What Web Designers Could Learn from Other Professions

Life is a journey where each day we learn something or the other that helps us grow personally or professionally. Sometimes life’s little lessons can transform our lives. Feeling depressed or feeling stuck? Your friends will suggest you to go out and party, take a break, or watch movies? No matter how weird your friends are sometimes their ideas work infact do wonders. Even a little dialogue  you exchange during a chit chat session can make you learn something that might transform your life, personally or professionally.

Why am I talking about all this? Well guys, as the title of the article suggests we are here to talk about how and what are the little things that all you web designers out there can learn from people in other profession. Your professions are different doesn’t mean you can’t learn something or other from them. As I already said, you never know anyone you meet at a party or during your vacations infact even in the market can make you learn a tip that might help you grow and understand how to overcome your issues or handle a particular task.

Here is the list of people in different professions and what all you designers out there can learn from them. Read on and don’t forget to check out our article having a list of web design conferences occurring in this month all over the world.

1. Cook

Call them cook, or chef one thing that each one we will agree with me is that they have magic in their hands.

Everyone loves eating and ask me, I am a true foodie. Designers and even we in general can learn a lot from the people in the profession of cooking. This is the place where besides having good food you get to learn too. Learn what? Well, something that will help all you designers grow professionally. In fact, this could be the first and the foremost profession to learn things from. Surprising, isn’t it?

What’s the main thing cooks talk about? Its the recipe! Right recipe and the right blend of ingredients is help in getting the desired results that are the yummiest delicacies. Designers should adapt the right way of blending of the correct elements to get the desired result. There are certain combinations that are meant to work while others fail.

It is the designer’s job to know which will work and which will not help in getting the desired results. It’s the right recipe and the right blend of ingredients that will help a designer get the desired results.


2. Doctor

Doctors are life savers and it is only after knowing the problem, carefully listening to the patients and proper diagnose that they give medicines to cure the patient. Imagine going to the doctor for stomach ache, and without even asking your problem doctor gives you the medicine. Wouldn’t it drive you crazy? Well, its the prime duty of any doctor to listen to their clients, and properly understand the problem before giving any prescription.

Now this applies to the designers also. Before undertaking any designing project first of all make sure you listen carefully to the client as to what is the result one desires to get and only after proper understanding go ahead with working on it. Catering to the need of the client is very important in designing.


3. Journalist

Journalists are the people who let us know of what is happening around the world. They are the most reliable source of knowledge of current affairs. They are responsible for every news/information that is being delivered so it is important for them to do the research well.

Now this is what designers can learn from the people in the field of journalism. The more research you do better knowledge you attain and improving your know how will ensure you work better and get the desired results. Strong research plays the vital role in designing and believe me, well researched work never goes wrong.


4. Gardener

Gardening is one thing that provides relaxation and happiness. Just putting the seeds and not paying much attention to the plants will mar the entire effort. Plants need tender love and proper due attention. You have to regularly work, water the plants and take care of them to keep them well maintained.

Likewise, designers should ensure that once they have built a website they are not taking it to be all done infact maintaining it and keeping a check if anything is over or less to make it as user-friendly as possible.


5. Photographer

Creativity plays a major role in photography as well as designing. I won’t be wrong in saying that its the interest, love and creativity of the person that works in favor when it comes to photography. Well, being passionate about photography, one can see me with my camera whenever we are out on a picnic or spending some leisure time out. Believe me, it is one thing that asks you to be patient. Patience infact is the key to success in photography. Different people can take different pictures of the same place or stuff. Its all about the perspective and patience that plays the major role in photography.

Web designers are not that patient, they are infact keen to get the results as soon as possible. Trying till you succeed and giving your best shot will get you nearer to the goal. Patience here plays a major role in designing too. If designers keep patience and work hard, they are definitely going to the creative results.


6. Architect

Architecture is one field in which people need to play close attention to each and every minute detail. If one element goes missing or wrong, the entire effort put in will go down the drain. The strength of huge buildings you see lies in the little details that are to be taken care of. The result that is websites are also the result of composition of small elements put together and blended in a way to get the creative results. Paying attention to the minutest details will ensure the success in your different designing projects.


Now, that when we have discussed in detail about what web designers can learn from people in another profession, this is sure to be the plus point for all you designers out there in enhancing the productivity and efficiency. These little tips are sure to be of great help! Leave your comments below to let us know what you think of the entire write up and also write if you would want to add anything or any other profession that directly or indirectly would help our designer friends professionally.

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