relieves users from the pain of finding the bugs. BugDigger helps you create truly helpful bug reports at the push of a button.


10. Livecapture

LiveCapture is a bug tracking tool that brings web into invision. With  InVision LiveCapture, users can easily and speedily grab full-length snapshots of live websites and add feedback in detail.


11. Airbrake Bug Tracker

Airbrake is the leading bug tracking software for exception handling, issue tracking and error handling. It helps web and mobile developers build better products through its detailed reports on errors, bugs, exceptions and issues.


12. Bugzilla

Bugzilla is server software that is designed with the aim to help users in managing software development. Features like optimized database structure for increased performance and scalability, excellent security for protecting confidentiality, integrated email capabilities and likewise make it an excellent tool worth using.


13. BugHerd

BugHeard is one of the most simple bug tracker. All you need to do is just point and click. It comes loaded with features that make it the best pick.


These best bug reporting and tracking tools ensure to make the job of any developer easy as looking for bugs can prove to be one daunting task. With the these bug tracking tools, reporting bugs and submitting change requests becomes easier as everything is communicated through a visual interface in a seamless intuitive manner.

Is there any other tool you find worth trying out. How about sharing any useful bug tracking tool or app that you might have been using for your development projects to get the desired results.


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