25+ Creative Bottle Label Designs with Awesome Typography

Typography plays and important role in designing be it a product designing or web designing. Superb, visually stunning fonts grabs the attention of all. Being an important element of designing, it becomes vital for designers to choose the right type of fonts that gels well with the design making it all the more appealing.

Talking about various types of bottles you see in the market are too designed with extra care to magnetize the customer. Designers these days are focusing on even the minutest detail before finally rolling out the product. Things that we get in bottles like wine, soft drinks, juices and much more are designed in a visually appealing manner.

Labels put on the bottles are designed by professionals to ensure the right information is provided to the consumers in the apt manner that is crisp and short but complete. Fonts here play a major role in designing the labels. Today, we decided to come up with a creative bottle label designs with awesome typography.

Take a look at the creative bottle label designs that we have listed down here for you all to take inspiration and come up with the genius idea of your own.

1. Type Craft Brewery

Type Craft, a beer for those who love typography and beer. We are sure you want it right now, but unfortunately, it is still a concept company and the project is designed by Christian Stueve.


2. Haas Rum

A new brewing company from South Africa hired Simon Amor from UK and came with the below label design that has the story of rum handwritten and printed in white color so that it will stand out against the dark color of rum. Amazing concept, isn’t?


3. Jameson Limited Edition Bottle

Whisky is a serious business and this typography bottle label designs show how it is. Check out the process Steve Simpson goes through while designing the label design for Jameson Limited whisky bottle. We think he did it brilliantly, what are your thoughts?


4. Puerto Angel

Designing a label design is not an easy job and that too where you are restricted only too black and white color, it becomes a daunting task. But, a team of designers at Puerto Angel had done the job too good by playing with brilliant typography.


5. Bootlegger Apple Brew

Designed by Kristy McMaster, this is an awesomely designed beer bottle label. We loved it because of its distinguish bottle shape and amazing typography.


6. Hook or Crook Tequila

A beautiful example of amazing typography used in the Bottle label design of a Tequila Brand by Josh Jevons.


7. Tommy Shelby Whisky

A whisky brand created around the main character of a Netflix show, Peaky Blinders. Designed in the same way from outer packaging to the bottle label design, this directly hits the consumers.


8. Hobe Vodka

Maksim Loginov designed an interesting black and white label design for a Russian vodka. We just loved the classy typography he used in the label design.


10. Ceviche Somos Libres Pale Ale

Another crafted beer bottle label design intelligently pulled by The House London agency for Ceviche restaurant.


11. Stony Creek Brewery

A bold design, a beautiful typography, amazing illustrations and colorful feel make the labels of Stony Creek beers not just awesome but making you feel that you grab one right now.


12. Strong & Stout Brewery

Taylor Lee, a designing student from Vancouver created this beautiful typography based bottle design fro Strong & Stout Brewery for his packaging project. We don’t know whether it is a real product, but surely will stand out from the crowd if it comes in the market.


13. Brucata Beer

Dancing werewolf, colorful labels, unique typography makes this beer bottle label design unique from others.


14. Torello Brut

Designed by Enric Aguilera, here’s another black and white bottle label design that explains the story behind the special edition Brut.


15. Super Bock

Beer bottle packaging design by JDO that has an awesome typography that helps making it stand out from other products in the shelves.


16. IndHed Brewing Co.

Well, creating label designs for crafted beer companies is always an daunting task as designers need to connect to the emotions of the brand, But, this creative bottle label designs we found at has an amazing appeal.


17. Lodge

Black and bold label design for a beer brand with an awesome typography designed by Guilherme Schneider.


18. Beires Echec & Malt

Well, a little confusing packaging design that looks like more of a milk brand then a liquor brand. But, looking at the label design and unique color them, we are sure it appeals the masses.


19. Vocation Brewery

Black is color that most of the people loves and when it is combined with rich and bright colors with beautiful typography, it surely does the wonder. Here’s the one creative bottle label designs made by Robot Food.


20. Apotekarnes

A Swedish soda brand recently decided to redesign the product packaging and took the help from Nine because of their products declining due to tough competition. But, if this is the new product packaging design, we are sure they will get the worldwide attention once more.


21. Slow Juice

A local juice company, Slow Juice hired Lina for the product packaging and she did a beautiful label design with emphasis on good typography.


22. Distiller’s Art

Hunter Laing contacted Sevenfive Creative Agency to design packaging designs for a single malt scotch whisky and they came up with an excellent idea that showed how classy is Distiller’s whisky using subtle colors and typography.


23. Native Nectar

While the above one used a classy typography to make it unique, Chad Michael used a different approach and show how vintage typography make a whiskey product stand out from others.


24. Harmony Spring

A complete rebranding of product packaging of 100 years old product is not that easy, but Tactic Studio has done the job beautifully. They have completely redesigned the packaging of Harmony Spring soda bottles, but paying homage to the original design.


25. Ginger Nines

Designed by Moon Troops, this is a beautifully designed beverage packaging in which two main ingredients are ginger and lemon so designed in yellow color.


26. Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

Designed by Justin Visentin, he decided to use new labels for different tastes using unique typography.


27. Maison Orphee

This listing shows that we are not interested in liquor brands only, here’s one fine bottle label designs for Maison Orphee, a 100% natural vinaigrettes that sports modern typography.


While preparing the compilation, I had a broad smile on my face as I found them simply stunning and a perfect visual treat. Hope you all like our compilation of creative bottle label designs with nice typography. If you have created such art, do not forget to share with us and we would love to feature it on our site.

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