Best jQuery Plugins of the Week [2nd August – 8th August]

PeekABar, Cover 3D, Bootstrap Treefy, jPicture are some of the really helpful jQuery plugins that we have listed down for you all to take a look and use if the need arises. Not just that if you know any of our designer or developer friend who is handling a particular project and you believe these plugins will be of the use, why not share the compilations of best jQuery plugins you see here are DesigniMag?

If you have ever thought of the monotony we might be feeling prepapring the same style lists of resources then we would love to tell you that its not at all the case. Infact, we feel good doing it for the fact that providing you all with the latest plugins that might be of your use gives us an immense pleasure. Check out the current week’s compilation of best jQuery plugins we have prepared for you all.

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1. jQuery.PeekABar

This is a light-weight jQuery notification bar plugin that comes with lot of customization options.


2. Product Colorizer

A perfect solution for those who are creating and e-commerce website and want users to preview products in different colors.


3. Cover 3D jQuery

An awesome jQuery plugin that help designers to create DVD cover of any game or book cover with the help of jQuery and CSS3 easily.


4. Bootstrap Star Rating

A simple jQuery star rating plugin for Bootstrap.


5. Bootstrap Treefy

Create tree from HTML table with the help of this jQuery plugin created by supwisdom.

6. SimpleCalculadora

Create calculators with the help of this jQuery plugin. You can easily customize it according to your needs and it comes in two sizes.


7. jPicture

Another free jQuery plugin developed by Oliver Jessner and Zoran Milonovic that help designers to load pictures on the right view port.


8. AnimatedModal

Another jQuery plugin that deals with animation. It help designers to create a fullscreen modal with CSS3 transitions and you can use your own transitions or from animate.css if you want.


That’s all for this week. Do let us know which one(s) of the  above listed jQuery plugins and the reason too. If you have used any plugin pinned here, share your experience with us.

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