30 Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – August 2015

In today’s cut throat competition, one sees the good side and the bad side of the technological advancements. Designers and developers to talk about are making keen efforts to ensure that users get to enjoy the unique cool features and get the best user-experience. Useful tools, applications, websites are such resources are helping designers and developers a great deal to help them come up with the superb results thereby providing consumers the best user-experience.

On the weekly and monthly basis, we at DesigniMag come up with the best useful tools compilation in the quest to help you all with the filtered data depending upon the smart functionality and ease of use. Check out our list of Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – August 2015 and which all tools will be of help in your designing/development projects.

1. Web Design Conferences of September 2015

Just recently we came up with a list of 40+ Web Design Conferences to Attend in September 2015. You all can take it as a reminder or in case you missed out our article, you can go ahead, check out the conferences that are scheduled to take place in September.


2. 12 Best Machine Learning Tools

Machine Learning is a topic that is getting a buzz from all over. More and more people are getting inclined towards the subject and planning to learn more and more about it. To help those interested folks with Machine Learning, we came up with the list of 12 best machine learning tools to help you all the best way.


3. 15 Must Have Productivity Tools for Web Designers

Remember the productivity tools we talked about a few days back. Did you all find them useful? If you missed out the list of productivity tools we prepared, here’s a quick reminder. Check it out by clicking the link.


4. Pannellum

This is a lightweight panorama viewer for the web. It is free, and open source panorama viewer that is built using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and WebGL. The best part is that it is plug-in free.


5. Pure CSS Apple

Pure CSS Apple is an Apple device generator that is coded and designed by Ömer Aslanbakan. With it, users can easily transform one Apple device to another using CSS3 animation and a few lines of Javascript.


6. Codesign

Get visual feedback on everything with this amazing tool named Codesign that is promising to keep your feedback process clean, fast and organized.


7. Gradify

Gradify is a module that helps users find the most prominent color from images and generates a scalable,responsive CSS gradient in super easy way.



CodeDoodle is a website to look for curated creative coding sketches. Besides displaying engaging web experiments, it promises an amazing design and cool animations.


9. Screenings

Screenings is a one stop destination for designers to get out various informational videos on a different subjects viz. UI, design, animation, typography, fonts, and much more.


10. Substitureteacher.js

Substitureteacher is a unique JavaScript library to rotate a series of sentences to appeal awesome on any website above hero image.


11. FlexBox

FlexBox is a tool that helps users in learning CSS Flexbox for free. Simply open up the website, enter your email ID and you will get free 20 videos that will help you learn CSS Flexbox.


12. CSSPlus

CSSPlus as the name hints is a CSS based tool for developers which is fast and robust.


13. Html5toolstips.js

HTML5toolstips is a website that provides a useful light and clean tooltips with smooth 3D animation without any framework.


14. Export Kit

Export Kit is a an advanced Photoshop plugin to let users convert PSD into HTML, CSS, WordPress, jQuery, Android in a simple manner.


15. GameAnalytics

GameAnalytics is a must have tool for game developers. It helps users in understanding the  game player’s behavior by giving relevant insights.


16. Minigrid

Minigrid is a minimal zero dependency cascading grid layout. Its just 2kb in size and installation is super easy.


17. @pixelSorter

@pixelSorter is a Twitter bot that sorts the rows or columns as you choose of an image according to specifications like hue,brightness, contrast, red and likewise.


18. The WordPress Template Hierarchy

This is a visualization resource of which users can make optimum use.

2015-08-20 10.40.17 pm

19. Stretch CSS

This is a 12 column grid that can have any gutter size as per the choice of the user. With this tool, columns can be offset and centered to make maneuvering content really easy.

 2015-08-20 10.31.33 pm

20. is a tool to help users in resizing their images and making them responsive and retina ready with all the magic happening in the cloud.

2015-08-20 10.45.41 pm

21. FontCDN

FontCDN is a tool by Thomas H. Park. It helps users in quickly searching Google Fonts for their upcoming project’s typeface.

2015-08-20 10.19.53 pm

22. Xpressive

This is an HTML and CSS live design tool for Mac users. It dramatically improves the quality and productivity of interface design.

2015-08-20 11.00.56 pm

23. getAwesomeness

getAwesomeness is a tool created to retrieve all the awesomeness from Github that is one resourceful destination for designers and developers.

2015-08-20 10.29.56 pm

24. Tufte CSS

At Tufte CSS users can get tools to style web articles using the ideas demonstrated by Edward Tufte’s books and handouts in a fuss-free manner.


2015-08-20 10.24.58 pm

25. ColorHunt

ColorHunt is a is a place for designers to get a superb collection of beautiful colors that are updated on a regular basis.

2015-08-20 11.03.55 pm

26. Flinto for Mac

Flinto is a prototyping tool for designers for Mac OSX only. This app promises to help designers in creating anything from simple-tap through prototypes or creating complex ones with interactions.


27. Rucksack

Rucksack is a cute little bag of CSS superpowers that promises to make CSS development all the more fun and enjoyable.


28. CSSfmt

CSSfmt is a tool that is inspired by Gofmt and promises to help users in automatically formating CSS and SCCSS source code.


29. CopyNHaste

CopyNHaste is a website that helps bridge the gap between coders and civilians. Here coders and non-coders can train and show off their typing skills together.


30. Foundry

Foundry is a website to look for vector assets that will help users in designing mobile apps or interactive web designs.


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