30 Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – June 2015

Tools, apps and websites have long been the part and parcel of the world of designing and development. Having introduced to such resourceful data is one beneficial thing incase one gets stuck in between various projects handling, one knows there is something that can help deal with the issue. Its not only when a designer or developer get stuck that one uses the tools, apps, websites and other resources instead, seeing the ease that these provide one makes optimum use of these to enhance the productivity and efficiency.

Ever since we have started with our endeavors, we are continuously focusing on helping our designer and developer friends the best way possible; be it through tools, apps, plugins or inspirational stuff. There is no dearth of helpful data that you all might be looking forward to heave a sigh of relief and enjoy the ease of workflow. Last month we came up with 30 Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – May 2015 and today we are here with this month’s compilation. Check it out!

1. Web Design Conferences of July 2015

Recently we listed down some really worth attending web design conferences for you all to check out, register and attend in the month of July. There were 22 of them that we listed down. If you missed the article, here we are adding to our monthly compilation of tools of the month.


2. Coverr

Get beautiful videos for your website designs all under the same roof namely Coverr. Its a place where you get amazing new videos. Each Monday you get to see new videos that are added to the database.


3. Stampsy

Share, curate and discover visual content that tells a story all at one place namely Stampsy.


4. Dynamicsjs

This is a Javascript library that helps you in creating a physics-based animations.


5. Macaw

At Macaw you get to enjoy a live design environment that brings you a slew of innovations for making responsive designing simpler.


6. Layzr

Simple, speedy, modern, and independent library for lazy loading is what Layzr is. It helps you boosts page speed by deferring the loading of images until they’re in the view port.


7. Cloud Source Repositories

Browse, edit and commit repository files in our integrated source editor easily with the Cloud Source Repositories.


8. Color Method

Color method is not a method as one may think instead its a fun game for designers to understand the correct use of colors and their combinations.


9. Tailor

Tailor is a tool that claims to help users in analyzing tests thereby delivering the results in a simplified manner.


10. Funnel

Funnel is a tool that promises to help small business in closing the deals and make continuous follow-ups with clients. Ideally fit tool for freelancers and people in online business.


11. Intor Bar

Attracting visitor from different sources in visually appealing way has gone quite easy with this tool namely Intor Bar.


12. DeeKit

DeeKit is a tool that lets users work with a real-time whiteboard. Its an online whiteboard like unlimited canvas for you and your team to create content.



This is one modular, lightweight CSS system that comes without any side effects. The base element styles, immutable utilities, layout modules, and color styles all together ensure speed, clarity, performance, and scalability that is what BASSCSS claims.


14.  Hammer.js

Thius is a little javascript library that lets users add multi-touch gestures on their web pages.


15. CSS Beautifier

This is a tool that promises to make your CSS visually appealing for making it consistent and easy to read.


16. Electron

Electron is a tool that help users in building cross platform desktop apps with the web technologies in a simple manner.


17. Specfox

This is a tool that enables users to create specifications for any website in a simple and fun-filled manner. Also, users can easily upload screens, add notes and generate beautiful PDFs for sharing them with developers.


18. InSite

InSight is a tool that helps users in easily capturing and tracking feedback visually.  It lets users collect, discuss, manage and resolve, change requests and bugs directly on their websites.


19. Gradify CSS

Gradify CSS is a module that looks for the most prominent colors in an image, and produces a scalable, responsive CSS gradient promising the best user-experience.


20. Silon

This is an experiment that implements logic gates and adders in pure CSS. It demonstrates the power of CSS selectors.


21. Stumbbble

Powered by Dribbble, Stumbbble is a fun-filled way of browsing designer portfolio websites.


22. Woofmark

This is a modular, progressive and visually appealing Markdown and HTML editor to help the users best way possible.



HTTTML is a tool that lets users in creating custom HTML tags. With this tool, users can add a little extra flavour to your code not loosing its semantic.


26. Scally

This is a Sass-based, BEM, OOCSS, a responsive ready CSS framework that claims to provide users a solid foundation for building reusable UI’s speedily.


27. Fly Panels

FlyPanels is a responsive off canvas panel plugin that lets designers and developers in creating websites or web applications.


28. Material Theme

Created by Mattia Astorino., this is an epic theme for Sublime Text 3 to be used in different projects.


29. Gravitons

Gravitons is a lightweight suite of CSS layout utilities.


30. Rocket

Rocket is a JavaScript framework that helps in creating an animation when an item is moved to another element.


More and more resourceful stuff like tools, plugins coming your way. Stay tuned! Till then enjoy the ease of workflow with the fresh tools we have listed here.


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