How to Tackle Freelancing With Full-Time Job

If paying your monthly bills with the salary you are currently getting is giving you stress not leaving something for extra savings, and you have spare time that you feel you can utilize doing something productive thereby filling your pockets then go freelance. At times for ones own reasons, it gets difficult to handle things with the job and one wishes to go freelance in their spare time but keep wondering if they will be able to manage.

Working on freelancing projects whilst you have a full-time job in your handle can add to your experience and get you extra $$$. It definitely is going to add to your workload but then, why not its definitely worth taking on.

First of all, as yourself the reason as to why you would want to go freelance then check out your time schedule and see if you can manage. If you get positive answers to these questions then go ahead with taking freelancing projects to do in your spare time.

Now the question arises what all issues you might have to face undertaking freelancing projects whilst being into the job. Besides, one wonders how to tackle the issues ensuring without compromising with time dedication and hard-work you put in both the job and your freelancing career.

We suggest you to read our post on What Web Designers Could Learn from Other Professions. Now hit a jump and read on the tips and tricks that work in favor if you choose freelancing along with the full time job you are in.

1. Manage Your Time Well

Time management is one arena where almost each one of us is struggling hard. If not, you already know how to effectively manage your time to give your best shot and improve your productivity. While planning to freelance with the job still in hand and not getting into the situation of being jobless, you will have to understand the importance of your time. To ensure you are not compromising with your efficiency and productivity at your job while you take freelancing project in hand, you will have to manage your time well. Have a time plan and work on it. Adding to your extra income is no bad but the only thing you need to keep in mind is you do justice to your work; be it at your job or in freelancing.

Tackle Freelancing With Full-Time Job

2. Minimize Distractions

This tip works in favour of time management. If you have distracting things like phone ringing continuously, notifications on social networking websites, messages, someone calling you every now and then, you will not be able to put in your hundred percent. Minimize distractions as far as possible. Put your phone on silent mode, turn off notifications, and let your family and friends about your time schedule so that they know your work hours and they call only if necessary else they can wait for you to get free from work.

Tackle Freelancing With Full-Time Job

3. Don’t Load Yourself With Work/Pick Projects Wisely

More and more projects may come your way when you start looking for freelancing projects and you might find it tempting to undertake as many projects as you can but then it is not at all a wise idea. You got to be selective in picking the freelancing projects you would want to do. Say no to the projects that you think is not meeting your expectations in terms of bringing out your creativity and enhancing your skills or is not paying you enough for the hard-work you are expected to put in. Its entirely your take as to which project you are going to say yes for but suggestion is to choose wisely. Ofcourse, it is going to add to your portfolio too so for this reason too pick the right kind of project for yourself.

Tackle Freelancing With Full-Time Job

4. Communicating Through Emails

It is better to communicate with your clients through email firstly to save on your time, then it makes you professional and you have the written record of your communication thread. It is one  quick and efficient form of communication. You don’t have to keep calling or looking if s(he) is online or not if you communicate through mail.

Tackle Freelancing With Full-Time Job

5. Working on Weekends

We all know how much free time we get on weekends. It is a wise idea to save your most demanding and high-projects for the weekends and work on them. You don’t have to worry about reaching the office, travelling to and fro, traffic jams, weather conditions and anything else that you face during the weekdays. Socializing I know too is important for us all but then following the first tip mentioned above that is time management, you can accomplish that too and spare time with your family and friends. Working on weekends in well planned manner will bring in extra cash that is worth it. Isn’t it?

Tackle Freelancing With Full-Time Job

Considering the above tips, if you believe you will be able to tackle the issues that might arise if you consider freelancing then there is no harm in trying. Also, if you have already been freelancing along with your job, share your experience and add to the suggestions listed above for the ones planning to consider freelancing without quitting the job by dropping in your valuable comments below. For those keenly interested, it is possible to effectively balance their full-time job with freelancing without going crazy. Hope the above listed issues and tips on tackling them prove useful for those employees interested in freelancing without quitting their job.

PS : While you add on extra work by freelancing whilst being in the job don’t forget to take care of yourself. Take sometime out to stretch, take a stroll, spend time with your loved ones and if you have pet play with it,

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