Best Illustrator Tutorials of July 2015

Be it a web designer, graphic designer or anyone working in the creative field, they need apt tools that let them expand the horizon and enhance their designing skills. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are the tools that enable designers to give shape to their creative ideas.

It is this illustrator that when used the right way, knowing all the tips, tricks, shortcuts and much more helps get the visually appealing desired results. While some of you might be new to Illustrator, there might be a whole bunch of the designers who wish to learn more about this cool tool namely Adobe Illustrator.

With the aim to help you all the best way possible, we keep coming up with the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials and few related lists like Latest Adobe Illustrator Icon Design Tutorials. Here is our monthly compilation of the carefully hand-picked best Illustrator Tutorials that showed up in the month of July. Have a look!

1. Create a Retro Style, Airline Destination, Travel Poster

Another awesome Illustrator tutorial from that helps you to learn creating a 1950s inspired retro style travel poster that looks colorful.


2. Making of Robot Earth 3009 Typographic Illustration

This tutorial explained by Tom Whalen will help you to create an awesome illustrated type poster sporting an amazing typography.


3. How to Create a Cute Illustration of the Janus House Using Adobe Illustrator

One of the best Illustrator tutorial by Andrei Stefan that explains how to create a San Fran inspired house using some simple Illustrator tools like the Rectangle Tool, the Rounded Rectangle Tool and the Pen Tool.


4. Adobe Illustrator Tutorial: Design Retro Isometric Artwork

Mark Oliver will explain you to design a retro isometric artwork using simple tools and techniques in Adobe Illustrator.


5. How to Create a Semi-Realistic Apple Watch Illustration in Illustrator

This tutorial by Andrei Marius will take you through a simple Illustrator tutorial that will help you to create a semi-realistic Apple Watch illustration using simple tools and techniques.


6. Create a Set of Apple Watch Icons in Adobe Illustrator

Well, we have already created Apple Watch illustration in the previous tutorial and now it is time to create Apple Watch icons in Illustrator with the help of tutorial explained by Yulia Sokolova.


7. How to Create a Desk Lamp in Adobe Illustrator

This is the first time we are featuring any Illustrator tutorial from This one is really good and will help you to create a realistic looking desk lamp in Adobe Illustrator using vector shape building techniques, basic tools, complex gradients and some simple effects.


8. How to Turn Your Sketches Into Vectors with Adobe Illustrator

Do you make doodles or sketches? If yes, how about turn them into beautiful vectors? This Illustrator tutorial from will help you to do so.


9. Create a Copper Pipe Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

This is one of the best Illustrator text effect tutorial that will help you to give any text a copper pipe effect using a custom brush and few simple Illustrator Tools.


10. Creating a Vector Portrait With Curly Hair in Adobe Illustrator

This tutorial will explain you how to create a vector portrait with amazing detailed curly hairs using some basic simple tools in Adobe Illustrator.


11. How to Create A Wood Grain Texture in Adobe Illustrator

Using effects like Graphic Pen and tools like Warp Tool and Twirl Tool, this Illustrator tutorial from will help you to create a wood grain texture in a few easy steps.


12. How to Create Infographic Elements with VectorScribe in Illustrator

Infographics is a new way to make your content viral and we need some of the readymade infographic elements from time to time. This tutorial from will help you to create your own infographic elements using VectorScribe plugin in Adobe Illustrator.


Which one of these best Adobe Illustrator tutorials would you like to try your hands on? Have any tutorial worth sharing? Write to us!

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