20+ Best jQuery Plugins of August 2015

JavaScript frameworks widely known as jQuery need no long introduction in the  current time when each one who is into the field of designing and development. The reason for this is that over the course of last few years, the jQuery plugins have become popular for the fact that these promise to help users heave a sigh of relief as half the work is done by making optimum use of the same.

Last month we picked some 30+ best jQuery plugins of July 2015 to let you all check out and download them for free to be used in miscellaneous projects. How about sneaking a peek at the lately introduced best jQuery plugins that we have selected for you all and prepared the compilation? Hit a jump to check them out.

1. Tagsort jQuery Plugin

Tagsort is a jQury plugin that using HTML5 data attributes promises to help users create interactive tags and filter them later in set of tagged elements.


2. jQuery Confirm Action

Confirm Action is a plugin that helps users in creating simple and visually appealing confirm dialog popup easily.


3. jQuery File Upload

This is a file upload plugin that comes endowed with amazing features like multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bar, audio and video support and much more.


4. liMarquee

This one is a simple customizable news ticker/marquee jQuery plugin that promises to let user move/scroll any web page elements like images, text, tables, form elements.


5. jankyscroll.js

jankyscroll plugin enables users to put a little jank in the scroll or even completely jank it up.


6. Keyboard Delimiter

This is a plugin for Delimite pressed key on keyboard. What it does is that it completely removes the possibility of pressing any key or group of keys in the keyboard.


7. peekABar

peekABar is a jQuery plugin for a notification bar with an superb customization options for users.


8. Grid Editor

Its a visual javascript editor for the bootstrap grid system written as a jQuery plugin.


9. Sliiide

Create superb sliding nav menu with Sliiide jQuery plugin developed specifically to solve the purpose.


10. StickySort

StickySort is one powerful jQuery plugin to help users create sticky headers and columns in your table to be sorted sometime later if the user wishes to.


11. jQueryStacky

jQuerySTacky promises to help designers in creating something in which user has to open panels horizontally according to the needs.


12. PlusSlider

PlusSlider plugin is a simple content slider plugin that simply works with images, videos and text to provide the ease.


13. jQuery Fixed Header

Fixed Header plugin as the name says helps in fixing the header on the top that slides when you scroll to bottom of the page.


14. Watermark

As the name hints, this is a plugin to watermark the images. Its a lightweight plugin that uses HTML5 and JavaScript to do the needful.


15. Scrollissimo

Scrollissimo is a plugin that helps in creating smooth scroll-controlled animations.


16. ShakeBorder

ShakeBorder is a plugin that helps in giving shake and border effects on jQuery.


17. Product Colorizer

If you are creating an e-commerce website and wish to let the users preview products i various colors, the Product Colorizer is the one plugin for you to check out.


18. Cover 3D jQuery

Cover 3D jQuery is a plugin that helps designers in creating DVD cover of any game or book cover with jQuery and CSS3 easily.


19. Pinto

Pinto is a jQuery plugin that enables users to create a Pinterest-like responsive grid layout. Best part is that it comes with amazing customization options and is amazingly light.


20. SimpleCalculadora

The name says it all! SimpleCalculadora is a plugin that helps in creating simple calculators. With amazing customization options, this plugins fits all your needs and comes in two sizes that you can pick from.


21. jPicture

jPicture is a jQuery plugin that is developed by Oliver Jessner and Zoran Milonovic to help designers load pictures on the right view port in a hassle-free manner.


22. AnimatedModal

AnimateModal is a jQuery plugin that helps designers in creating a fullscreen modal with CSS3 transitions. Besides, one can use own transitions or from animate.css.


23. ulak

ulak is a lightweight and easy-to-use jQuery notification bar plugin for users to check out and download if the need arises.


24. jQuery Google Map

Google Map is a jQuery plugin that lets users create their own map and manipulate Google Map API easily.


Add more to the list if you wish to by sharing the best jQuery plugins developed by you or your fellas. Keep yourself posted with more useful stuff here at DesigniMag by connecting through various social networking platforms that you all know about.

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