Latest Tools of the Week [25th July – 31st July]

From best selling fonts deal to a website that promises to ease the understanding of machine learning with visuals, annotator that’s a popover to highlight, share, add notes, Unsplash, Styleguide for creating and maintaining styleguides, there are some of the best of the rest tools, apps, websites that we have hand-picked for you all to enjoy the ease of workflow.

Before you hit a jump, we suggest you to take a look at the preceding five week’s compilations of the same incase you have missed out any due to the time crunch. After that go about checking our list of the best tools, apps and websites for the last week off July 2015.

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1. 11 Best-Selling Fonts from Twicolabs

Guess I need not spend extra words in conveying the message or telling you all as to what the deal is about. The image pinned below says it all! You get 11 of the best selling fonts from Twicolabs. The unique typefaces come in varying weights and styles, along with a wide variety of styles that range from handwriting styles to completely western ones. So, don’t waste time and grab the deal right now.


Here’s the one font example from the bundle, isn’t the font is great? There are 10 more such great fonts in the package, so just see the deal once.


2. A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a topic that many people out there are finding interesting. Here is a visual introduction to Machine Learning. If you all know in machine learning computers apply statistical learning techniques to automatically identify patterns in data. These techniques can be used to make highly accurate predictions. This website that goes by the name ‘A Visual Introduction to Machine Learning’ helps you learn machine learning through visuals.

We have gathered some of the best Machine Learning cheat sheets and 12 best free Machine learning ebooks that you can check out too.


3. QuantityQueries

To put it in simle words, its a tool to help build Quantity Queries for various projects. The tool is created by Drew Minns.


4. Annotator

Annotator is a popover that allows users to highlight, share, add notes and tags to any selected text on a page.


5. UnsplashIt

This is a tool that provides you all with beautiful placeholders using images from Unsplash. All users get to do is simply put the image size (width and height) after the URL and you’ll get a placeholder.


6. Zeplin

Zeplin is a tool that lets users build pixel perfect apps in without any fuss. Design hand-off goes easier with Zeplin. With it, users can generate styleguides and resources, automatically.


7. Styleguide

Styleguide is a tool to create and maintain styleguides as easy as possible.


8. DeployBot

Deplobot is a simple application that helps in deploying code anywhere without complex cookbooks, recipes and configurations.



As the name says, it is a CSS to SASS converting tool for developers.


10. Markdown UI

Markdown UI is a responsive user interface in markdown. It is a framework that helps in creating responsive UI’s for mobile and web using Markdown Syntax. It is a tool for rapid prototyping UI’s for single-page and multiple-page apps and lets users write UI’s once and translate it to Semantic UI 2.0, BootStrap 3, Foundation and likewise.


11. Teachery

Now create and sell beautiful online courses in minutes. Teachery is a place where you get courses that are built on a responsive framework, learn from videos or read your course lessons at your ease.


Share the tools, apps or websites that you have come up with in the recent days with us and your fellow designers and developers to help them enjoy the ease of workflow.

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