Best Illustrator Tutorials of May 2015

How many of you out there are well acquainted with the vector graphics editor from Adobe Systems? Yes, I am talking about Adobe Illustrator. Designers out there are surely well versed with this vector graphic tool. This is an industry standard tool in vector drawing applications, offering you with the tools needed in professional designing.

Well, we are not going to talk about the Adobe Illustrator in detail as we assume you all are well introduced with it and know its use and how with the help of this amazing tool you can do wonders and create superb illustrator designs. Our topic of the day revolves around tutorials; best Illustrator tutorials that promise to help you make optimum use of features and in case you get somewhere, these tutorials are for you all.

Sneak a peek at some of the interesting and cool Adobe Illustrator tutorials that will help you try your hands on various designing aspects.

1. Create a Radiant Owl iPhone Case Template in Adobe Illustrator

Love your iPhone? Want to create a customized case design for your iPhone? If yes, check out this latest Illustrator tutorial from Yulia Sokolova that will help you create an colorful iPhone case template.


2. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Create Colourful Vector Character Art

Spotted at, this Illustrator tutorial will help you create a fully digital image from an initial sketch and you will also learn how to create various vector characters in the software.


3. How to Create a Cute Monster Character in Adobe Illustrator

Cuteness overloaded in this Illustrator tutorial that will help you learn to create a cute monster character using basic shapes and techniques.


4. Create a Robot Character in Illustrator

Time to create a robot character in Illustrator after making cute monster character by checking the tutorial created by Kim Chen.


5. How To Create a Grainy Texture Vector

This cool Illustrator tutorial posted at will help you create an awesome grainy portrait that will look awesome in retro designs and logos.


6. How to Create a Barbed Wire Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

This awesome Illustrator tutorial by Andrei Marius will explain you to create an awesome barbed wire text effect by creating pixel-perfect shapes, using shading and blending techniques.


7. Quick Tip: Create a Watercolor Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator5

Here’s another awesome Illustrator text effect tutorial that will help you learn to give watercolor effect to any text you want.


8. How to Create an Ink Stamp Text Effect with Illustrator CS6

Check out another Illustrator text effect tutorial from that will help you learn how to give ink stamp effect to any text.


9. How to Create a Simple Cartoon Waiter in Adobe Illustrator

Create a simple Cartoon waiter with the help of an Adobe Illustrator tutorial explained by Nataliya Dolotko.


10. How to Create a Desk Scenery Illustration Using Adobe Illustrator

We don’t have a desk in our office, sometimes we feel like to have one. After seeing this tutorial, we will be designing a desk the same way shown in the tutorial and will keep in our office.


11. Create a Comic Character: Making a Character Sheet in Adobe Illustrator

Check out another Illustrator tutorial that will help you create a comic character and then a character sheet explained by Sara Berntsson.


12. How to Create a Set of Mini Pirate Icons in Adobe Illustrator

A new Pirate of the Carribeans sequel on its way and what a good timing of this best Adobe Illustrator tutorial that will help you create a pirate themed mini icon set using basic shapes and Pen Tool.


13. How to Create a Flat Design Rolled Sushi Icon Set in Adobe Illustrator

By Yulia Sokolova, this Illustrator tutorial will help you learn to create a flat themed sushi icon set that will go with any sushi themed restaurant.


14. Create a Pen Tool Free Swan Silhouette Swamp Scene in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial will help you learn to create a silhouette swamp scene using Twirl Tool, Scribble Effect and few Illustrator brushes.


15. How to Create a Flat Styled Set of Writing Tools

Using basic shapes and Direction Selection Tool, Andrei Stefan will explain you how you can create a flat styled set of writing tools using Adobe Illustrator.


16. How To Create a Vintage Text Effect in Illustrator

Vintage effects are never being old in the design industry and that is the reason, Chris Spooner explains how to create a vintage text effect in Adobe Illustrator.


17. How to Create Isometric Vector Infographic Elements

Everyone loves Infographics as this is the most beautiful way to represent data and this is the reason, designers need to create Infographic elements time to time. Well, if you want to create vector Infographic elements in Illustrator, then do check the tutorial by


18. How to Create Web 2.0 Button Vectors

Web 2.0 is ruling the web market and designer needs to create things that goes with Web 2.0. Well, this Illustrator article will help you to create vector buttons that you can use with Web 2.0.


Which of the above listed best Adobe Illustrator tutorials would you want to try out and get the desired results? If you are a newbie, I am sure you are going to try all of them out as these will make you learn more and more about the amazing vector graphic tool namely Adobe Illustrator.

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