Best Photoshop Tutorials of July 2015

Photoshop, the well known tool is playing a vital role in making creative artists make optimum use of it to make their creative juices flow and the ideas that popup are given shape to come up with amazing designs. The web designs, mobile app designs and everything you see on the internet and the ease with which users are able to access the websites, mobile apps and other things are result of hard work done by designers and developers.

Designers use Photoshop that is the ultimate tool to come up with superb designs for the easy access and amazing interface to let you all enjoy the ease. Each month we look for best Photoshop tutorials that promise to make designers (newbies or professionals) learn various tricks and get desired results.

Our this compilation comprises of 21 best Photoshop tutorials of July 2016 for your reference. Check them out!

1. Paint Material Textures

This Photoshop tutorial from Juan Carlos will help you learn painting material textures using painting methods in Photoshop.


2. Create a Beautiful Abstract Portrait in Photoshop

Spotted at, this cool Photoshop tutorial will help you learn to create a beautiful, abstract portrait of a woman combining various stock images.


3. Photoshop Tutorial: How to Turn a Photo into a Painting

Turn any photo into a realistic looking painting using Photoshop tutorial as explained by Freddy Camargo at


4. Photoshop Tutorial: Combine Vectors and Photos to Create Brilliant Art in Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial published at and written by James Davies that will help you learn how to combine photos and vectors to create an amazing art.


5. Photoshop Tutorial: Create a Bold Purple Photo-illustration

By Ee Venn Soh, this Photoshop tutorial will help you create a purple colored bold photo illustration using stock images and other simple basic techniques in Photoshop.


6. How to Draw a Realistic Aircraft in Photoshop

This tutorial by Alex Ries will help you create a realistic aircraft named Boeing P=26A Peashooter in Adobe Photoshop using simple tools and techniques.


7. How to Create a Colorful, Summery 3D Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

One of the best Photoshop text effect tutorial that we spotted on and written by Rose that will help you create a beautiful and colorful summer 3D text effect.


8. Create an Otherwordly Scene of a Climber in a Cave in Photoshop

Lean how to create a surreal photo manipulation scene of a climber in a cave by combining various stock images to create cave landscape, give various warm lightning effects and place a climber.


9. Design a Shopify Theme for Handcrafted Goods in Photoshop

Looking to create a Shopify theme for an online handicraft store? Check out this tutorial by Tomas Laurinavicius on that will help you to do in a few easy steps.


10. How to Create a Fantasy Flaming Deer With Adobe Photoshop

Using blending and adjustment layers with stock images, this Photoshop tutorial by Jenny Le will help you to learn creating a fantasy flaming deer in a few minutes.


11. Learn How to Digital Paint a Tiger in Photoshop

Take your Pen Tablet and open Photoshop to learn how to digitally paint a ferocious tiger by learning from the tutorial explained by Melody Nieves.


12. How to Create an Animal Portrait of a Human in Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial will help you to learn, create an animal portrait of a human by combining stock images, add color accent war paint and giving subtle color effects in the end.


13. Create a Mountain Fortress Using Matte Painting Techniques in Photoshop

Learn how to create a mountain fortress using matte painting techniques and some 3D tools in Photoshop using tutorial as explained by Eric Dima-ala.


14. Create a Dark and Mysterious Landscape Matte Painting with Photoshop

Another tutorial that will help you learn matte painting techniques in Photoshop to create a photo manipulation scene of a dark and mysterious landscape.


15. How to Manipulate a Beautiful Sunset Matte Painting in Photoshop

Use various kinds of matte painting techniques in Photoshop to create a beautiful realistic looking sunset photo manipulation scene.


16. How to Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation in Adobe Photoshop

One of the best Photoshop photo manipulation tutorial that will help you to create a surreal environment scene using Blending modes and combining stock images.


17. Create Gloomy House Scene in Photoshop

Another Photoshop photo manipulation tutorial spotted at that will help you create a dreamy house scene using various Dramatic Lightning effects and subtle light rays.


18. How to Create a Shiny Summer Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

An awesome Photoshop text effect tutorial by Enrique Elicabe that helps you learn to give a shiny summer effect to any text you want.


19. Create a Tetris Tile Text Effect in Photoshop

Tetris is surely a game that you have played for a long time and loved it so much. If you love Tetris, then we are sure you gonna love this text effect tutorial too, that will help you create a Tetris tile text effect in Photoshop.


20. Create a Polaroid Collage in Photoshop

We click so many photos these days and some of them are really awesome to create a Polaroid Collage. But due to lack of our knowledge, we couldn’t create one. This Photoshop tutorial by Melody Nieves will help you create a Polaroid collage in Photoshop with cool 3D effects.


21. Create an HDR Effect Using Luminosity Masks in Photoshop

This Photoshop tutorial will help you learn how to use Luminosity Masks and give HDR effect to any photo.


There are quite some of the ones listed Photoshop tutorials that I would personally want to try out and learn various tricks and following the stepwise procedure to superb results. Which one(s) would be your pick? Do let us know if you want us to continue with the list of the best Photoshop tutorials every month.

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