8 Best Email Testing Tools of Year 2015

In today’s web world where everyone is trying to work hard on creating the product/services/content to help users with the best results possible it is important to be known amongst the target audience. Now, you have some product or service for the users, but then you are not well renowned, how then do you think you would reach the audience? Marketing it is!

Marketing is one field that is growing for the fact that it plays a vital role between the service provider and the audience. In the online business the best way to market your content/product or service is through social networking platforms and newsletters.

Marketing through newsletter is not to be underestimated. In fact, it plays a vital role in spreading the word around. Now let’s come to the topic of the day, it is important for the marketing team to ensure that they preview the emails before sending in. We all know that different email clients display emails using their own standards, thereby asking you to be cautious and know what exactly you are sending in. I mean checking the previews are an important part of newsletters.

Here are few important best email testing tools that are worth using. Check them out!

1. Email Reach

Email Reach is one integrated email service software that aims at providing email testing and rendering solutions. The tool helps you in knowing the exact status of a sent email whether it is delivered successfully into the inbox, rejected or received in the junk folder.


2. Contactology

Contactology is an email marketing software that helps in creating effective campaigns and bring in revenue thereby increasing the ROI and drive performance.


3. IBM Email Optimization

IBM Email Optimization  if you all know was previously known by the name Unica email optimization. It’s a noteworthy tool that helps users in designing and measuring the efficiency of emails that needs to be sent.


4. lyris HQ

Lyris HQ is SaaS email and digital marketing tool that brings together enterprise-scale interactive messaging capabilities.


5. Litmus

Litmus helps in comprehensive design testing. With this tool you can preview more than 30 email clients and devices. See how your message looks in the preview pane and with images on and off.


6. Campaign Monitor

With Campaign Monitor see screenshots of how your email will look in more than 20 most popular desktops, web and mobile email clients and make amendments if needed.


7. Previewmyemail 

With previewmyemail you get the real screenshots of your email on various popular email applications within no time.


8. Inbox Inspector

Inbox Inspector is an email client testing tool that helps in making your email design looks great in different major email clients and mobile application with ease.


Using these email testing and rendering services will ensure the mails you send in are not unpredictable and dissociated in appearance, reaching the inbox of users the way you want them to see. On the pricing part, some of these are available for free when on the trial and will bill you later if you decide to continue. Check out the charges and even if you have to shell out a few bucks, they are definitely worth making optimum use of. Do let us know about what you think of these best email testing tools.

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