Medieval Renditions of Avengers : Age of Ultron Characters by Daniel Kamarudin

So how did you find the Avengers : Age of Ultron. Superb it was isn’t it? If you are the real super hero fan who doesn’t misses any movie, t-shirts or wallpapers then you are sure to fall in love with what designer Daniel Kamarudin from Malaysia has come up with.

The ingenious designer has taken all of the characters from the summer’s biggest blockbuster and created an art gallery re-imagining them as medieval characters. As you all can see Daniel has given the dark tone to these pictures that make them appear all the more visually stunning.

The artist has given mythical touch to The Vision, Iron Man, Hawkeye and others. Ultron appears to be more like a creature than a robot. Once you are done with enjoying the joyride of the amazing masterpieces by designer Daniel Kamarudin make sure to leave your comments below.

This surely is something that all you superhero fans out there are sure to love. Also available for print for all those of you out there who wish to see these cool wallpapers right up on the wall of your room, each of these medieval renditions of Avengers and Ultron is sure to make you all drool over.

1. Hulk The Bloodied Titan

Hulk the bloodied titan is what you will fall in love with in the first go.


2. Ultron The Stringless

This is movie’s look of Ultron where he has an organic face and instead of being an alphonse he’s a reanimated corpse. Doesn’t it appear to to simply wow?


3. Almighty Thor

This MCU Thor is not the one you see in the movies but doesn’t appear to be weird infact looks superb with all the lightening effect given.


4. Quicksilver The Wrathbrand

Quicksilver The Wrathbrand pinned below is fast moving wraith that looks amazing.


5. Iron Man, The Sorcerer of Snark

This is Iron Man, The Sorcerer of Snark that I like for the way it is designed.


6. Hawkeye

The ranger looking Hawkeye is inspired by the rainbow bow that you can get in GW2 that shoots.


7. Scarlet Witch

As you can see the designer has replaced the dress of Scarlet Witch with something more combat and appropriate. Looks good though!


8. Black Widow

What Daniel did here is that he revises the 2012 design of Black Widow bringing about the change by getting rid of the cleavage window XD.


9. The Vision, Knowledge Incarnate

The designer didn’t know much about the character but designed this poster in a fun way.


10. Captain New World

Just a bit change in this poster which is an addition of shield and america colored armor. Nice though!


Aren’t these simply amazing? What do you have to say? Leave your comments below and let us know.


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