Latest Tools of the Week [9th May – 15th May]

Starting with the weekly lists of freshly introduced tools for designers and developers was not as easy as we thought. It asked for continuous watch on the tools that great minds out there have been rolling out, making the best pick to add the same to our compilation.

Over the course of one week, we looked for the useful tools, apps and websites for you all to check them and use them. Besides providing the ease of workflow, these below listed apps and tools are easy to work on.

While listing down the tools give a gist of what each tool does and other relevant information for you all to easily decide as to which one you would use in the upcoming projects.

Check out our this week’ list of latest tools along with the previous one incase you missed it.

Latest Tools of the Week [2nd May – 8th May]


Free to download and use, Nudg is a companion app for sketch to adjust your nudge settings. Its a simple app that allows you to quickly edit these settings on the fly.


2. Wee

Wee is a blueprint for modern web development. Its HTML, CSS and JavaScript bootstrap components are simple to use and easily extensible.


3. HTML Arrows

HTML Arrows is a clean and comprehensive resource for all the HTML symbols, entities, ASCII characters and Unicode hexadecimal values.


4. Coolors

This is one cool tool for designers to make optimum use of as it helps them generate color schemes in simple and faster way.


5. Material

Material is an HTML5 UI design based on Google Material. This is a visual language for users to synthesize the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science.


6. WobbleView

WobbleView is an implementation of a recently popular wobble effect for any view in the applications. The tool can be used to easily add dynamics to user interactions and transitions.


7. Sal Vattore

Sal Vattore is a jQuery Masonry alternative with CSS-driven configuration. It distributes the grid items according to the number of columns specifed. Each of the items in the grid is placed within these columns, one by one.


8. Open UI5

Code once and run on any device is the tagline that this tool Open UI5 smartly follows and provides the ease of building enterprise-ready web apps that are responsive enough to run on all devices.


9. Type Drummer

Type Drummer is a tool that lets users create a beat based on samples accessed by typing. All you got to do is simply enter any text you want in the box and get amazing results.


10. Real or Photoshop

Real or Photoshop is a tool from Adobe is a fun quiz that tests your ability to tell the difference between real photos or Photoshopped ones.


11. Better Error Pages

Better Error Pages is a free tool from It lets you build free 404, 500-level, and maintenance pages quickly and easily.


12. Challenger

Challenger is a drop-in JavaScript library that adding interactive programming challenges to any page makes it easy for the users to get the desired tasks completed. Challenges are flexible and expressive, and are super simple to write.


13. Vorlon. JS

Vorlon.JS open source, extensible, platform-agnostic tool that lets you remotely debug and test your JavaScript.


14. Marx

Marx is a CSS stylesheet created to help you handle different projects. Marx lets you create edible websites the simplest way possible.


With this we come to an end of the weekly listicle of latest tools, apps and websites. If you have recently come up with the recent tools, apps and websites do let us know. We would love to include the same in our upcoming lists.

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